SCARY! DON’T WATCH! Ghost Child caught on tape, apparition and supernatural vlog investigation

Hey guys, so the power went out and I’m using my phone cause it’s better light, so…. Mom? (mom, off-camera) Honey, where are you? Mom? (Mom, off-camera)Where are you? Oh my God. What is going on? I don’t know… (mom) Wait, is the whole neighborhood out? I don’t know. I can’t tell. (mom) Honey, no, it’s not the whole neighborhood (mom) It’s just us. (mom) It’s not. I guess it’s kind of stormy. maybe just our power went out. I don’t know. I paid the bill. (Sunshine draws in her breath quickly) (mom) What? Did you hear something? (sounds of door rattling, little child says “daddy”) Is that a voice? (little child voice) Daddy, please help me… Is there somebody in there? (little child voice) I need help It sounds like a little girl (little child voice) It hurts!!! (mom) We need to go in It’s OK. (mom) It’s not OK! We need to go in! Shhhhh…. (little child voice) I don’t know where I am! (Panic, door knob turning, crying from child inside the bathroom) (little child voice) HELPME!!! HELP ME!!! We need to go in!! (mom) No, we need to get out of the house No, Mom! (mom) We need to go!! (mom) What are you doing? Don’t go in there!! (screams from child on the other side of the door) (heavy, panicked breathing from Sunshine and her mom) No one’s in here (mom) What is this?? (mom) What’s on the door?? (Sunshine screams) (Sunshine and mom have scared, panicked breathing) What is this? Is that scratches? (mom) Those are scratches, and I think that’s blood (Sunshine and her mom scream) (Both women scream as they realize the door is locked) (mom) Let us out! (mom) I can’t open it! (Sushine crying and panicked) I’m done. I’m done. This is beyond us. We need help. I don’t know what to do.

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