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    You can learn Arduino in 15 minutes.

    Arduinos! I’m going to talk about what they are, what they can do, and the basics of how to set one up to do simple things like make an LED dimming circuit, control the speed of motors, and even make a simple oscilloscope. So what is an Arduino? I’m sure you’ve heard about these things a million times by now, and if you are confused you have every right to be, because the word Arduino refers to so many different things. Keep watching and I will explain all of them. Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that are basically tiny computers. They can run small, simple software programs. They are low powered…

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    New Rampage The Movie Toys Action Sequences Video’s 1-7 Compilation King Kong Vs George

    Wow guys keep watching as we see the origin of George raff and Lizzie from rampage the movie and also their lives and how they destroy Chicago and New York City New Rampage The Movie Toys Action Sequences Video’s 1-7 Compilation King Kong Vs George today hey George wow you are looking good so are we ready to make new friends today also Wow George when I found you when you were small and orphaned I took care of you and raised you look at you now you are getting huge cool you’re so nice and gentle you would not hurt a soul ever would you well George okay time…

  • Voice Search SEO Optimisation | Primal 019
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    Voice Search SEO Optimisation | Primal 019

    Hi, so, on one question this week, we’re going to be talking about Voice Search. So, my name’s Mark I’m the Managing Director here at Primal, we’re a digital agency based in Bangkok. And we’ve got a very special focus on helping brands here in Thailand grow as much as possible through digital channels. On a weekly basis we take one question from our audience, our prospects, customers, and we pick the best one. And we help to answer it. So, for this week’s question we are going to be answering, “How will Voice Search impact SEO?” You know, and how do we optimise this, to set us up for…

  • SEO For Beginners What is Anchor Text
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    SEO For Beginners What is Anchor Text

    Okay and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer If you’re brand new here, welcome to Chris Palmer SEO. In today’s video, we will discuss is what is anchor text in SEO. But more importantly than what is anchor text in SEO but also, The six types of anchor text because to understand anchor text or anchor tags anchor links. You need to know the different types how they’re used and what they look like in the wild So what I will do is I will go over the six different types of anchor text I’ll first give you the definition of anchor text and then I will show you an…

  • How to get FREE #Backlinks HIGH AUTHORITY Websites to My #Blog – (Part 5)
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    How to get FREE #Backlinks HIGH AUTHORITY Websites to My #Blog – (Part 5)

    Hi guys, we all know that backlink is important for the SEO (search engine optimization) that is important for the blog which help the to be searchable/discover able in MSN, Yahoo, Google search engine So, it is very important to create a good backlinks for your website Today I am going to show you how to create a powerful backlinks yet FREE with these platforms. The first platform is Facebook. I going to show you is how to create a strong, powerful backlink using your facebook profile. I created a my blog (Carreviewsncare.com) on my Facebook profile page As you can see from the screen, I stated myself as the…

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    Forget backlinks, it’s a popularity contest stupid!

    Welcome back Rankers! There was a story a couple of weeks ago about ‘Crawl Budget’. There has been a lot of talk around Crawl Budget, hence Google doing a story on it on webmasters.googleblog.com. I’ve done shows about this before and have spoken about it, but this is the first time I’ve seen something in print from Google about Crawl Budget. Some of the things we’ve observed over the years they are now admitting to. A couple of things we know such as if your site moves to HTTPS you will see a spike in the crawl rates. That’s what we can see here. We are in Search Console-Crawl Stats…

  • China made a mobile version of GTA…(it’s bad)
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    China made a mobile version of GTA…(it’s bad)

    Hello, sir. Would you like a Malteser? [low-quality man screaming sound.mp3] I guess he doesn’t want one. Okay bois, let’s see what we find in this… …hell. *chuckles* Let me see what’s GTA called in Chinese, man. *types* GTA Chinese. *clicks* “Friends is a gritty documentary that follows six drug dealers, as they tried and survive in the city of Hong Kong. Starring Chindlor Bong, Hugh, Rachel, Rose, Phobos 1, and Harmonica.” What did I expect, to be honest? Like what is this? What? Do we find here? Welcome to the rice fields mother As you can see the Play Store speaks alien language was something how to read this…