SEO: Analisis de palabras clave | Keyword research | Keyword Eye tool
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SEO: Analisis de palabras clave | Keyword research | Keyword Eye tool

Hi, welcome to a new tutorial. I’m Josematube And today we’ll focus on an specific area of SEO called Keyword Researching. As most of you would know, one of the first tasks we have to focus (to be able to rank in search engines our web page) on what are those target keywords we would like to get traffic from When someone search on Google , Bing, Yahoo or any search engine using some keywords what are those keywords we want to use to rank as much higher as possible on search engine result pages Taking in count this task this tutorial is focused on one of the first phases of SEO Which is the Keyword Research phase. Okay, for helping on this phase today I will use a nice tool called Keyword Eye. First of all I would like to give thanks to Matt that gave me a temporarily pro account to make this video tutorial. Okay, after we login into the tool Keyword Eye ( we will click on “New” and multiple options are displayed we will choose Keyword Suggestion and here we have to enter a/some keyword/s we would like to rank for. Clarify that this tool gives reports about PPC ads I will start using a keyword that I think will be a competitive one for instance “buy car”. Here we can use Related or Includes Keyword Only If I use related after clicking “Run Report” the report will contain the keywords that we chosen “buy car” + a lot of new keywords related with “buy car” this relation is based on “semantic connectivity” so for instance we could obtain “rent car”, “sell car”, etc. or different keywords that could give us nice clues to make our initial Keyword List. If we just want to see only keyword suggestions that contains initial keywords, we could force it using “Include Keyword Only”. It will show groups of keywords that contains always entered keywords. In this case I just want to get a general list of keywords, so I will click on “Related” Here we select the search engine, in my case Google ES number of results 400 Currency I don’t need at this moment. We will click on “Run Report” and here you’ll get suggestions here you see suggestions related with the entered keywords In red appears those that the competence and PPC its higher (if we want to invest on Google Adwords) for instance the keyword “publicar anuncios gratis” (publish free ads) it’s harder to compete for. “2nd hand car selling” its hard too “thousand car ads” has a moderate competence In addition, to get more info if you mouse over each keyword/s you could get extended info like payment average per click Which is the competence “High, Medium, Low”

00:04:00,819 –>00:04:01,789 Number of organic results (results served) when any user make a search with these keywords and search volume its the number of searches per month For other hand, there’re multiple ways for visualize this info This way of visualize the data is good for having a general, overview about what keywords could be interesting to analize and include in our keyword list. For instance if a keyword/s font size is big and color is red it could mean that probably is not so interesting to focus on this keyword cause its too exploited. For other hand, big font sized keywords in green could be a good objective to focus on, cause normally have a huge search volumes. In fact, I consider summarizing that this tool its clearly a nice tool to make your life easier discovering new keywords. For other hand, to switch to other way of see the data You can click in Grid View And sort by the criteria you’re interested for. This view gives you information about Search Engine Monthly search volume Im sorting by this field Competition on PPC Useful to figure out if invest on this keyword could be worthy and to skip those keywords that has a harder competence Here you can find the PPC average And the number of organic results for the given keyword number of results shown when we search for a keyword its exactly this number aprox Okay, I hope you found this tutorial useful, about Keyword Eye, thanks Matt again. Subscribe to get the latest tutorials I’m adding a daily tutorial since months ago and I will continue adding much more about all SEO phases You can follow me on G+, Facebook Twitter as Josematube So see you in next tutorials Byyyyee!


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