Q & A: Why did our Google ranking drop after website redesign?
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Q & A: Why did our Google ranking drop after website redesign?

Hello, this is John Locke and today’s
question comes to us from Reddit, where somebody wrote in that they recently
redesigned their website. They went from page 1 of Google to page 9 ,and
they’re wondering could the redesign of the site have had
anything to do with it? Something that you need to make sure that you do,
whenever you’re planning a redesign of your website is, don’t change too much
content all at once. It’s okay if you trim out a few pages here and there,
or consolidate them. But when you launch that new version of the site, make sure
that you have a plan for a 301 redirecting any pages that you’re
getting rid of. The reason why this is important is, the pages that you
already have up on the old version of your site might have incoming links
from other websites. So if you just do away with those pages, what happens is all the
link equity, the voting power of those links, that tells Google this website or
this page is relevant, and that’s why we’re linking to it — all that link equity
goes away. So if you are trimming out pages in a redesign, or you’re changing
the content of a page drastically, think twice about that. If you’re
trimming out pages, make sure that you redirect them to an appropriate page. 301
redirecting those pages is saying, this URL is permanently changed. If you’re changing the
content of a site, such as the home page, or a services page, or a landing page that
you depend on for business — if you’re making a drastic change to the content,
be very wary. What happens a lot of
times — and I’ve seen it firsthand — I’ve had other agency owners tell me the
same thing has happened to people that they’ve encountered — so you hook up with
a design agency or a branding agency that’s all about making the site look
good — and even though they say, that they’re “not
just about making pretty websites” — the sad fact is in the web industry,
we all try and sell what we’re good at. The vast majority of us (sell what we specialize in). So designers try
and sell design. Branding agencies try and sell branding. Web developers try and
sell web development. Marketers try and sell marketing. I’ve worn a lot of
those different hats, so I’ve seen it from a bunch of different perspectives.
What happens is if you drastically change your home page, or a services page,
or a landing page, and you cut all the words out of the page that were there
before? Google might not rank it as high. That’s just a fact. So the two things to
be aware of in a website redesign: One, don’t make too many drastic changes to words or
content all at once. Two, the other thing is, if you’re trimming pages, make sure
that you 301 redirect them to a similar page. Don’t just let them disappear into
the ether. Because Googlebot will try and crawl those pages again. If those
pages are linked to from other websites, you’re going to hurt your SEO (if you eliminate them without a 301 redirect). Remember
that you need links from other websites to tell Google that your website is
important. I hope that answers that question. My name is John Locke. My
business is Lockedown Design and SEO. We help manufacturing and industrial firms
with SEO, helping them get more Requests for Quotes. We’re here every
week publishing new videos, so we’d love to see you subscribe. Until next time, peace.

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