• Abdullah Quhtani

    That’s really great 👍🏼. BTW, do you work as freelancer?! If yes, I have paid tasks for you to do. Plz contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

  • Neeraj Singh

    I Tried php curl for a website form but it show acces denied
    can you code for me
    URL: http://peb.mp.gov.in/results/RESULT_17/PRT_RES17/FINAL_RESULT/default_results.htm
    for testing input detail:
    Search Roll No. (Max.9 digits): 752563302
    Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 12/10/1988

    Please help me
    code for it and send to me at [email protected]

  • Tushar Baheti

    Your registration page has some error . I am not able to register !!


  • Cameron Wolters

    Hi, can you explain how can I get result for recent FB sponsored ads by creating a search query?.. What is the logic behind that kind of search query, If it is through graph-api then kindly send me the link to the documentation..example of the search is: adespresso[dot]com

  • Lahouaoui Mohamed

    thank you bro ,please can'i get data from my Bing ads acount using this ,because i tried but it didn't worked form me ,can you help me please

  • Nameless One

    I guess you changed the log in password for http://codingpassiveincome.com/students/login.php could not login manually without code.

  • Ajao Temitayo

    Thank you sir, i re ally appreciate your videos. Please can you make a proof of payment tutorial using php. Thanks Sir.


    Hi, I subscribe, to you cannel, and can you say me how can I send an whatsapp mensage from my website, using the curl, I want to enter the pc whatsapp site, log with my phone, and send the mensage for one of my friends, using my website, can you help me? thanks.

  • mozammil hussain

    Getting Error when login with google

    Fatal error: Uncaught Google_Service_Exception: { "error": { "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "reason": "authError", "message": "Invalid Credentials", "locationType": "header", "location": "Authorization" } ], "code": 401, "message": "Invalid Credentials" } } in /storage/ssd3/927/5020927/public_html/GoogleAPI/src/Google/Http/REST.php:118 Stack trace: #0 /storage/ssd3/927/5020927/public_html/GoogleAPI/src/Google/Http/REST.php(94): Google_Http_REST::decodeHttpResponse(Object(GuzzleHttpPsr7Response), Object(GuzzleHttpPsr7Request), 'Google_Service_…') #1 /storage/ssd3/927/5020927/public_html/GoogleAPI/src/Google/Task/Runner.php(176): Google_Http_REST::doExecute(Object(GuzzleHttpClient), Object(GuzzleHttpPsr7Request), 'Google_Service_…') #2 /storage/ssd3/927/5020927/public_html/GoogleAPI/src/Google/Http/REST.php(58): Google_Task_Runner->run() #3 /storage/ssd3/927/5020927/public_html/GoogleAPI/src/Google/Client.php(788): Google_Http_REST::execute(Object(GuzzleHttpClient), Object in /storage/ssd3/927/5020927/public_html/GoogleAPI/src/Google/Http/REST.php on line 118

  • Thanh Thuy Nguyen

    I was looking for some CURL tutorials, and luckily found your channel! So quick and informative, subscribed immediately! Keep up the good work, and looking forward to new videos! Hvala! 😀

  • Rafael Bernal

    Hi. thanks for share. I have a problem … when i try to login . I recibe this message. Unauthorized Request Blocked

  • M. van Rooij

    Hi Senaid, I'm just still getting a login page and not getting logged in. Can I mail you the code instead of showing it here (because the login info is in it)?

  • Abdelwahab Mrad

    Google will prevent you from curl-scrapping and web crawling and attempt to block you using your internet IP Address if you are abusing request over its search service , how to resolve this ? Simply Delete cookies used by Google or change IP Address … N.B : Using Private or Anonymous IP Address does not resolve the situation , so don't thin about it

  • hd flix

    can you help me please, i love your videos on yt.
    my web example http://vidplayer.online/hi.php
    hi am using this code
    /* ——————————SCRAPING DATA USING THE CURL FUNCTION IN PHP —————————————————*/
    //initialize curl
    $url = curl_init('http://123netflix.biz/movies-list.html');
    curl_setopt($url, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, TRUE);
    $page = curl_exec($url);
    // check for execution errors
    { echo 'Scraper error: ' . curl_error($url);
    //Use Regex to pull only some data from page
    $regex = '/<div class="row top">(.*?)<div class="pagination-wrap">/s';
    if ( preg_match($regex, $page, $list) )
    echo "<klk>" . $list[0] . "</klk>";
    echo "Not found";

    how can i get the links without, Im Getting this <a href="https://gomovieshd.se/movie/hearts-beat-loud-2018-2/" class="ml-mask jt" data-url="ajax/movie_details/13371.html" data-hasqtip="240" oldtitle="Hearts Beat Loud" title="Hearts Beat Loud" aria-describedby="qtip-240">

    but i wanna get the link without the https://gomovieshd.se, like this href="/movie/hearts-beat-loud-2018-2/" class="ml-mask jt" data-url="ajax/movie_details/13371.html" data-hasqtip="240" oldtitle="Hearts Beat Loud" title="Hearts Beat Loud" aria-describedby="qtip-240">

  • Saddam Azad

    Excellent tutorial. I follow all your tutorials 🙂
    Can you please create some tutorials on Google Maps, Places, and Geocoding APIs with PHP/JS ?

  • Neil Appalsamy

    nice tutorial thanks for sharing. FYI – my linux curl didn't need to define a "value" parameter. It would give me an error. This worked ==> curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, 1).

  • I Gusti Ngurah Dhyana Yoga

    hi, i have a question, what if i want to scrape the url with "containing" function?

    for example the website is blablabla.com, almost every links start with blablabla.com
    and the links i want to scrape contain the word "trkid", how can i do that? what should i add after the "href"?

  • Tahor Sui Juris

    I am planning to use your course TODAY in an exercise to include dedicated proxies and anti-captcha. Do you use a specific cloud host? I am using Amazon EC2 and Workspaces, do you have any recommendations on a cloud host for running data extraction scripts?

  • Mahesh Babo

    Sir I need help while Scraping some website block me from scraping but i need to scrap those website can you please do me a favor and help please reply me asap Waiting Thanks Regards Bilal Khan

  • Dev Eagle

    I was with you up until you started using jQuery. Why not just use plain VanillaJS? I hate jQuery, as do countless employers now.

  • Dmitriy Shevchenko

    hi,your video is very good. I have a suggestion for you: can you set in description time codes(if you tell about 2+ themes)

  • PGnomi

    Hi, I am japanese. So, I am not good at English sorry.

    By the way, I have question.

    It appears in about 19minutes and 4seconds of this tutorial, You sucess login and It appears in about 21minutes and 37seconds, You get view-sourece {"status":1, "firstLesson"=1}.

    But, I can't log in even if I do the same, and I get {"status":0} instead of {"status":1, "firstLesson"=1}.

    Is this because I'm doing it on localhost or is there any other cause?

    In this case, the tutorial will not continue, so please let us know if there is a solution.

    Finally、 I was sorry in ugly English.

    And,I am very grateful that your tutorial has been easy to understand so far.


  • Hicham Bouderaa

    thank you for this great tutorial, i followed your code and get this error; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ')' in C:xampphtdocsrobotindex.php on line 4n can you please help me to fix this error, or any one here had the same problem, thank you very much

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