Press Release Backlinks : The Value of them And WHEN to build them

– Hi guys, I’m hoping
you’re having a good day. Today’s video is going to
be about press releases. I’ve seen a lot of questions about this that has been asked on Facebook groups. I’ve had people ask me
specifically about it so I’m just gonna clean up
some issues around this, my own thought of it
and what you should do when it comes to press releases. So I’ve seen a lot of these kind of press syndication services
where you submit press release and it’s placed in a bunch of sites. I’ve even had people ask me about this and if I offer to do it as part
of my link building service and in all truth I don’t and I’m noticing they don’t have any value about them. I would say my time is
better spent getting extremely relevant and
high quality backlinks. So there is a time and place
of when to do press releases so where it does become
useful is if you’ve got something or the company
has done something that is genuinely newsworthy. Think along the lines of doing something which is a world first. Which nobody else offers. Something extremely
funny or a bit shocking or something very generous and charitable. Those kind of things once they’re released they may get picked up and distributed on some very, very high
authority news sites. You know, you’re talking the lights of the Daily Mail or
The Sun or The Mirror, these kind of ones, and I’d recommend it if
it is genuinely something as interesting as that. You should probably even do
some active outreach yourself to online journalists
and to online newspapers. And in that scenario,
though, is not really just about the authority of the link, because often on the Daily Mail or The Sun it’s gonna be an awful link, but it’s also about
getting the direct traffic, the referral traffic
and the brand awareness. But more often than not your time is probably better spent just doing traditional link building, because most of the time you’re not gonna have something which is newsworthy. If you do use a press release service for kind of something which
isn’t as newsworthy, it’s gonna end up in lower authority sites so in this scenario the actual backlink themselves won’t be that useful in terms, I guess, for your uneven traffic. There’s a few reasons for this. I mean, one is for authority, secondly, they’re very
deep within the sites and those sites probably have
hundreds of press releases on them anyway, so the
traffic will be minimal. There’s also many others using
that press release service and if everybody’s
getting a link from them, your competitors could be as well and how much value does that link have? Is it really going to be that powerful? Because more often than not the easier it is to attend a link the less inherent value
that link is going to have. In relation to view link building we’re trying to get links
from very relevant websites which have some authority
and are likely to have some traffic which has
your relevant audience. There’s no comparison. However, what can be said
about using press release? Getting links from press releases? It can diversify your anchor text ratio. So if you’ve got a problem
of over optimization, it can be good at diluting down an over optimise anchor profile, it does send a slight
ranking signal to Google that you’re actively trying
to promote the website so it’s not gonna have a massive effect. I mean, you’re not gonna
increase your rankings with just sheer volume of press releases, but initially at the start if
you’re starting link building, you may be able to outrank it compared for the kind of less competitive keywords. So all in all it’s gonna
have a positive effect, but I wouldn’t recommend to
spend a great deal of time on it or resources or money on press releases. Where they are coming in
useful are when you have something which has viewer
potential to go viral and to get shared on some
major news publications. I mean, I know there was a
company that I talked to recently they had some sort of infographic that talked about the
history of street art and it was kind of an
urban street fashion brand and I know they did some press releases and it got some very
authoritative links from the likes of The Daily Mail
and I think The Sun as well. But the point is the majority of the time when you don’t have something which is truly, truly newsworthy and a potential to go viral, you should be concentrating on instead just building links
from very relevant blogs and websites instead. Hope the video helped. Thanks for watching.

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