Raman Raghav 2.0 2016 720p BluRay Hindi | Full Movie HD
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Raman Raghav 2.0 2016 720p BluRay Hindi | Full Movie HD

Fixed & Synced by bozxphd. Enjoy The FlickThose two must be
looking for you, right? Let them… Where do you find these kind? Anywhere… everywhere. Don’t do it… Please listen to me. Don’t do it! Let that cop show up… I’ll return your money. l just got off the phone
He’ll be here any moment. Killing me won’t get you a thing… Am I not your beloved “uncle”, now? What do you do? Me? Yeah? Shopping… I meant besides shopping. l party! And who pays for it? There’s always someone eager to pay. Why isn’t he taking my call? Who’s not taking your call? Uncle Your dealer? I’ll be back. You keep a gun? You never know. What do you do? Shopping! Uncle! Open the door, uncle! Uncle, I know you’re inside. Uncle! Uncle… That torch is blinding me! uncle’s gone out. He’ll be here. Who are you? Have we met before? Lower the damn torch! Sir… you shaved off your beard? He’s crushed their
heads with a rock… One’s a drug dealer,
the other is his neighbor. With a rock? Yes, he’s crushed both
heads with the same rock. Sir! Sir! Someone’s sent this for you. Hello! Who do you want to talk to?Sir.There’s some guy on the line… Says he’ll only speak to you
about the double murders. Hello! Mr. Raghavan? Yes, speaking. Who is this? Hello? Hello! Who was it, sir? He hung up. Who gave you this? Some random guy. Hello! Sir… A man named Sindhi Dalwai
is here to see you, Sir He was sitting outside the police
station. I’ve seen him earlier. He walked in and confessed to all
the 9 murders in last couple of years. He hasn’t spoken a word since. He says he will only speak to you. Get him to our ‘safe house’. I will
be there with the commissioner. I was quietly sleeping in my corner… When this beat cop kicked
me off the pavement. I didn’t have money
to pay the bribe… So I left for the train station. Thought I’ll catch the last train… and spend the night
in the docking yard. I’ve done this many times. But it started raining
out of nowhere… I took shelter under a tin roof. When the rain stopped,
the train had left already. If I could get a cigarette… ls Sindhi Dalwai your real name? Yes it is… for now. I chose it myself. Remember that famous
serial killer ‘Raman Raghav’? His real name was Sindhi Dalwai too…
That’s why I chose this name. You don’t know about him? That uncle from downtown…
He knew him well. And how much do you know? He had a wireless radio… He’d call it ‘The World’… He used the radio
to talk to God… And God would guide
him whom to kill next. He was Death-God’s
favorite messenger. I’ve seen you somewhere. But I see you every day, sir. On TV… newspapers. I sit outside the police station,
right? So I watch you go in
and out of the station. I have my eyes on you. You have it in you too. What? License To kill… at will Because you have the uniform. It’s the cops’ job to clean up
the aberrations of God… I do the same.Sotechnically,
we both are messengers of Death. But government gives you
food to eat, house to live in. But I see you… I believe I know you
more than you know yourself. Have you ever called
our police station? Who me? – Yeah?
– Nope. Two years back? I never called… Didn’t you ask for
a cop named Raghavan? If I had a phone or the
number for the station… why would I sit outside
waiting for you? Leave the pack here. So after the rain stopped,
I started walking again. You know… I was born a night-crawler. Dad used to call me a fox. Apparently,
my eyes glow in the dark. Sir, it’s very unsafe to walk
the streets at night. Lot of drunk drivers… So I walk only on the pavement.
Sometimes on the dividers… Where they lay out the chessboard?
Like this… those black and white
chequered tiles on the road. I only walk on the black tiles… Stepping on a white
tile means game over… And I count the tiles.
It helps me pass time… So I started walking on my blacks… And I reached the end, where there
were no more blacks… But I don’t like to lose the game,
right? God has gifted me with this talent… if l imagine hard, I can
conjure up anything. I imagined a black&white
carpet and walked on it. And he came out of nowhere… I asked him to move
away from my tiles. He just wouldn’t budge.
He was too drunk… I tried to reason but
he just wouldn’t understand. Initially,
l was really polite to him… then the voices in my head
awoke the animal in me. He just stood there staring at me… He was standing on my black tile. The road authorities didn’t
lay out the tiles, right? I laid them with my own imagination… He really didn’t know who I was… So l told him,
“Look, I am Sindhi Dalwai” He didn’t get it… So I had to push him and he fell…
on MY black tile On my path. Obviously,
he had to be moved, right? But he was too drunk
and wouldn’t listen to me… That rattled me… pissed me off! I found a rock next to him… I picked it up and
smashed his fucking head. He died right there…
on MY black tile. So I had to file a complaint… which is why I came
to the police station. When I reached the Police station I figured the police
were looking for me… so I surrendered… to clear the misunderstanding. I’ve killed… about 9 people so far The details were in the newspapers… that’s how I found their names. The thing is, Death-God
talks to me, right? He said “Ramana… “…you can’t go on killing just
because you can’t find a place to sleep” He told me to come to you… He said “In prison, you’ll
get food and shelter…” “…and you won’t
need to kill for that.” Ask those newspaper vendors at the
train station. They’d know him.. He gets his stories from the morning
papers and claims he did it… Obviously, he’s been told… that you get free food and
blanket in prison. But sir, we’ve got
to crosscheck his story… Forget it! He says he killed them
all on the streets… – How many bodies found on streets?
– Two – And the remaining 7?
– In the slums… We’ll lose the real killer
because of this idiot. Lock him up and bust his balls… Starve him… keep him awake till
he admits he’s bullshitting… These idiots think prison is a hotel. Sir’s here Where did you find this loser? Sir… He came on his own… Maybe he read it in the papers
and landed outside the police station Are you hungry? Want to eat? Come along… Had I known this housing
complex was abandoned… I would have slept here instead. Nice place… So how many people
have you killed so far? Nine… – You killed 9, eh?
– I killed 9. Not 1 or 2, but 9? – Yes that is correct.
– Okay, come along. How many murders? Nine… How many? Nine. Don’t bullshit us. Get his legs. No! Let go! I was quietly doing my thing… Three men came in that day. Asked me if l needed food… l was hungry… So I came along with them. They beat me up so hard! They beat me so hard! They even strangled me! Beat me to pulp for 3 days! Without any food or water. My throat is dry as a bone… l just have a cigarette… But I don’t have a
bloody match to light it! We were in full form,
they had to lose… That’s great. Too bad I missed it. Who did you play against? ls there someone out there? I heard someone… Who cares… ls anyone there? Again? “Someone get me out of here!” I think the voice came from there… ls anyone there? Fear the lord!
Help a man who’s held captive here. ls anyone there? Has everyone gone deaf and mute? Get me out of here!
ls anyone there at all? Over here. I am here. They’ve held me locked me in… I was quietly doing my thing. Three men came in… Asked me if I needed food.
They got me here. They beat me so hard! Left me to rot without food and water. My throat is dry as a bone. l just have a cigarette… But I don’t have a
bloody match to light it! Be careful… it’s hot! What do you want? These pipes… I need one of these… They are just lying here, right? Got any money? No. But these are just lying here. You want them for free? Want one smashed on your head? How about it? Totally free? I’ll get you the color tomorrow.
Promise! You shouldn’t get into fights… If you’re polite,
and keep your voice low… Nobody will pick on you. Why are you here? ls that your kid? He’s really grown up… Afraid of me? Afraid of your own uncle? Didn’t you tell him
that I am his uncle? Come here, son. Mommy is going to be
with you in two minutes… You stay inside. Don’t be afraid. You can’t come inside… Look at my face… See how they beat me up. Haven’t eaten anything for 4 days…
I’ve walked all the way here. You sit out here…
I’ll bring the food. Don’t try to come in. Sit down! I am not a beggar! I’ve come to you because
you’re my sister. And you’re treating
me like a filthy dog? I live here. I don’t want
your crazy shit here. Keep it low! I know you live here. Don’t start it here. Have I ever come to you? In all these 7 years? I have a reason this time. What reason? Give me some food… Let me wash up. Give me clean clothes. I’ll be on my way… I have a job. How did you find my address? God is punishingme…for all my sins! For the past two years… your brother’s survived
by eating rats. Wear your own trouser…
My husband’s won’t fit you. Are you using my son’s toothbrush? You could have asked. Coming… Listen to me… I’ve finally found the right man… He’s right at the door… Please don’t say anything
stupid in front of him. – I beg of you!
– Laxmi! Yeah… I beg of you!
I finally have a decent life. Please don’t ruin it! You won’t, right?No.– Laxmi!
– I am coming… Your siblings, right? Yes And this is your entire family? Yes… My brother lives abroad…
In Sri Lanka. And my sister’s in Dubai. How sweet! No matter where you go… blood ties remain forever. But your wife doesn’t
understand that… Not a single picture of mine here. We do have a picture of you… She’s shown it to me… It’s inside somewhere. Rice or bread? Whatever’s there in the fridge… I’m okay with cold food too. The way you love your siblings… She doesn’t love me. My picture is ‘inside somewhere’ What love! What have you done
to deserve her love, Sir? What do you mean? She’s told me a lot about you… None of it matters now.
Please have some food… – Please serve him.
– Go serve him… No. I have to know
what she’s told you. Or I’m not going to eat. God bless you child… What if she’s poisoned my food? I used to feed you
with so much love… I’ve lost my appetite. I’ll leave. He’s gone finally… He is gone. He won’t come back, right? He won’t. Don’t worry! Have you lost it? Somebody stop him! Shut up or I’ll finish him off… Wait! Stay away… Leave us alone! What did she tell you about me? I didn’t say anything to him.
Not a word, I swear… – Nothing? Then why did you say,
she’s told you a lot about me? Tell me or I’ll smash your head! No, please! She said you used to beat her up… when you were kids. I used to beat her up? Yes! – That’s all she said?
– Yes. Then she’s said nothing. You’re senior to me… Doesn’t affect me… And yet you call me ‘sir’? That sort of politeness
is too cute for my taste. Your kid is such a cry baby… Been pampered a lot, eh? Mommy walks you to school,
walks you back home… Your mom had to walk
to school by herself. She used to tail me all day.
Did you know I’m your uncle? Are you sure he is your kid? You can’t really trust my sister. She’s fucked half the world
when she was only 15. Doing the math? Relax! I was just joking…
He is your son. Stay quiet… Make it fast! Why didn’t you tellme…that you were the
housemaid in this house? While his first wife was alive? Was she really sick
or you poisoned her? – Answer.
– Why’d you tie my son? He talks a lot. Untie him, please. What if l hit him? What if he dies? Whose life do you want to save? His or yours? Answer me! If l untie him… and he screams… I’ll have to break his head
open with my car jack. So tell me… Was his wife really sick
or you killed her? Don’t be shy… Were you guys already having fun
while she was alive? Tell me… Look what she’s saying… that you guys were sleeping
together before your wife died. Let’s get some detail here… Where would you guys have sex? You used to be at work… and she was here with your sick wife. So how did you manage to make out? I know things my sister can do. No! You know nothing about your sister. How much cash do
you have in the house? – Answer me!
– How much do you need? – How much do you have?
– Depends on your need, right? I want a million. Do you have? Don’t act smart, how much do you have? Not much, actually. About 1000 or 1200 maybe. Go get it. What exactly do you want? Respect… That your wife doesn’t offer,
and your eyes don’t show it. See how quickly you went
from ‘Sir’ to ‘Hey you!’. – Your uncle is crazy.
– Sorry, I misunderstood you. Don’t scream if he unties. As if you respect
me now that you know me. I’ve personally prepared my sister… much before she met you. Thank me for not leaving
a baby inside her. Look at your lousy face… You believe everything I say. This is all I have I cleaned the chicken,
fire up the stove. Exactly 1200, eh?
Always sure with money. How much do you have? You’re loaded man! Let me see! Need eggs or bread? Nope. Isn’t sister around? Sister died! Sister died? You want to die too? Do you want to die? No, sir… I’ll come back later. Hey, where are the red chillies? Over there… Get it! – Give them to me.
– Why? What will you do with these? I’ll wear them… Just do as I say. Give… How much gold do you have? Nothing left anymore. And the wedding necklace? Don’t have it. I pawned it. Why? Doesn’t he earn enough? What is it to you? Eat the food and get out of here. What he earns is
none of your business. Don’t lecture me… Chicken needs time to cook. – What do you want?
– What can you give me? There’s nothing to do around here. You want to do with me? Even his face Isn’t
worth looking at… – You want to do that?
– Or this pampered kid of yours? Let’s do it!
It must’ve been long… Your son doesn’t look
anything like your husband. – Do you want to do it?
– Nor like you… Just do it quick and leave. Right here.. Let’s do it. Get off me! Come on, take your shirt off… Let go… Don’t look at him.
Come on, touch my bosom! Let go off me or I’ll kill you! Sleight your hand, sever them ties Dip your feet, poison them rivers Man of muck,
are you really this worthy? Worms crawl up your skin; you’re so damn filthy! you’re so damn filthy! Born to lie, you’re truly filthy So filthy! Your mind reeks of mold, you’re that filthy! Your blood is black as soot… You’re that filthy You jab your wounds to pus, Filthy… You’re so damn filthy! Filthy… Sleight your hand, sever them ties Dip your feet, poison them rivers Image is a lie, shatter them mirrors At the amber dawn, smudge them skies Rotting from within,
aren’t you lonely? Worms crawl up your skin;
you’re so damn filthy! you’re so damn filthy! Born to lie, you’re truly filthy so filthy! Your mind reeks of mold, you’re that filthy! Your blood is black as soot You’re that filthy You jab your wounds to pus, Filthy… you’re truly filthy So far I’ve sent 11
people to Death-God… Which includes your parents. Look, I keep an account. Your mother, my sister, finished… Your dad, who I’m not sure if
he really was yours, finished… You… What’s your name? Pocket! since you’re a little one… If anyone wonders why I killed you… I’ll just say ‘He was easy pickings.’ Our Police is completely brainless… You know what I did? I killed someone… then waited… for the Police to find the body. When the murder hit the newspaper… I went and sat outside
the cops station… When cops came and asked me,
“Did you do it?” I said ‘Yes’ They asked me to go with them,
I went… Then they took me to be an
idiot and didn’t arrest me… Now whatever I do… They will never again
see me as suspect. Right? There are three victims… A man, his second wife and a kid. Victim used to own
a stationery store… They’ve been dead for 5 days. The door’s been locked… and none of the neighbors saw
anyone go in-out the house… Please vacate the room. All of you. Torch! – How much did you add?
– All of it Yes, Sir! No, we locked him
in an abandoned room. The lock was found broken later… We don’t know where
he is at this point. Usually the murder locations
are either slums or streets… But this murder happened
in a low income neighborhood. Victim’s family picture has him in it. An egg-seller is one
of our prime witnesses… He said the man had
a scar across his face. Yes sir, the same scar. You’re not going to find
anything in this woman… However much you dig in. I am God’s very own CCT Camera. What if I get pregnant again? Nobody gets pregnant
after 3 abortions. Who told you that? I know it. But what if I do get pregnant? Then it’s your wish… Keep the baby, or kill it.
I don’t care! So you still won’t use protection? Will you marry me? What is the matter? I almost had him… Who? Him… This man killed his sister,
husband and their only son. Six year old son! Even you’ve killed
three babies of mine… Aren’t you afraid of me? Why? Because I don’t sleep… I shoot shit up my nose and veins. I always keep a loaded gun… If you piss me off… I can do anything. When we first met,
what did we agree on? You remember? I told you, I don’t want anything! I told you, I don’t want marriage.
Didn’t I tell you this? Then what did you say? “Baby, why so serious?” “I am in for the sex, baby.
Not the marriage.” Didn’t you say it? You want the baby, you keep it… I don’t want it.
What’s the worse that’ll happen? You won’t go in for abortion? So I will hold this baby like this… I’ll load it,
shove it right here and.. One sec” Hello! Mom! Yeah… Tell me. Can I talk to dad? Dad! What do you mean “why”? You won’t change your stubborn ways… You want to turn me fatherless. Dad, beer is poison for you… One more sip and I’ll
never see you again… You won’t hear from me either. So it’s a promise then? Don’t just say ‘love you?, dad.
Mean it! Okay… Bye. What were you saying? Something with the Gun.. what was it? At times I feel you
fancy a dangerous death… May be it’s not a death wish… I could just be enraged
enough to kill you. Why are you so sexy? Because you’re a loser… Don’t you hit me
or I will crash this car. Hello… Yes? Hold him up… Sir, I can’t eat anymore
of these dumplings… Eat… Don’t you whine you’ve
to feed us on the sly… So you’re lucky to be
fed by cops now… I’m full Eat! Sir’s here Speak… Sir, his name is Ramana… He keeps calling himself Raman,
Ram and sometimes Raavan. He said he was looking for a ‘partner’ I got confused… He said, “What would
Raman be without Raghav.” ls Ramana his real name? I have his nameas
Ramana in my accounts… I run a small restaurant
around here… Pawn business on the side. I offer loans to those
who have been denied by banks… Honest, I only offer loans.
No dirty business, sir! Your men were torture-feeding
me pancakes all this while. I am going to throw up… When was the last you saw him? He met me two weeks back. And after that no
communication whatsoever. The first time he deposited a lot
of jewelry as collateral… I gave him the money.
Kept his jewellery. He’s bad at math and
that’s profitable for me. Had I known he was ‘wanted’, I’d
have personally called you… What does he know? Say it… Your men told me that
he’s killed someone… Has that person died? Did he ever tell you
how he’ll find ‘Raghav’? Last I spoke to him,
he said he’s found him… but he said that Raghav doesn’t
know he is ‘my Raghav’ I am clean and honest man… I stay away from criminals. Sir, please… Shut up! Sir, this guy identified
him with a photograph… I didn’t lead him on. He told me the
‘Raman Raghav’ story by himself. Thought I’d let you know… Get lost! Raman needs Raghav
and Raghav needs Raman… Mr. Asst. Commissioner! Hello! -A FAMILY OF 3 SLAUGHTERED- One tea please… Are you a homo? What’s with those earrings? Don’t they look pretty? So you have sex for money?
or just pleasure? How do you prefer? All of it up your ass?
or a blow will do? Wipe that smirk of yours… or I’ll smash your teeth in… Didn’t you read the papers? “A family of 3, slaughtered” She was my sister…
was disrespectful like you… had to put her in her place. This earring is her penance. If you still don’t get who I am,
I can explain in private… money or pleasure, as you like it. Ma’am… I kept the food in the fridge… Can I go? I will come at 7 tomorrow… Okay Also, sir’s medication was
in the bathroom lying down… I kept it in that chest. Okay, you can leave… I am taking the house keys with me… Ma’am, I understood that… You came back from buying veggies… – and stood by the door, right?
– Yes And you saw the man
sitting with your grandson? – He was feeding and putting him to sleep?
– Yes – So you must’ve seen his face, right?
– Yes Can you identify if it was him? No! – It wasn’t him?
– No See it carefully… Was it him? I have seen…
I assure you it wasn’t him. If the man in this pic had a
long scar across his face… No way… This is not the Killer. Yeah? Okay. Hold him up. We’re on our way. It was indeed the same man. Like I said it wasn’t this man. Sir, we found him. Ramana, I have checked the accounts… You’re due to pay the interest. You already got the money
from your previous transactions. I’ve made a note
in my diary on the 19th. You gave me 500. And on the 24th of June,
you gave me 1500. So 5 and 15 makes it 25. Keep 600 as interest and
give the remaining 2000 to me. Which world are you living in? 15 and 5 means 20-hundred, that
is 2-thousand, not 20-thousand 2 thousand is what I want Okay, but there will be an interest Why? See, I borrowed 15… And 5 before that… Okay, so I borrowed 5 and then 15. So, how much is 15 and 5? 15 and5is 20 What the hell! Hear me out. – How much is this?
– 5 6, 7, 8,
9,10,11,12,13,14,15 15 and 5… 20… 20-hundred… 2-thousand How? See… 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,12,13,
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20… It’s 20. Not 2? Twenty hundred.. that is two thousand! That’s what I’m saying. 2000! 20,19,18,17,16,15,14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 3, 7, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… 20-hundred. 2-thousand!
– – Okay, I want 2000. Okay, keep that 2000,
and give me these goggles. – These?
– Yes. You keep the 2000. So, did you meet your Raghav? Yes, he took good care of me. What’s up? Don’t see you outside the
police station these days. Some more murders? Not at all. We just wanted
to hang with you. Come, let’s have tea. Move it! Get hold of him! Yes? I am on my way I’ll look here. You check over there. What happened? Why are these cops here? Come down… The cops are gone. Sir, did you see a man
with a scar on his face? Dad comes to Bombay every month… I can’t skip work and pay his
holiness a visit every month! Mom… at least listen to me! I’m not a kid anymore. Family and marriage is not for me. It’s the best if I
am caught and jailed… Dad would be the
one losing face, not me. Mom, for the last time,
don’t make me promise. Stop yelling, I promise,
I’ll see him. Okay? Morn, listen… there’s this girl I know,
her maid has been murdered… I’m busy with that case. I’ll
see dad if I find time. Happy? Alright. Take care of your knees. Sir… We couldn’t find him, sir. We couldn’t find him in this maze. The maid had my house keys. Get forensic team to look for keys
– It’s a single key. So I am just someone you know? As in? You were telling your
mother on the phone… “this girl I know” What should’ve I said? The truth, maybe. That you’re the girl I sleep with? Oh, I thought you never sleep. I’ve never seen you sleeping. Cut the crap! You decide right now.. If you want to grieve
your maid’s death… Or throw cheap sarcasm at me? Are you my steady girlfriend?No.That woman on the phone
is my ‘exclusive’ mother! And I am her ‘exclusive’ son. And for her,
you’re just somebody I know. You have a problem with that? I think you have a problem with that. l will… Walk madam to the car. Please… Hello Mam! Sir… Ramanna’s shirt…
had this diary… It has details of people
he’s murdered so far Why… when… all the details. Tell his ghost that 15
and5makes it 20, not 2. Oh my god! Hey buddy! How you’ve been? Get a glass of water What’s up? Oh, that’s Violet. My friend’s daughter…
You couldn’t recognize her? Remember my friend at the movie
theater I used to work? Never-mind. Where’ve you been? What’s up with you? I work here in the day. At night
I’m a security guard in a mall. All the kids want to work at the mall. showed them the “Shopping mall
sweatshop” film, by Vasanthbalan to scare them from
working in the malls… I even said that one day… the man who smashes
heads will come visit. Remember how you
smashed that dog’s head? What was that you said,”Raman,
keep your Raghav away!” Listen…
I came to you for something else. I need an iron rod… – I bought a shack in the burbs.
– Okay. I need the rod for masonry work…
to redo walls. I want to get this moulded Sure. I want it bent here. Need a snout. How much? 40 rupees. There’s 40. But I want it right away. We can’t do it right now.
It’s lunch time. No way. I’m in a hurry. I need this in an hour
or my boss will fire me. It’s lunch time.
We’ve put our gear away. Okay, have your lunch. I’ll wait here. – Yes, wait for us.
– Okay. Wait! What are you doing? Told you, it’s lunchtime. – I want it right now!
– You’ll ruin our gear! Give me now!
I don’t have time to spare. – Just wait for 5 minutes.
– I want it right now. If I had time to spare,
I’d be an iron-smith. Pull the car over there! You guys carry on, I’ll take a cab. OK Sir! I remember, you said first
Monday and last Monday. That month had five Mondays.
Normally, it’s just four, right? Yes, four. In the confusion of 1st and 4th,
I missed the auspicious day. Come in. Touch his feet for blessings. Very proud of you! Do you remember him? Head of training for the ‘Public
Services Commission’ exam? Take Guru’s blessings too. God bless you, son! Sit over there. Come, sit. What’s with those sunglasses? Trying to be too cool? Take them off! Take them off, NOW! Hello? Something wrong with your eyes?No.What? Nothing. I haven’t slept enough. Haven’t slept enough? Sir, does anyone ever sleep
in this mad city like Bombay? – Especially, the police force.
– Put them back on. Why aren’t you sleeping enough? Come over here. Over here. Come closer. Don’t move. How will you ever get sleep? Go sit outside.
I’ll deal with you later. I don’t know how to discipline him. Tried to school him a lot. Being a police officer,
he is into drugs! If he gets caught,
it will turn into a big scandal. He’ll be suspended… imprisoned… and the shame he’ll bring us!
The media will have a field day. When he was a kid,
I caught him smoking weed once. I beat him up all day. I had a thick leather belt. I whipped him till
his whole body turned red. He never smoked up after that. Disgusting to see scales of
white powder in his nose. Like it? Should I get you
transferred closer home? Father and son can snort together. What say? Where’s that Nigerian? Upstairs. Hey!! Hold it! Put the gun down. He doesn’t understand English? No Tell him to put the gun down. …or my team will beat him till he
speaks all 480 languages of India Tell him! You have your passport, right? Yes, I do. Pick your passport,
pack the bags and sod off. This isn’t right. What was his mistake? Should I tell you what’s right? Spreading filth in my country… and lecturing me on morality! Bloody drug addict! We never said no to you… Still you killed him! Am I blocking you? Grocery cart… for you. Thanks. I’ll manage. Don’t worry, madam.
I work here… at your service. – I’ll manage.
– I said do not worry. Do you know… It’s both Dussehra (HINDU FESTIVAL)
and Muharram (MUSLIM FESTIVAL) today. While the Muslims mourn,
Hindus celebrate. This year, the festival of Ganesha
and Bakr-Eid coincided too! People sin so much… …that they need
religion to hide behind. It’s a carnival of
religions out there. …so much that even God is
paraded on streets. Each religion flaunting
its might of majority. But we… real children of
God… converse with him. Do you converse with God? Do you? I definitely do. For us blessed ones,
it’s the year of holy union. Okay.?- -WITH LOVE- Limitless sky…
The vast unfathomed sky. My feet clasped on a cloud,
held on to its cottony shroud. The path of choice,
like an aimless happy river. Relentless and undeterred,
my shadow moved the sun. Then the smoke blinded me… I fell unhooked from a star. Into a bottomless well, a rope
let loose, a bucket in free fall. That aimless happy river… dried out in a vapor… soul left like wind to paper. Limitless sky.
The vast unfathomed sky. Wiped out like a child’s dream. Night devours the morning beam. Then the smoke blinded me,
I fell unhooked from a star. Into a bottomless well, a rope
let loose, a bucket in free fall. Burnt as a molten ring,
flying off a torn wing What gives? Hiding from eyes, losing to lies. What gives? Hi Who’s she? What are you upto? Don’t look back. Shut up!Motherfucker!Hi Piya! Are you OK Ankita? Turn it off! Turn it off or I’ll
smash it into pieces! Why did you get her here? Can’t I bring anyone here? There are others who come here too. Nobody comes here. Nobody comes here! Should I give you detailed list? Who all come to you
and where all you go. Whose car comes to pick you. And thoseshowsyou perform
for Dubai Sheikhs. This is my house!
Get the hell out of here! Damn woman! Don’t ever talk to me like my dad! Where the hell is my MDMA? Where is the MD? Did you finish it off? Simmy. did you? Look, I’m not a nice
guy like you think I am. I’ll kill you! Get out of here with your girlfriend! And take your garbage along! What did I ask?
What the hell did I ask? Where is the MD? You should know where it is! I don’t bother to look at your stuff. I told you the last time too.
You finished it off. Idiot wears sunglasses at night! Damn woman!! Never talk to me in
that patronizing tone! Simmy! Ankita! Ankita, open the door.
Open the damn door! Ankita. I can do anything to
you and get away with it. So be calm and slide your phone
to me without turning it off. It’s allcool,Ankita. Slide the
phone from under the door. Ankita, slide the damn phone now! Please! Shut up. Calm down! I won’t harm you, Ankita.
Relax and lie down. Sir… If I wouldn’t have lost him that day, …madam would’ve been alive today. It’s all my fault. Tea. How much sugar did you put? Two spoons full. Cardamom? Yes. Cinnamon? Yes, that too. I was just checking. – May I leave?
– Yes What is this man? Let’s go sir! So… why escape, and now surrender? Sir? ls he really required? Alright, what do you want to know? You tell me. I’ve confessed before
and I stand by it. I’ve seen everything in life… except the noose… that a man makes for himself. Such a death fascinates me. Death… a father offers his son. a mother offers her daughter. …death a man offers himself. Because none have the courage
to embrace their dark side. I merely offer them
a release from that fear. Why did you kill Smrutika?Simmy?I liked watching her. The thing is… I was too drugged. I needed a woman.
Everyone needs a woman, right? Battles of Ramayana and Mahabharata
too were caused by women. Ravana, a purist Brahmin,
turned into a villain. To abduct a woman, he actually
designed an airplane! if not for them women…
we wouldn’t have had airplanes. Every time I see an airplane… I tell myself… “Hey Ramana…!” “Yet another Ravana is flying
off with someone’s Sita” “Time to bring him
back to the ground!” I keep a count… of the planes that fly
across the sky in a day. Right above us. We hardly notice. The more the planes… as many Ravans, Silas and Rams. You’ve come here
to narrate the Ramayana? Sir, will you ask him to leave? Just doesn’t relish conversations. What a crushing bore! What happened last night? You needed a woman…
so you killed Smrutika. And I did score one. 20 something buxom bomb! What was her name… uh, Ankita. But I didn’t have a
place to have sex with her. So I took her to Simmy’s house.
I had the keys. Simmy opened the door… I pushed her aside and rushed
Ankita into the bedroom. I locked the room… and slapped Ankita real hard! I was so wasted… …my penis wouldn’t get hard. …and Ankita wouldn’t stop giggling. So I slammed her face
against the wall! Real hard! Step out. Step out. Sir? Leave us alone. What do you want? Nothing. l just wanted to surrender. Why? I got my high. What gives you a high? Drugs? I have a whole brick
of coke in my bag. The one from Simmy’s drawer. What the hell do you want? Why are you doing this? What’s your game?
Why did you come here? To look into your eyes! No drug can match the high
of locking eyes with you. When I was a kid, I was told
the “Raman Raghav” story. The act of killing in itself is
an unparalleled adventure… Everyone has their moments
when they ache to kill… …and they do find opportunities.
Like in a civil war… riots… they merely vent hiding in a mob like in Syria… People cross borders to
unleash their inner animal. But I kill… alone with no hesitation… No regrets whatsoever! I’ve killed no man,
woman or child by accident. I can guarantee that. neither killed
hiding behind a uniform… …nor a religion or
the cloak of humanity… I killed… …because I wanted to kill. I kill… like we eat,
shit, pray, love… …naturally. So… you killed Smrutika? Why… did you? I give you my word:
Simmy’s death is on me. But there’s still a glitch
that can ruin all of this. …Ankita She saw what happened last night… And Ankita must not die by accident. She has to be killed… “intentionally What’s in it for you? Contentment… My journey ends here… Raman found his Raghav… why me? What? Why ME? It’s… It’s our destiny. Each one in this world
has someone… somewhere… that completes him The mistake we make is in assuming… that soul-mate has to be a woman Perhaps… it was my luck or your misfortune, that you arrived as a good
omen on my first kill. Uncle! ‘Uncle’, as we’d like to call him… used to bugger me as a child… made me work like a dog… One day,
he ran off with all our money. I found him years later. and killed him… Before I could think of a way out… Uncle! You walked in… a serendipity uncle’s gone out. He’ll be here. Who are you? Have we met before? While you wiped your fingerprints,
you removed mine too… Then you removed Uncle’s phone too… and next day you came back on the
scene as the investigating officer Sir, you shaved your beard? It was love at the first sight. I knew then…
you were the one to set me free. …but you were searching
for your freedom in a woman. I’ve been waiting since that moment… There’s no salvation
without penance… It is that divine patience that
brings your soul-mate to you. The rest are just passing clouds… I’ve done my duty… …it’s your turn now. Cigarette? Matches… Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?


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