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Search Appearance – Archives – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

We’re on the Archives tab
of the Search Appearance settings of Yoast SEO. In the archives settings
you can determine how a couple of different types of archives
on your site will be treated. First of all, we’ll look
at the author archives. If you are a single person blog,
then you don’t need author archives, because the author archive
for the single author will be the exact same thing
as the archive for the entire site. So at that point you can disable
the author archive. If there are multiple authors on your site,
then you can enable them, and then you can treat them just like
you can taxonomies and content types and set the title template, the meta
description template, and everything else. There’s one special setting here,
that says, ‘show archives for authors without posts
in the search results.’ By default, we set this to ‘no’, because we don’t want authors
without posts to have an author archive that shows in the search results because
it would be an empty author archive. But on specific themes, this might actually
be a page that has meaning, so at that point you want to set it to ‘yes’. The second setting here is for date archives. It’s almost the same as for author archives, except that in some cases date archives
might be very unmeaningful to your site, if you don’t have any content on your site
that is determined by date whether it’s useful or not, then you can just disable
your date archives entirely your data archives that is, and we will just redirect them
to your home page. If you enable them,
then you can do the exact same thing again as you can do with taxonomies
and content types. Then there are a couple of special pages,
the search pages and the 404 pages, where you can’t determine
any of the settings because we do not allow you
to allow these in search results because the search engines
do not allow that, but we can set the title
for those pages here using the snippet variables
that you’ve seen before.


  • David Michaels

    The archives term is inserting itself into my Shop page title. This is crazy! See an example at

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