Safe Search Settings For Safari Mobile
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Safe Search Settings For Safari Mobile

hi its Leonie Smith here the Cyber Safety Lady I’m going to give you a short tutorial
on how to setup safe search options on an iDevice going through Safari so if your
child has an iPad or an iPhone as shown here on the screen Safari now
has in the iOS7 update the new operating software um a way of putting filters on the Safari web
browser for search most kids web browsers that I’ve had a look
at and reviewed are basically using Google Safe
Search anyway it’s just pre set up that way
so this way you don’t have to use any kind of special web browser so the first thing we need to do is to
see which search engine safari is using by, so do that go up here
to settings and were going to scroll down here to the
settings for Safari which is under the compass here click on and see
which search engine it’s using you’ve got a choice of using Google Yahoo or Bing for the purposes of this set up we are going to use Google which is generally what most people will probably use so we have that
set up on Google so we can then X out of that menu and then what we’re going to do is we are going to go into Safari and I’d
like you to put in the address bar at the top Google dot com .au/preferences that’s the shortcut to get to the
settings we need to do and then once you’ve got that click go and it will bring up this mobile version of the preferences that are available through
Google search on this particular Safari Browser on this phone and of course you can see
there the safe search filters its just the second one down there what you want to do is just tap the filter explicit
results setting there and to save that just scroll down to the bottom here and click save and that will save it so now when anyone is using this particular phone using Safari um as soon as they open it up and they even just put search here in the top bar for whatever if they search for anything in there it’s covered by Google’s safe search settings Google safe search settings aren’t infallible, so don’t rely on them totally but they’re not too bad as far as
filtering out most adult content um.. the other place you can go also to set up safe search filters almost like it a sort of a double block if you
like is to go into restrictions on the phone
and to do that we go up here to the settings and then we’re going to scroll down to……General…. There it is there click on general scroll down here to restrictions and we’re gonna click
enable restrictions if you haven’t already
enabled you may have already in which case put the password in that you have already set for this
particular device um and I’m just going to put in a basic password in here 1234 which is not an advisable password
but just for the purposes of this film and it brings up all the app’s
down here that you can restrict. Umm you can really
spend quite time going through all these
restrictions and deciding what you’d like to restrict on here for your child depending on
what you wish for them to have access to not as far as
the website Browsing goes if you scroll down here you’ll see it says web
sites under Siri settings, click web sites and that opens it up, and there’s also a filter here that says Limit adult content so we can tick that and that works a bit like the Google restrictions the safe search settings then
you’ve also got a white in a black list here so…where it says add a website on always allow so you might want to always allow a website like Mathletics or something like that, and there might be a website the you don’t want your child to have access to have access to, tumblr for instance
which is a um a website thats set for 17+ I believe so you can add a website in there just by putting an address in there um and then once you’ve finished all of that then you um exit out of there and as long as you have that password set up your child can’t change those restrictions on there so
that’s how you set up the safe search filters on Safari on an iDevice like an iPod iPad iPhone and therefor you shouldn’t need a safe search browser or a Kids Browser on a phone just as always supervise your
kids when they using any internet connected device because nothing is absolutely 100 percent safe um and your child might come across
some adult content or something that’s
frightening for them Um so you need to have those conversations before hand about what they do if they do that. this has been a short tips video from Leonie Smith Known as the Cyber Safety Lady Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you’d like to get more of these Cyber Safety Videos


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