Rampage The Movie Toys Subject George Big City Brawl  King Kong Vs George  Skull Island Unboxing
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Rampage The Movie Toys Subject George Big City Brawl King Kong Vs George Skull Island Unboxing

Rampage The Movie Toys Big City Brawl Subject George King Kong Vs George Skull Island Unboxing also in the next episode watch and
little Lizzy here mutates into two huge okay so here is our next Ridge the movie
toy this is big city brawl genetic containment division this is subject
George with arms smashing action and I love the artwork they did on the box I
mean their boxes are awesome here you can see all three characters Ralph
George and Lizzy and then uh the art work continues on the side there bottoms
just black who art work here and they did a great job with the artwork on top
so guys even their boxes are like a word work of art I mean I really like their
boxes then we have jaw chomping action arm smashing action he’s ready to
destroy so this is uh the new movie uh it’s gonna be rampage the movie by New
Line Cinema and that’s supposed to come out I believe April of 2018 so I am
filming this in January 2018 so if I make mistakes I apologize okay so let’s
see what was inside the cool thing is even the artwork even continues on to
the flap so I mean they do a great job with presentation of this set so this is
what’s in the box before I go ahead and remove anything so let’s go ahead and
free George okay so here it’s our George figure right outside the gates of
Jurassic Park it’s gonna have any Dino battles
I wonder so uh this guy does stand really good on all by himself you can
see here his arm here is meant to move and swing down in a bashing action or
you could put his arm like and have it swing down so he will still
stand ah just having two legs and one arm on the ground so that’s nice how
they built the balance into that movement was really nice to smooth
movement on his arm here all the way up his hand will turn just a little bit it
doesn’t turn too much ah if it does let me know I just don’t want to take any
chances of breaking the guy so like I said cool action feature we’ll check
that out with the figure in a moment I like the fact that they made his mouth
open and closed so I like the fact that they gave this guy a mouth that opens
and closes so it does add a lot to the playability of this toy so here you have
his face looks exactly like the big one I’ll show you the big one in a moment
but his mouth does open and close and they did a great job with the detail on
the tongue in the teeth so I really liked that they gave George like blue
eyes guys I am really impressed with these figures for the prices they charge
so anyways let’s go ahead and take a look at this guy all the way around this
arm does not move it is solid and his head here does not move so this his head
does not move here also so just his mouth opens and closes same features as
on the big one he’s got like a six pack really ripped chest this leg does not
move and this leg does not move they look like they should move what I mean
I’m putting quite a bit of force and they are not moving so I don’t think
they should so here the foot the feet move some so anyways a really cool
figure let’s go ahead and check out the helicopter ah I apologize guys I am
having a bit of microphone issue I had to mount the microphone onto this camera
so if it’s picking up any for me moving the camera around I really
do apologize I’m getting a new cable okay so anyways let’s go ahead and take
a look at this really cool little copter here the blade spin really nicely take a
look at the copter from outside here you have lieutenant foster lieutenant
Douglass so these must be our pilots from the movie it does have like 2 i
believe these are like health cap missiles or something that are removable
here so you could have them fire at creatures or other helicopters you have
like a Gatling gun here a wheel here the wheels do not turn though and this rotor
here in the back is in a fixed position good look at the back this here almost
looks like it’s a Batmobile like a Batman type helicopter and then aa
Hellfire missile on the other side which is also removable and then the cockpit
does open up and the character is already in there the cool thing is they
make this throttle here move all the way forward so you could put the character
in and out then you could put the throttle back in his hand and that is
how you fly to the helicopter so off for a less expensive toy I really like the
detail they put into that and then here’s a good look at the inside of the
copter cockpit closes nice and easily here’s a look at the bottom and then
let’s go ahead and take a look at the figure himself okay just like Dwayne
Johnson the rock they did a great job with this figure like I said earlier
they are really similar to a GI Joe figures so if you had any of those
that’s basically what are you looking at good movement on the head 360 movement
on the shoulder he moves at the elbow and his arm moves up and
down at the elbow also so moves up and down and turns 360 you can see he’s got
his pilot uniform here with hat goggles and everything I believe he’s got some
weapons attached bah ah this character did not come with any weapons he could
move his leg up and his knee bends there so you could get him to sit on like
different type of vehicles and here’s a good look at the back of him and then
this also came with this barbed wire fence here so you could create some good
ah action sequences with this this guy would have like the barbed wire fence up
he’s like stop monkey stop and then George just comes up here and bam
down he goes and then George goes for the helicopter smash is it too bad and
there we have a George duh guess it’d be a gorilla but you could call him George
the monkey if you want keep watching next episode to see Lizzy
mutate into a huge ferocious hybrid alligator and also King Kong and George
are headed for New York what is going to happen Wow guys that was totally awesome
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