SEMrush Backlinks Referring IPs Report
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SEMrush Backlinks Referring IPs Report

Let’s say you are an PPC manager and are
looking to isolate a new campaign to a specific region. By accessing the Backlinks Referring IP’s
report you can clearly see which IPs and countries are hosting your backlinks. This can help you when it comes to determining
which country you may want to focus a campaign on based on the backlink popularity for that
country or IP. You can also view anomalies in your backlink
profile by viewing suspicious links from another country. The SEMrush referring IPs report lists every
IP address of the backlinks pointing to a website. The Referring IPs report can also help with
understanding the distribution of backlinks going to a domain. It can also he with determining how many backlinks
are coming from the same IP Address. And also for determining how many backlinks
are coming from various countries. At the top of this report will be the boxes
for TLD distribution and country. These will provide you with an overview of
the diversity of a domain’s backlinks. However, the table below will give you more
detail about the specific IPs that are sending the most backlinks to a website. The table can be listed Below this list is a table with more detailed
information about the referring IPs. First, we have the IP address and the country
itself, the latter of which is indicated by a flag. Next is the number of referring domains associated
with that IP address. If you click through, you can see exactly
what those domains are. The next column over displays the number of
backlinks associated with that IP address. Finally, we can see when backlinks were first
and last discovered on that IP number. When navigating through this report, keep
in mind there are websites that have the same IP address. This can occur due to multiple websites being
hosted on the same server, which means you could be sharing the same IP address as these
other domains. Backlink profiles should be more diverse to
appear trusted to search engines. Having different referring IPs can show that
you are not just receiving backlinks from one specific owner and that your profile was
not manipulated. Using this report, you can determine just
how diverse a domain’s backlink profile is. That’s just one example of insight you can
learn from the referring IPs report and if you have any questions, please feel free to
reach out to our customer support specialists.

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