Search Engine Organization TREND Operation Optimization CRITICAL THINKING EXERCISE DIGITAL POST
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Search Engine Organization TREND Operation Optimization CRITICAL THINKING EXERCISE DIGITAL POST

hey everyone okay so we are looking at
search engine optimization today and before I go any further I want to add
SEO in here as a term – SEO as I want to add it as a search term okay so we’re
looking I’ve got five that I can add in oh it’s actually a pretty good it’s up
there higher than I thought it was going to be okay so so I up here I am the
first one I added search engine optimization as a full search term and
so we took a look at that the full search term
now we also someone gave me the idea of search engine operation random stranger
random person and then then that problem did my thinking well that could also be
an organization a search engine organization and you know so it’s just
sort of a critical thinking exercise related to trends and how how words are
created in our everyday environment where we have a multitude of words that
actually words and phrases that just mean the same thing and so so this is
kind of describing more artificial intelligence how artificial intelligence
works and actually even intelligence too because each one of us individually are
people who search discover navigate and explore on a daily basis we don’t even
think about it we just do it so it’s just humanity is the algorithm and so
that’s just how it is and so we’re looking at these words and so the thing
is is the computer can bubble up in surface things and show it probably you
know when you take and you put it in the analytics and the metrics it can surface
things and so that’s what this does right here I don’t have it would be kind
of cool to be able to put in 50 terms or or to actually see what’s going on
everyday to see well I can with Google Trends and I’ve just been wondering like
are there people who have more more a more comprehensive trends to bubble up
one for Google does I’m sure they have more than than what this is but I mean
this is good though because other if it wasn’t for this where would we I mean we
wouldn’t even be able to understand how this works
oh and look at this this is the one query search engine optimization
marketing services so it’s used for marketing and so that’s the repetition
of words that are used on TV it’s a repetition and so when you repeat
something over and over and over again there’s an intended purpose that it
could just be people just doing it or there could be an intended purpose of of
we want you to remember this or think this way for some reason you know
winning the hearts and minds of that person you know so I mean and and I’m
not saying that in being in a sinister way or anything like that but you know
it’s but at the same time I can see how it can lead to bad practices to you but
I’ll leave it at that right now because we’re talking about the words and how
digital artificial intelligence works and so that’s what this is surfacing
right here so the the and I was kind of surprised when I put organization and
it’s higher than operation but I was thinking like operation when I think
back to Operation Desert Storm you have an operation in a hospital there is a
game operation they’re all very very popular popular words and so but I
wanted to show you I wanted to show you guys another thing so though the bottom
one is search and so yes search engine optimization as a phrase is actually the
lowest but I want to show you something else that’s kind of interesting I’m
going to go here to edit let me show you that again I tap on the
three dots there on the screen you can’t actually see that because well if we had
a 3d bubble like camera that stuck out or something you might be able to do one
day but maybe that’s that’s a future thing I don’t know but I’m gonna tap on
edit and then we have the ability to look at it as a topic as well and
there’s also a job title search engine marketing oh that’s a good one
some so let’s but let’s look at let’s change it from search engine term to
search engine topic and see what happens here we’re gonna get a little message it
says note this comparison contains both search terms and topics which are
measured differently and so do you see that what happens here is that search
engine optimization raises higher as a topic so there’s a topic a topic of
interest and so but I’m going to tap on learn more to see what that means and so
maybe it’s let’s see what it says compare trend search terms explore
multiple search terms and terms and different languages in nearly real-time
compare up to five groups of terms all at one time and up to twenty five terms
in each group in each group how to compare terms okay so this is explaining
terms and topics you can define your search words and terms by topics
depending on your search needs terms search terms show matches for all terms
in your query in the language given if you search the term banana results
includes terms like banana or banana sandwich if you specify banana stay on
sandwich results include searches for banana sandwich as well as banana for
lunch and peanut butter sandwich so it’s kind of like that spiral and that spiral
and the word play salad is basically what’s happening because I mean you can
even have banana on a stick with that one topics are
group of terms so this is the group and phrases topics are a group of terms that
share the same concept in any language topics display below search terms so if
you search for the topic London your search includes results for topics such
as capital of the UK Lund risk which is London in Spanish oh that’s interesting
so so yeah so yeah phrases will be fun – word word phrases look well let’s see
what happens let’s change all of them if I’ve got time what we’ll just keep going
let’s change them all to a topic oh this goes to operations management so added
another word in there I suppose it added it in there because ok so that lowered that one so let’s see
what organization as a topic so that one is individual organization as a topic oh
that one’s still really high optimization let’s do that one as a
topic oh it takes me oh it puts in the same one so I’m putting in the same one
in there it’s – enough phrase so I’ve moved them all down okay so okay so
so let’s SEO as I can’t just do SEO as a topic sir Securities and Exchange
Organization well that’s the only topic that it’s offering me they they’re right
there so if we have all topics it just completely changes everything
but organization is actually a still a good word organization and operation are
still two very good words that are popular amongst society and so okay but
that’s really all I have to say I just wanted to share that show and make this
comparison and so we did compare between topics and trends which the
topics are trends in and of themselves so the individual words they they they
are topics they’re trends they’re popular words the individual words are a
topic and they are a trend but but they change based on the comparison but there
are some people who have really really high-quality ways to gather this
information and find out on a grander and larger scale not just limited
because I kind of feel this is limited a little bit and it would be great to have
more more but anyway that’s it for right now come and okay that’s it oh I should
turn auto stop on maybe maybe I should turn I’ll up on auto stop anyway that’s

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