Rapidfy – Find help or earn $$ offering services

Hi guys! Hey how are you Tiffany? Ah, just call me Leng Sean. Ok. Oh wow, you’ve a very nice car huh. Yeah, you must be doing very good in your business. Actually yes, my business is blooming these days. What are you guys talking about? Oh, Nyx was showing me her outdated service website… Yeah yeah, his service app very update. Service applications? You guys have to check this out. Its kind of the like the same but only better. You can chat through this app. What? Can chat through this app? Yeah, I’m chatting with my customer right now! With this application, business is just one click away. Also I can switch to user and acquire
any services that I want… from cleaning to finding models, photographers and even to events. Awesome right! Can trust or not? Of course babe. Look at all their trust points. I’m verified on Facebook, email, phone
number and even business registration. If so i can get anyone to do anything for
me! Fuiyo, If like that I also want to become the best handyman in KL, JB and Singapore! Ok I gotta go. You know what, you guys should Rapidfy it! Bye! What’s the name of the app again? It’s Rapidfy!

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