SEMrush Backlinks Report
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SEMrush Backlinks Report

Let’s pretend you are an SEO manager that
is looking to see a quick summary of a competitor’s backlink profile. Well SEMrush is the perfect tool to allow
you to do just that! The SEMrush Backlinks Report will allow a
user to clearly see the breakdown of every domain linking back to the search domain. Users will be able to analyze all of the data
that is associated with each individual backlink and determine the impact that backlink is
having on your SEO efforts. Therefore, if you want to improve your website’s
visibility, you will need to be aware of your backlink profile. With the backlinks report you can view which
type of links are being analyzed. You can analyze the page score and trust score
for each link. And you can also view the anchor text for
individual backlinks. Start by analyzing the links of your own website
or checking out your competitors to see the kinds of links that other sites in your industry
or niche are acquiring. Use filters and sorting options to identify
links with specific anchor texts, referring domains, IP addresses, Top level domains,
and nofollow or follow attributes. You can also filter new or lost backlinks
as well as sort by the date the link was found, seen last or lost. Users are able to combine as many filters
as possible to find as specific a data set as they want. In the table you’ll be able to see the page
score and trust score of each link. These metrics provide a way to measure the
quality of each link, so you can be aware of which links may be more important than
others to a site’s SEO. Page score measures the importance of a web
page using a 100-point scale (from 0 to 100) and is based on the volume of links pointing
to this page. Trust Score measures the importance of a domain
using a 100-point scale (from 0 to 100) and is based on the quality and volume of links
pointing to this domain. Trust Score is calculated by placing more
weight on backlinks that come from high quality, trusted domains rather than simply counting
the total number of backlinks. This data could even help determine if a low
quality link is hurting you. Or if you are conducting competitor analysis,
you may determine that the link is helping your competitor’s website and a link to
your website from the same source may help you as well. Link relevancy is instrumental to link building
strategy. So make sure you scrutinize the anchor texts
of each link for relevancy towards what the website actually offers. Once you find the links you’re looking for,
you can export to CSV or excel with one click. Good luck and if you have any additional questions,
please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team.

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