Realvolve CRM: Installing Workflow Packages
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Realvolve CRM: Installing Workflow Packages

Welcome to another Realvolve training
video. In this segment we’re going to cover workflow packages – exactly what
they are and how to use them, what parts and pieces are in a workflow package,
just kind of how you install them. Let’s just get started. In a workflow
package it’s really built of two different elements. It’s built of templates which are our email templates which are just predefined e-mail. Could
be emails, it could be SMS text messages, tweets or Facebook messages. There
are pre-built messages that we store and save them for sending out emails or
messages of some sort. The workflow is a method for using those templates – when do you send the templates, when do you make phone calls to your buyers or sellers
and whatnot. What we’ve done within Realvolve is we have made a workflow
package that allows you to bring together both templates and workflows
into one package. In order to do that you can go to either your workflow area or
your templates, either one. In workflow is where we’re going to click on the blue plus
here and choose add workflows from library. Click on continue and what this
does is this shows you a list of our current packages. One of which is our
Realvolve exclusive – making it available for Realvolve. It is the five-star service where we’ve got workflows dealing with buyer, investor home finder
service, there’s escrow services, follow-up plans, several different ones.
There are actually 13 different workflows with 31 different templates
that are involved with it. Whenever you choose a package, basically you just
click on the little header for whichever one you want. You’ll see that there are different types of workflow packages. There are premium packages which require some sort of code. That code could either be given to you for free or it may be
something that you have to purchase. We’ve got one here called The Keller
Williams 33 Touch Points and 8 x 8. This is one, if you’ve ever read the
book – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller from Keller Williams. They talk about the 33 Touch Points and the 8 x 8 pieces that are in there and what we’ve done is – we did a little search on the internet and found a few samples of those and just made those available.
These are free. You can come here and say – I want to install this. Come over here to the install package button and click on this one.
This one is a public one meaning it’s free, it doesn’t require any kind
of code. If you choose one of the premium ones, it will require a code. I’m gonna go ahead and click on install package. You’ll see at the top for just a
few seconds, it’ll say that it’s installing the package and then once its
installed it’ll also notify you that it has been installed. Ok there’s the
package has been successfully installed so we’ll be able to go take a look at that here in a second. For the Realvolve package, we’re going to
click on install package. You’ll notice that it in this particular case
because it’s a premium one, it does require a code. In order to install this
you’ll need to put in the correct code and in this case it is 6D2F1C0F80.
Those are zeros not o’s – not the letter o but it’s the number 0 and everything is
all upper case as well. 6D2F1C0F80 and then click on the install button.
We’re good on both of those so I’m going to go to the templates and you
will see some templates now in the system. All of these that say CSW – that is the customer service workflows that we’ve created. There’s anniversary
letters, there’s follow-up letters, there’s several different emails that
go out. I keep calling them letters, they’re actually emails. I know a
lot of you guys use the rough seas emails. This is talking about all the
different problems that you could have throughout the transactional period. All the things that could cause you challenges and stuff or at least cause
the buyer or the seller challenges and informing them ahead of time what kinds
of challenges they may have. Those are a bunch of the different emails that can go out that just got installed. One thing that I do
want to make sure that you understand or that you see is on all of these that get
installed, there is a merge field here called signature. Signature is just
that – it is your signature, it is a merge field. One thing that’s important about this signature is that you can customize it. I’m going to come
up here to the search by title or tag and I’m going to type in signature. You will see an item in your system called signature. If for some reason you
don’t have the signature, you can click on new template, add a title called
signature. You can only have one titled signature otherwise it could
cause you some challenges. The subject really doesn’t matter. In this case it’s
just because I’m logged in as Joe Agent – it says Joe Agent’s signature. Then the
information that you want here. You could put in the name, the address that you
work from – 123 South Main and [email protected] – whatever. You can make this look however you want – font sizes, font types, lots of different
things that you can do in there. Once you’ve got it set up the way you want,
you want to click on save. What this does then is this puts this signature anytime
that it is going to do any kind of mail- out, it will use that signature in place
of wherever this signature merge field is located. In addition to installing the
templates, the package also can install the workflows. You’ll see that the
workflows for the CSW (Customer Service Workflows) are also here. For the escrow services, the follow-ups, the
listing services – all these are available now because we installed it. Also the Keller Williams – the two Keller Williams items that we had in the list are all
available. You can go in, click on any of them, make changes as needed. You’ll find that you can click on the activities – see what activities are in each of the
workflow items, edit them, add them, make changes as necessary. They’re yours to make the way you do business. That’s pretty much what the workflow packages do for you – installs both workflows and
templates into your system from one central source. In addition to being able to load workflows, you also have the ability to create workflows. In our next training we’ll also show you how to create workflows of your own. This is
going to be useful for whenever you have created your own workflows, you’ve
created your own templates and maybe you want to give those to other people or
maybe even you want to sell them. We’ve got several people that have spent a lot
of time, a lot of effort into creating their own systems and by packaging those systems, the workflows and the templates into a workflow package it gives you the
ability to then turn around and distribute those as you see fit. We’ll show you how to do that in the next training. If you have additional
questions, email us [email protected] or visit our help desk. Have a great day.

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  • Michael Vila

    Hey Mark, another great video! And thank you for the FREE workflow templates, I'm sure they took quite some time to build, saved me a lot of time and effort.

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