PILOTS answer 50 MOST googled PASSENGER QUESTIONS! Captain Joe + Dutchpilotgirl
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PILOTS answer 50 MOST googled PASSENGER QUESTIONS! Captain Joe + Dutchpilotgirl

Hi guys, welcome back to our Channel! My name is Dutch Pilot Girl.
I’m Captain Joe and we’re here today to answer the “top 50 pilot questions” according to Google. Yes, and we’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible. [Intro music playing] (Q) Do you always fly the same route? (A) No, (CJ) Constantly changing. (Q) Where are pets and animals loaded? (A) Forward cargo. (DPG ) Or in the cabin, right?
(CJ) Yeah. (Q) Can any ordinary person land a plane? (A)(Both) No! (Q) What is the most expensive airplane in the world? (CJ) I guess the Airbus A380.
(DPG) The one on ground. (Q)Which is the most challenging airport you’ve flown to? (A)(CJ) For me it’s Quito, Ecuador. (DPG) Probably Samos. (Q) Are supersonic commercial jet planes coming back? (A)(CJ) Yes they are. (DPG) Yeah. (Q) Have you ever seen a UFO? (A) (DPG) No? (CJ) No! (DPG) Not me but my colleagues have. (Q) Why are there spirals in the turbines (A) (DPG) It’s for ground safety. (CJ) …ground safety of the ground crew. (Q)How long does a passenger oxygen mask work? (A)(CJ) 15 minutes. (DPG) Exactly. (Q) How dangerous are thunderstorms? (CJ) …ahhh (DPG) Pretty dangerous. (CJ) Yeah, pretty dangerous. (DPG) If you fly through, I mean.
(CJ) Yeah it’s… I think it’s the biggest threat in aviation, thunderstorms. (Q) Are pilots allowed to listen to music while flying? (A) Well, they shouldn’t, no. No! No. (Q) Why do pilots sometimes fly together with the passengers? (A) Deadhead. Took the seat or deadheading, yeah (Q) Which is the worst: hitting a bird, being in a hail storm, or getting struck by lightning? (A)(CJ) A hail storm.
(DPG) Hail storm, I guess, yeah. (CJ ) Yeah, I guess (Q) How much fuel does your plane costume per hour? (A)(CJ) Umh… 12 tons. (DPG Chuckles) 2400 kilograms an hour. (Q) What happens if an engine fails on takeoff? (A) (DPG) Fly the airplane.
(CJ) Navigate, communicate, perform memory items. (Q) Does the autopilot fly the plane? (A) (CJ) Well…during most of it… I mean, during cruise, yes. (DPG) During cruise, yes. (Q) Have you ever seen the edge of the world? (chuckle) (CJ) I could…I don’t actually want to answer that question, but no. No. (Q) What is the best aviation movie? Mmm… (A)(DPG) I like American Made. (CJ) Okay, I will go with Top Gun and it’s Tom Cruise. It’s both, actually! Both movies are Tom Cruise, yeah! (Q) What is the best aviation book? (A)(CJ) Hers! You need to get on her website and get the e-book about how to become a pilot. It’s the best book you can get. (DPG) Good job!
(CJ) Yeah buddy! (Q)What is the best place to spot airplanes? (A)(CJ) In-N-Out burgers! Yeah, buddy! Huh hoo! (Q) What do you do in a medical emergency? (CJ) Erm… (A)(CJ) Find the nearest suitable airport to land.
(DPG) Land as soon as possible, yeah. (Q) How often do you spray chemtrails? (A) Mmm… (DPG) Now and then. Not that often, right? (CJ) Well, not that often, no. Depends on the government. (Q) Do you ever feel guilty cutting a security line? (CJ) No. (DPG) Of course not.
(CJ) No! We’re pilots. (Q) How cold is it outside during cruising level? (A)(DPG) -56° (Celsius)
(CJ) at 7 degrees reaching the tropopause. (Q) How fast are airplanes upon landing? (A)(CJ) Average… I want to say 145. (DPG) 137 knots; something like that. (Q) What are the most common mistakes a pilot makes? (A)(CJ) He gets distracted. (DPG) …or maybe frequency– change. Like a wrong read back. From me for sure. (CJ) Fatigue! Fatigue. I told you that. Pilots get fatigued. They do! (DPG) Then you blame it on everything!
(CJ) Yeah! Fatigue! Ha haha! (Q) Are pilots allowed to sleep during a flight? (A)(DPG) Yes. A controlled rest. (Q) What is the best thing about long-haul flights? (CJ) That’s my question.
(DPG) I think you have– (A) You only do one flight a day, and you do long flights, and then you uh…get off, and, yeah, it’s good. (Q) What’s the crosswind limit of your plane? (CJ) 36 knots (DPG) 33
(CJ) Dry. It has to be dry, right? Okay. (Q) Who speaks over the PA system to the passengers. (A)(CJ) The pilot flying.
(DPG) The pilot flying. (Q) Have you ever experienced an air pocket? (A)(both) There’s no such thing. Haha. (Q) When would you refuse a passenger to board your plane? (DPG) When? Uhm… (A)(CJ) If he’s drunk.
(DPG) Any…yeah. Any disruptive passenger in what way-soever. Drunk, or… (CJ) Harasses other people. No, we don’t wanna take these pa– we don’t want these passengers onboard. (Q) Have you ever had [bleep] with a flight attendant? (A)(DPG) No! You? (CJ) I don’t have to answer this, do I?! (DPG) Yeah! What’s uh–what’s it…?
(CJ) Yes…ok, I have. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Shut-up! I got it! (Q) How long does it take to become a captain? (A)(DPG) Depends on the airline.
(CJ) Yeah, I’m going to say eight to ten years. (DPG) Yeah, or sometimes even three, or… (CJ) …or yeah–two years!
two, yeah… (Q) A rough landing on the water or on the ground. Which is safer? (A)(DPG) I would say ground. (CJ) Mm-hmm well seeing Sully, I would say water, but apparently ground. (Q) And what is the best thing about short-haul flights? (A)(DPG) The landings! (CJ) Ah, Ok. She does much more landings than I do. (Q) Do you always fly with the same crew? (A)(DPG) Not the same but often with the same ones, yeah. (CJ) Yeah, I fly with a captain at least 10 to 14 days so… but it always changes, actually. (Q) If a baby is born onboard, which country’s citizenship will he or she receive? (A)(DPG) The one flying over? The country flying over? (CJ) That’s an option, yeah. (CJ) The one you departed. (DPG)…or landed.
(CJ) Or land, yeah. (Both) So you can choose, like.
You can choose. (Q) Does the pilot’s bag get scanned at security? (A)(DPG) Yeah. (CJ) Yeah, it does. (DPG) Mhm…hmm (CJ) Well…
(DPG) Are you sure? (CJ) Not with cargo pilots…not as often, no. (DPG) For us, yes! (Q) Are you supposed to applaud the pilot? (A)(DPG) Yeah!
(CJ) Obviously! (Q) Have you ever dated a passenger? (A)(DPG) No. (DPG) Well?
(CJ) Yes, I have! (DPG) Yeah! (Q) What do pilots eat during flight? (A)(CJ) Crew meals.
(DPG) Yeah, crew meals. (DPG) Could be anything.
(CJ) Yeah, could be anything really, yup. (Q) Why don’t they give parachutes to passengers? (A)(DPG) Money? (CJ) Weight (DPG) Yeah. (CJ) And probably in panic no one would know how to put them on. (Q) Are flights during the night less turbulent than day flights? (DPG) I think so, yeah.
(CJ) I think so, too, yeah. (Q) Why do you planes sometimes make circles before landing? (A)(DPG) Holding.
(CJ) Holding, yeah. They need to wait to get landing clearance into the airport. (Q) Are you in the mile-high club? (DPG) No. (CJ) You said yes yesterday. (DPG) I said “I’m gonna say yes in the video.” I didn’t know– but now I talk about it, I’m sorry.
No. Not really. (CJ) Naw, we’re we’re good pilots. We’re not in the mile-high club. You may be, but not us. (Q) Who is the most iconic pilot? (A)(CJ) I was gonna say… Well, I personally think it’s Sully. (DPG) Okay, I have no clue. (CJ) You have no clue?
Okay, all right. (Q) What do the stripes mean on the uniform? (A)(DPG) Three — normally first officer, right? (DPG)…and four
(CJ) is a captain. (Q) Uhh…Which is the worst airline? [bleep] (Q) Why do pilots have to turn off their mobile phones in the cockpit? (DPG) Interference, no? (A)(CJ) Yeah, interference with the navigation system and, uh… yeah, radio antennas. (Q) What is the best looking plane? (A)(DPG) Ooh, I like the 787. I like the A350.
(CJ) Mmhmm. (CJ) I have to go with the classic 747 or Concorde. (Both) Of course!
Of course. (Q) What is the worst-looking plane? (DPG) Ooh… ehm (DPG) A Cessna Caravan, or something like that. I think that would be really bad. (CJ) A short Skyvan, oof, ugly. (chuckling) (Q) What is the most interesting cargo you’ve transported (DPG) Uh…I don’t know? (A)(CJ) Well, I’ve transip–ah ah ah a few really high expensive cars like test vehicles and stuff like that that’s really cool. (DPG) Me probably 50 wheelchairs, you know? Like, I dunno… (Q) What are the most common technical failures in airplanes? (A)(DPG) Ahh…engine failures? (CJ) Yeah, I’d say engine failures. Maybe pressurization failures as well, but mainly engine failures. (DPG) Yeah. (Q) How many days per month do you spend with your friends and family? (A)(DPG) Two, three. (CJ) Ten, Fourteen. WHAT?! Are you seriously? Okay. (Q) Last question have you ever kissed a pilot? So these were fifty questions Google came up with. If you think we have missed something, please comment below, and let us know. Absolutely and that’s it for today thank you very much for your time. If you want to become our wingman hit the subscribe button, and the notification bell so you don’t miss out upcoming videos. and uh… Remember…
A good pilot is always learning! See you guys! Bye-bye!
Bye! (chuckling)


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