Richard Ramirez ( The Night Stalker ) – Serial killer documentary
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Richard Ramirez ( The Night Stalker ) – Serial killer documentary


  • mnljh711986

    Why are the homes in America built so poorly? Anyone can break into them? I live in a country with hardly any crime, and our homes are built from limestone and the windows have wrought iron bars on them.

  • Joseph Miller

    You can tell she is as dumb as a rock and if she does take her life well thank goodness they didn't have a baby. And one less idiot in the world.


    I wanna too interview Richard ramirez in prison too subscribes too him a as a night stalkers murders. but I am piss off at Richard ramirez what he did……….

  • life should be beautiful

    That woman who got married him needs a lot of treatment there is definatelly something wrong going on in her head

  • JoAnn V

    My Parents: back when I was a kid we all left the doors unlocked and played outside around the entire neighborhood all day long with no supervision. Its more dangerous now!
    Me: But we have a lot more surveillance now and can actually match DNA and fingerprints.
    My Parents: ahh, you millennials don't know nothin
    Me: But I was born in the 70's


    Your police force keeping secrets, hiding evidence from fellow officers…

    Each City, each County each State having different laws, different justice system with no
    cooperation whatsoever…..

    Your legal system, which managed to delay the outcome of the trial for four whole years…

    Your judges watching powerless when the defendant mocked his victims …

    Your system itself created a killer and not only that, it gave him the opportunity to become a star!!!!!

  • Leanne Vdc

    The hell is too populated and overcrowded i doubt if this person has a "special place and protection in hell" as he proudly said.

  • Neety Neets

    If they only could put down humans like they do animals.
    His father beat him
    He was allegedly molested
    He was shown disturbing pictures and was told how his cousin killed and raped women in war
    He saw his cousin murder his wife
    He slept in a cemetery
    His cousins were satanic cult group
    Yep he was made to be normal
    I think his whole family should be put down so they don’t breed ever again

  • Eugenius The Great

    I would not be surprised if in the future it turns that this Phillip Carlo guy is a serial killer himself. He seems like pretty fucked up dude.

  • RobotxGirl

    people tend to think about serial killers as monsters, they are not, they are humans and are a product of society, collateral damage if you will, always before criticizing them think of them as a car, the first car then the next and the next, changing with time but in this case we have a human going through life, bad and ugly things can happen and change the person mentality, unstable, hate,rejection,fear,bullying, physical and mental abuse etc we actually make them, not in all cases but most of them

  • FA Barragan

    Remember this very well. However the mob that chased him down in East Los Angeles were yelling "El Maton, El Maton" the Murder the Murder not the Matador which means bull fighter in Spanish!

  • R Co

    If Ramirez's musical taste is important, so should be the musical tastes of all other serial killers. One could start with John Wayne Gacy who was an REO Speedwago fan. Music doesn't have anything to do with it but nobody should forget David Berkowitz's appreciation for Hall & Oates.

  • Pradeep Padmanabha

    Groupies! Really!! These women never learn. Its mind boggling to me that women are attracted to psychopaths and serial killers. They love him coz he raped and murdered innocent people. Its sick. And very disrespectful to the victims families.


    Anyone see ghost adventures when they went to Richards graveyard satanic site and recorded three dark figures moving in threes all behind each other mocking the holy trinity while billy was using his voice box between the 3 trees richard did his rituals under

  • Serial Killers Documentaries

    Here's my Richard Ramirez T-shirt design ($15)

  • BernhardRottweiler

    Let me say this:
    Had this piece of shit killed in Texas…
    …he would have been executed a long time ago.
    Instead he could marry and die from natural causes.
    That's California 👎

  • Elmnopen

    16:00 the expert says that the warping of sexuality doesn't happen as a child but as a teenager. What a moron. There was no real investigation. We know the father hit himself with a hammer, he was probably psychotic and did a whole lot more than that, and that is the Crux of the matter, but that was not investigated in this whole 40-minute video does not talk about it. They just trust everything that the family said during investigations as though everyone tells the truth. What is stupid video

  • grace wanjiru

    Of course it's not ok to hit your wife…but being hit by your parents while you were younger doesn't justify you being violent in future

  • J Dawg

    Why the fuck was he allowed to wear shades in court ? What a fucking joke. Also at 39:09 the voice over guy clearly says sand quintin instead of san Quintin

  • vegan4life

    Why in the world do we allow murders to get married in prison? I think that is as sick as the crimes he committed! California has some of the stupidest laws in the united States. The women he married needs to be committed to an insane asylum!

  • R424 In Da Cut

    If Richard was not on hard drugs he would have been a very attractive young man . . . But he would have been evil too and that's bad

  • Gilbert Preciado

    Los Angeles had it bad in those days, because both the night stalker and the grim sleeper began their murderous careers in 1985.

  • Bill Talker

    This story gets more insane and more insane and climaxes at the stupid white woman practically worshipping this weak man. This is truly insane.

  • Catherine Caroline Forbes

    The groupies, the wife. Inexplicable. This was a righteous death sentence and it wasn't carried out…he raped a 6 year old child. And wimen thought he was sexu? I can't help but wonder, the women must have been mildly or moderately mentally retarded.

  • Young Beige

    No one:
    The prison system:
    The glue Richard sniffed: He had a great family from a perfectly normal house

    Mother was inhaling fumes and gave birth to two children with severe defects
    Father was physically abusive and violent towards his family
    Cousin was a sadistic misognist who enjoyed killing women and telling his pubescent cousin, and ultimately killed his own wife…
    He sniffed fucking glue.

    Sounds about right.

  • Young Beige

    He was such a coward he couldn’t even attack able bodied people who have a sliver of a chance of fighting back… a woman in her 20s is obviously outmatched by a homicidal man, but at least she could hopefully have the strength to run or escape

  • Armando Carricaburu

    I just love the way he was captured he got the shit kicked out by a bunch of people they ganged on him and kicked his ass. Me personaly i would tie him up then i would start with cut one arm, then one leg, the cut the other leg, and last but not least cut his other arm. Then i stabbed him to 75 times in his chest and then ill hammer him in the back of his head then ill shoot him. So he can suffer just as he killed all those innocent people. I dont think in my mind did enough to him

  • Brian Thompson

    He died of B-cell lymphoma in 2013 after being on death row since 1985 hahahaha 28 years on death row after what he did is a total fkin JOKE and DISGUSTING

  • Crestfire

    There was no hope for him.
    He lost the last remains of sanity that made him human.
    He didn't understand empathy or normal human emotion.
    The only excitement or fulfilment for him was taking life. Not that he had a motto for it. He was so into Satan he just wanted to find a purpose by killing ppl for Satan.
    There was no human in that human shell of his


    So those army guys torture rape and kill inocent women while in war what an atrocios stuff.
    And came back to U.S.A. with anybody punish.them .
    Instead they came back as a heroes that's very unfare.


    I feel like this guy gets overlooked a lot as one of the most notorious killers because he didn’t kill many people. But this guy was on a different level of insanity and psychopath. He spoke crazier than Manson in my opinion. The way he justify murders was very disturbing.

  • Celestial Phoenix

    Between a Psychopath and a Malignant Narcissist, which category would Richard Ramirez likely fall under? Richard's awful childhood would have created circumstances where NPD & ASPD would develop right? He suffered severe head injuries, abuse from his father, and then exposed to horrific war images by his cousin Miguel, the actual murder of Miguel's wife and then drugs on top of that. He was even taught how to kill with stealth. Then in court, he appeared to enjoy all the attention he is getting from media and his groupies, plus make what it appears to be a grandiose statement towards the court, showed contempt for society and lacked empathy. I also learned that he sneered at the victim's families when he heard them cry and in a state of grief. It appears that after all this, he would likely have a combination of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD), Machiavellianism, & Sadism. In my opinion, Richard Ramirez was a Malignant Narcissist based off of his past and then the evil actions he did and then the way he acted in court. But I would like to hear what you guys think? Does he fall under the category of Psychopathy or Malignant Narcissism?

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