Ranked Play Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm
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Ranked Play Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

Welcome to a look at the future
of Ranked Play in Heroes of the Storm. Today we’re previewing
a new league structure seasons, high-rank recognition,
and end-of-season rewards. There’s a whole lot of shiny here,
so let’s dive in. Gone are the 50 ranks from
our previous iteration replaced now by 7 Tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond,
Master, and Grand Master. Each Tier up through Diamond
is also broken down further into Divisions starting with
the lowest ranked player in Division 5 to the highest in Division 1. Moving from the bottom of one Division
into the one above it will require a total of 1000 rank points with each game win awarding
an average of 200 points, modified by the challenge of each match. With this new structure in place,
we hope players will have a better idea of their individual skill level
across the player base as well as what it will take
to advance to higher ranks. Let’s take a closer look
at how it all works together. At the beginning of each season players will undergo a series
of ten placement matches that will determine their initial rank. Following placement,
each ranked match played will either award or take away
rank points depending on wins or losses. If enough rank points are earned the game will present players
an opportunity to move up a division by winning a Promotion Match. Conversely, losing points
will grant a similar opportunity to defend your current division
in a Demotion Match. Of course, we’ll make sure players
are well aware when these critical moments are at hand. Now let’s talk about home
for the best-of-the-best Master and Grand Master Unlike the rest of our structure,
these two unique Tiers will not have divisions. The master emblem will display
the total number of rank points a player has accumulated allowing for an easy way to track
progression against other players. Grand Master will then be made up
of the top point earners in each region’s Master Tier. If you make it all the way to Grand Master your emblem will display
your leaderboard position with rankings updated on a daily basis
to ensure relevance and accuracy. Given this new structure there are a couple of additional rules
you should be aware of. First, only players whose ranks are within
one tier from another will be able to queue together as a party
in Hero League. Also, while in placement matches,
players will only be able to party with other players who are also
undergoing placement matches. Second, in order to ensure
a positive experience for players we will be removing the ability
for silenced players to queue in Hero League
until their silence penalty expires. Alright,we can’t talk about seasons
without covering rewards. Each season will last anywhere between
eight and twelve weeks depending on community feedback and upon conclusion players will earn
some fantastic rewards for ranks in both Hero and Team League. Keep in mind that future rewards
may be wildly different but for now here’s a look at what players
will earn for preseason ranks ranks at the launch of Season One. Rewards will be given for the highest rank
held by a player across a given season. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at the future of Ranked Play
in Heroes of the Storm. If you have any feedback,
please do let us know we look forward to continuing to polish
the competitive experience and appreciate any ideas you might have. Good luck out there as you climb the ranks
and as always We’ll see you in the Nexus!


  • Lorderath

    its still not clear to me….do we get season rewards based on the highest rank achieved or the rank you finish with?

  • CheFAR

    Silenced can't play HL? this is some kind of joke? If he is already silenced, what could happen wrong? silenced communicate well with pings only. Kids crying on internet is enough for blizzard to make stupid changes and kill their own game (more than the half of the community already left because of bad optimization and cancer heroes such tracer and liming.

  • Yiufai Wong

    So what is the different between LOL and Hots rank system, I would rather chose old system 1 – 50 rank.

  • yasankidd

    I'd expect another ranked system tbh. I know its Sc2 system but lol already usin this as moba and i dont want this game seem like lol. but i liked those gifts tho. Thts blizzish thing. and one more thing. Still waitin for mighty warrior GROM HELLSCREAM!

  • EdgySan

    So i need to quit my job to have time and get the milions of points needed, well fml. none is gonna pay me for playing video games : (

  • jchizick22

    Good stuff, but the avoid player button needs to be added sooner. Plus a hard mmr reset needs to happen for the worthless rank 1's who should be in the 20's or 30's and those stuck in the 30-40's from trolls and horrible matchmaking

  • Nozdormu The Timelss One

    It's awesome upgrade but 8-12 weeks for season? It will require a lot of time to get to a higher rank. And I am NOT saying I want it to be more easy. Just to be more then 8-12 weeks.

  • nikki

    is this worth picking up again? played a year ago and the missing ranked system was the only reason i quit rank one didnt mean anything either, hows matchmaking these days , are there enough people who play this?

  • herpderpmonkey

    are they actually going to do something about the dickheads who feed and troll and disconnect and hold games hostage and pick whatever heroes they want?

    Because all of this wont change a thing about why HL is so frustrating unless you actually start punishing those who ruin games.


    Oh you wanna fix things in Heroe Legaue. So fix the problem with AFK players. We do loose many times because of player sleeping or AFK or got disconnected!!!  This what need needs fixing at this moment!!!Next thing its hero pick. Sometimes a player wants to pick an impropriate hero like Abathur or Vikings on a map where he makes disadvantage in PVP(4vs5) all game long. I say he must be kicked form a draft

  • Sully_says

    What do we need to do to improve ranked? We'll use exactly what we implemented in Starcraft II, and re-work it a little bit.

    Good job blizz. Still won't buy overwatch.

  • Jonsin 1459

    This was really needed. There was never a sense of purpose with the old rank system. Just play for the sake of play. Should of been there from the start. I mean they already had Starcraft 2's MP as a base.

  • Jiggly Soda

    For everyone in the comments complaining about copying and who did it. I'd like to clarify. Warcraft 3 was the first game to adopt the ranking system, however LoL did not copy it. LoL's system is very different. SC2 WOL was released with the new ranking system, and shortly after League adopted it from Starcraft 2. HotS is just adopting that same ranking system, so it's not copying LoL, it's copying annother Blizzard game.

  • Kalgert

    I would just like to mention that League of Legends had an "ELO" ranking for ranked play, and then they moved on to have divisions about… Two or Three years ago, give or take.

    So, yes, Starcraft 2 had divisions first.

  • WyvernVJ

    Yay! The SC2 system!

    I hope all other Blizzard teams look at Team 1's ranking system and use it for their competitive modes. Hearthstone's in particular sucks.

  • Andrew R

    omg why can't they go that in depth with sc2. Currently the divisions are random and based on what time you did your placement matches nothing to do with how good you are. Come one blizz SC2 needs this so bad.

  • Emidretrauqe

    I really think this game needs live ranked spectating. The best thing about DOTA 2 is that as a complete novice you can immediately just find one of the highest ranked games currently being played and watch it live. Can't do that with HotS… yet.

  • jchizick22

    Some of these comments are just dumb… Get a real computer, real Internet connection, learn your heroes, learn map strategy & stop making this awesome game 'null sack for the rest of us… #gobigorgohome

  • swadow

    i still would love ther ability to make a ranked team to feel like you are a group of people going under one name like guilds in wow.

  • Andi Keucher

    Does that mean i cant tell people that i pray for their death in a concentration camp when they mildly critizise my reckless playstyle? Pffff, well played Blizzard, you win this time. I will never buy one of your games again.

  • MessengerOfHell

    Took someone a while to wake up and smell the coffee to fix the ranking up. One small pinch though: it's a carbon copy of LoL's own ranking system with a few slight tweeks.

  • Pititisch

    I think is better 12-15 promotional match to have a better standard deviation. 10 feels too low in other games.

  • MagenZion

    Sooo, you're just going to largely copy League of Legends instead of doing the smart thing the Overwatch team did and doing hero-dependent skill ratings? Brilliant! /sarcasm

    The Overwatch team has clearly shown this isn't that complex. It takes time, but it is not complex. You have to build a system based around character-specific metrics (shades of grey) instead of "oh, well, you had bad luck and got some teammates that were useless" so that means you must have performed badly as well." Well, no, it doesn't work that way in a moba. You need to make it so each hero has specific metrics that are looked at and using previous data you set some benchmarks for how well a player did as that hero. Any time a hero is tweaked you have to take them out of ranked play and then take data from regular games and build a new benchmark. Can probably be flexible on that last bit depending on how heavy the changes were.

    The major point is, a) it's ridiculous to use only win/loss as a deciding factor on how a player did and b) there are better things out there.

  • wezleey25

    I thought I remember Blizzard stating that we would be able to do a 3 player queue. However, in this video, it appears that it is still only solo or 2 player. Can I get some clarification? I only ask because I usually play with 2 other players, so I can't do ranked as often as I want.

  • paolo de luca

    When HotS will copy Hextech crafting too?
    I think it's the only feature left to copy.

    When will you put back the "I don't want to record my match" feature that made ME decide what I want to be put inside my computer?
    I removed write permissions for replay folder and Battle.net patched the game to restore write permissions.
    One last thing Warcraft (film) has nothing to do with it's history. Full of stereotypes and bad graphics. Kenshiro's (aired on 1984) graphic was more realistic than yours.

  • Azor Ahai

    well master will be easy , not many good players in hots in europe , all doin lol dota like me. but i just want to master and sit there .. every 5 weeks doin the grind , hm kinda good for freegold but not worth the grind

  • SavageAF

    So how does the new system determine a signal players skill?? Seems to me its still, a more wins you have the better you are system. that would be fine if this was not a team game.

  • Derik Cantor

    I wanna know if individual skill points are added because you might have a team that are flaming each other…

  • GothicHand

    Question…during promotion or demotion matches, do you get group which other players who also are doing the same match, or is it still random?? cuz it kinda sucks when its a critical match and you get a teammate who pick illidan to tank.

  • Game Crasher

    The new ranking system is a dream compared to the last one and I'm excited to experience the WoW arena style rewards for performing well.

  • Rotcrawler

    So lol match-making system.. but in a compltely team based game where i have to rely on my teamates to not suck. AWESOME!

  • Charles Knight

    This ranking system is the worst I have ever played, all games are one sided, nothing is even close, I can start in silver, hang for 15 games, then all of a sudden lose 10 of 13 matches, I mean not even close games, this system is so FRUSTRATING, it's broken as F

  • Jordan Wilson

    I hate this new ranking system. I have played all my 10 placement matches and proved my placement, yet I still play with people who have yet placed. Those people are that end up throwing the matches for me. I cannot get away from a single match that doesn't have at least one unplaced person. How is this fair for me.

  • set get

    blizzard please make it easier to gain mmr.its a pain when you have to play 100 matches to slowly increase your mmr.i mean if someone is in higher rank than they should be and they win like 3-4 times in a row their mmr should increase exponentially or something like that.

  • abdulkareem alslimane

    i hope blizz watching what im type i play hots from the start but theres a problem in HL i was playing aba is main and some ppl who was playing with me is facing me in the que means hes from the emeny team and he ban aba coz he know im good with him and he know my nick name blizz should hide the nickname i mean hide the enemy nickname so they dont know who im or i play with some1 of them game i hope u understand what im saying my english is not very well thx

  • Zachary Vail

    I love the not being able to queue with people that aren't in placements if you're in placements. It goes very well against smurfing. * Applauds Bravo!"

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