RC ADVENTURES – TTC 2012 – Eps 5 – MUD BOG / TRUCK KiLLER – Scale 4×4 Truck Challenge

– [Cameraman] It was
pretty easy to get through, somebody add water here? I dunno what’s going on. – [Man] Yep, well, I cooked my motor. – [Cameraman] Did ya? (ominous noises; static) (electronic sounds) – Beautiful. – I want to change the
body so I’m lighter. – [Camerawoman] It’s true city workers; two workers and 12 people looking. You guys are going a
great job, by the way, good work, good teamwork. – [Man] You can wash off and try again if you don’t make it
on your first attempt. (overlapping talking) Awesome. Nope, just leave it blank, they take the points they already had, so it could be in the bank today but you
only count as minus two one. – [Woman] Go Bear, go go go! The roots, they got ya. – [Man] Roots in there, eh? – [Woman] Yep; you’re
digging yourself down, Bear. – [Bear] I know, I’m
making it fun for everyone. – [Woman] Come on, keep doing it, you’re actually moving forward. Wiggle ’em, wiggle ’em, wiggle ’em. Nope, you’re losing it. – [Bear] Done.
– [Man] Done! (overlapping talking) That was you, right Sean? So you made it past the second one. – [Child] There’s another one,
look, there’s another one. – [Man] Oho, that’s not a mud challenge! (overlapping talking) – [Man] Can you back up a bit, buddy? – [Man] No, he bowled! – [Man] Nice, bowled right at the end. – [Man] Johannes, go and see Mummy. – [Boy] Am I in the shot? (electric whirring) – [Man] Ah, dead motor
again; that muddy water. – [Cameraman] So is it
sand, why are we seeing so many dead motors, guys? – It’s just when it gets in there it just breaks the contacts on the motors, so. Clean water, no problem; dirty water. – [Cameraman] It’ll kill it. – [Man] Clean water or clay, anything in between, motor killer. – [Cameraman] Nice, good job, good try. Joe, how was your mud bog there? – Short. – [Cameraman] Yeah, it was short eh, that’s some pretty deep, pretty gritty– – Pretty mud; there’s a big
stick in there too, somewhere. – [Man] No there isn’t Joe. – [Cameraman] Ready? (electronic whirring) That’s thick, eh, like super glue. – Ah, it’s just too darn thick. (electronic whirring) (mumbling) (sawing sound) – [Man] Something’s broken. – [Man] Diff, my friend. (mumbling) – [Cameraman] It’s heavy. That’s one way to break it. – I don’t know what that is. – Drive shaft’s broken. – [Man] Get it out, get her? – [Man] I’ll rinse it,
we’re doing it again. (tense music) – [Man] Here we go, three, two. Ah, right off the bat! – [Man] (mumbles) It’s killing you! (overlapping talking) (electronic whirring) – [Man] Backwards, now it’s getting muddy! – [Woman] Go go go go go go go! Bear, come on. – [Cameraman] That’s it,
that’s it, she’s wigglin’. Dun dun dun dun, good job man, good try. – [Woman] Girls rule. – [Bear] Yeah, girls rule, always. – [Cameraman] Ha, nice. (overlapping talking) – [Woman] Go go go, push it, push it. – [Cameraman] Yeah, woo! (cheering) The winner, the winner, good job bro! Good job, you did it buddy, good job! This is fine, you’re
going to push him out. Push him out. Yeah, Linus, nice job, nice job. – [Bear] I’m going to go wash it again. – [Man] I’m going to go again. – [Man] Nice and muddy! – [Woman] Go go go. – [Cameraman] That’s it? – [Woman] There’s got to be a stick or something down there. – [Man] Yeah, there’s three of them. – [Cameraman] No one can make it. – [Man] Yeah, just some worms. – [Woman] Yep, good. (electronic whirring) – [Man] Come on, give it some juice! Come on! (electronic whirring) Get ’em out of there, get out of there. – [Camerawoman] Aw dude, awesome. – [Man] Let’s get this
again, right in there. – [Man] Try it again with
a little throttle, Kenya. No, go wash it off with the hose. – [Woman] The roots, they got you. – [Man] Roots in there, eh? – [Woman] You’re digging
yourself down, Bear. (electronic whirring) Push it, push it, nope, go rinse her. – [Man] It was fine backwards! (electronic whirring) – [Cameraman] Oh, look
at that, it’s muck muddy. Nice job! – [Man] I’m sure if I
gave the triggers now they’d spin, but I’d spray everyone. – [Cameraman] Yeah, that
would’ve been great though. – You see the score.
– Don’t kill the motor. (electronic whirring) Yep. – [Man] Hey, the motor! – I got stuck halfway through
the mud bog, don’t do that. My wife just plowed through. – [Cameraman] She just plowed through, you just got plowed by your wife. – With my truck. – [Cameraman] Ugh, on camera. – With my own truck! – And he volunteered
to say that on camera. – Yeah, that was awful. (laughter) – [Man] Three, two. (electronic whirring) (cheering) – [Cameraman] Pinky could only go so far. Nah, it’s your, it’s your motor’s full of mud dude. – [Boy] Push it. I’m just gonna go back to the truck. (electronic whirring) (overlapping talking) – [Cameraman] Twice in
a row, twice in a row! – [Man] Over. – [Cameraman] That’s it, oh man, that’s. Me too. Got a controller? Give me some throttle. (electronic whirring) Should be good. – Okay, thank you. – [Cameraman] Working them
out, working them out. – [Man] That water’s way too muddy there. – No, once you start
slipping, that’s it I guess. Any kind of torque, that’s it; nice, good job, good try. – [Man] Can I borrow some clean water off you, Richard? – Yep. – [Man] There we go. – Want to try? (electronic whirring) – [Man] That’s it, that’s it! – [Woman] I’m going after that, that should be great, that
should be totally easy. – [Man] Just hammer it! (mumbling) – [Man] Done. (dramatic music) – [Man] Nah, it’s your
motor, it’s full of mud dear. – [Woman] Push it! – [Man] Ooh, too thick! – [Man] Shall we take you to the river? (child squeals) (overlapping talking) – [Man] Oh, smoke! – [Man] Keep going, keep going! (overlapping talking) – [Man] This is some grinding, yes. (cheering) (laughing) (overlapping talking) – [Man] I’m getting out
of here, I don’t care. Ah, look at Greg. (mumbling) – [Man] Oh wow, good try. – [Man] I only have one more
motor to sell you, John. – [Man] How big are the motors? (metallic impact) – It was good, my man, know what I mean? – Ah, we’re the only two dudes that made it through the mud bog. – Absolutely. – Good job; uh, peat moss was in there. – Yes. – Some sort of sand, clay, you guys got to understand we’re
in the badlands of Alberta where all the dinosaurs roamed, yeah? – The hoodoos. – The hoodoos, drum heller, and if you’re going to come play with
the RC groups here, you got to prepare to let
it go up in smoke, eh. – You bet, bring the toys
and bring spare parts. – We got through the mud bog. – We got through the bog. (electronic whirring) (splashing sound)

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