SEMrush Backlinks Indexed Pages Report
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SEMrush Backlinks Indexed Pages Report

As an SEO manager it is an important idea
to always be keeping an eye on your competitors and what other URLs they are linking back
to. The SEMrush Indexed Pages report is the perfect
way to do just that. The backlinks indexed pages report allows
you to analyze a competitor’s most linked and least linked web pages, to gather an idea
of what kind of content acquired links the best With this report you can also determine your
competitor’s top landing pages. You can breakdown a domain’s backlinks by
linked pages. and you can also determine the authority of
a landing page. This report will list out the pages that have
been indexed by SEMrush. Please note that this is not the same as what
Google may have indexed. This is done specifically through SEMrush. You may have seen more pages that were indexed
by Google that are not showing up in SEMrush. This simply means that SEMrush has not yet
indexed these pages but we will the next time our crawler views these pages. The total number of domains and backlinks
that are linking to each webpage for the queried domain will be listed in the table. The table automatically sorts by the page
with the highest number of backlinks, but it can also be sorted by highest number of
referring domains or the Last Seen date. You can also see the number of internal and
external links on each page. External links are links on the page that
are going to another website, and internal links are links on the page that are going
to another page on the same domain. By sifting through this table, you can determine
the most linked webpages as well as the least linked web pages` on your competitor’s site. With this information, you can generate your
ideas about what kind of pages on your own site can perform well in a link building campaign. Running this report on your own site can help
you determine which pages need more SEO help and how well your current SEO efforts are
performing based on how many links you’ve built. Thanks and if you have any questions, please
feel free to reach out to our Customer Support specialists.

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