SEO Case Study: From Page 2 to #1 for “dog paintings” (4,400 searches/mo)
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SEO Case Study: From Page 2 to #1 for “dog paintings” (4,400 searches/mo)

Hey everybody! Eagan here from Get Found Madison. Today, I want to talk to you about dog paintings
more specifically how we got this page on Splendid Beast to rank number one in the US
for the phrase “dog paintings,” which is searched over 4,000 times a month. So let’s talk about how we did it and how
you could do the same for your business. So when I took the business over the first
thing I did was see if cursory SEO has been done had been done. I can always tell when I look at a website
if someone’s done any SEO because I do this simple search I go to Google and I do S-I-T-E:
and I put in the URL now when I first did this over a year ago when I bought the business,
this was not optimized this way the homepage title just said Splendid Beast because that’s
the name of the business a lot of businesses do that, but they weren’t optimizing for a
phrase that people search. So the first thing I did was I did some keyword
research and I found out what are people Googling so I got this data from Google AdWords Keyword
Planner and I thought about how do people maybe search dog painting cat painting pet
portrait things like that. And then I found out how many people a month
actually search those phrases and then I tried to map them out to actual pages on the site
a number of these were not in existence of year ago. So I created them and that’s what we’re going
to talk about. So Pet Portraits, we decided to target with
the homepage but we needed a page to target dog paintings. Now, a couple things about some free tools
I use here. There’s a Chrome extension called Keywords
Everywhere. You can set this up in your Chrome browser
and it goes right up here. It can help you see actual search volume. You can look at US or International right
here in Google. I’ll show you how it works. So I’ve got mine set up and I Google pet paintings
like this and now I can see right at the top this phrase gets 4400 searches a month in
the US. This is gold! The only issue was we didn’t have a page targeting
it. Another way I found this information using
a free tool called Google Search Console. You just have to verify to show you own your
website and Google will show you your own SEO data. So when I went through this a year ago, I
looked for Dog painting because that dog paintings because that was one of the highest search
phrases and when I saw what I saw in here when I looked was this position said 11, there
are 10 organic results on every Google search page or on most of them on the first page. If you’re not on the first page, I know you’re
not in the phone book and people aren’t finding you. So I wanted to get to the first page and the
thing I really paid attention to these three columns here come from keywords everywhere,
which I just showed you. This right here, this monthly volume is from
Google ads and it’s pulling that data in and I was seeing Impressions much lower than that
and we still do because we just started ranking number one recently for this but this number
used to be very discrepant. An impression is when someone actually sees
the link to your website like this and then a click is when someone actually clicks to
your site, so my Impressions were much lower than the supposed number of searches per month
for the phrase. And it was easy to tell why because I was
not on page one. I was over here on page two when people searched
so we created a new page in WordPress and I’ll show you I went into WordPress pages. I added a new one and I built out a new one. So here’s what the dog painting page I made
looks like right and you can see it has examples of dog paintings a couple of things to call
out the URL at the top is spun to be separated by – using the little words like the, a, of,
etc. It’s just plain and simple. So Google knows exactly what this page is
about. Another thing I’d like to show you is one
of the images, if we actually look at the image, it’s got its own URL at the top and
it’s “custom dog oil painting field Splendid Beast.” I described what the image was, but I also
wanted to show this is what it is. So I could tell Google if you’re wondering
what this jpeg is, that’s what it is and I did that for all the others as well. Okay, so we went through with laid out all
Images in my builder and we went to Yoast SEO, yet another invaluable free tool. It’s a plugin for WordPress and I put in “Dog
painting” since that’s what this page is going to target. I’ve already mapped that out in my keyword
research here. I said, here’s the phrases. Here’s how often they’re searched for a month
and then here’s what pages are going to target them. Notice: “Dog painting, dog portrait, dog art,”
those could all be targeted by the same page because they’re related, but cat painting
if someone’s looking for cat paintings, they’re looking for something different. So we’ve got a separate page we made for that
as well. So we put in dog paintings and then I went
into the editor and again, I didn’t just leave it as the default, I changed it to dog paintings
and custom dog portraits dog art by Splendid Beast and I wrote a prescription which is
what shows up (if I can find it) back here right down here for this page. Right? So I want this is almost like an advertisement. So I want to take it very seriously before
anybody comes to the page or comes to the website. This is what they see. So this is like my free SEO ad, and I want
to write it very carefully. So that’s what I’m doing here. Right? I’ll also note that at the top people may
or may not read this and they often don’t from what we’ve seen with the analytics, but
I wanted to say a little bit about here and mention that we do you looking to commission
a painting of your dog or dogs? Just so Google sees that right away knows
what this is. This is the header and includes it as well. So we’re not spamming. We’re not just using the phrase over and over
again. You can see we’re using different phrases
for it like “a painting of your dog” and so on Google can understand that and we want
to write for humans and for search engines, right? You’ll notice in Yoast, it tells us exactly
how to optimize for this phrase. Now, we didn’t do every little piece. There’s still pieces that are red and orange
that we could do better but we’ve got as many as we could green and we optimized the site
or this page for this phrase is best we could and within a few months we were ranking at
the top. Now, to be honest, this was something of a
surprise. We didn’t know we would rank this fast and
I’ll show you why. Here’s a page SEO tool we use called Ahrefs. I can put in a keyword like dog paintings
and it will give me its own data and estimates about it. But what I want to see the competitive metrics
so supposing everyone else did what I just did and they built a page that was optimized
for dog paintings. What makes the difference? Well, Google is looking at how many links
you have to your website? And when I looked at the data, I was a little
scared based on what some of the competitors had so there’s Fine Art / art
/ painting / dog and what I see right here this tool can show me how many links from
other websites do they have to this page? And this one has a monster amount of links! 899 from 21 different domains or websites. At (this page on) Splendid Beast, we only
have two. We just launched this page recently, so we
haven’t been able to reach out and earn enough links to really compete with something like
that. It’s going to take us years to get that many
links if we ever do. But I think what happened here and sometimes
when you do the Google search Fine Art America does show on top because Google will rejigger
its results. Over time to see how different ones perform. So let’s take a look. Now if we do it again dog paintings again. I mean I go in Chrome File Incognito because
I don’t want to see what I see, I don’t want to see the personalized results. I want to see what other people see so we
have ads at the top. These are Google shopping adds up here. If you click on them people pay this is a
text ad right here. So this is a paid result. We used to run ads up here a year ago. The idea was let’s get to organic so we don’t
have to pay for those. Good! We’re still showing up at the top. Another thing to note is we’re in the images
see Dino dog there? Girl With a Pearl Earring? This dog in the field, which we looked at
earlier and then the Beethoven looking one those are all from the page. Those are images that have been basically
optimized for search so they show up in Google’s image results and we’ve got the top organic
result and there’s Fine Art America below us with their over 800 links, but it’s not
enough and I suspect the reason is that our page so we can compare to their page. They probably both show exactly what people
are looking for which is why they’re the top results on Google but you can see on Fine
Art America it may or may not be as good of a user experience. It looks like these are obviously much cheaper,
uh paintings that are not custom. They’re just kind of little prints or whatever
you can buy and the user experience may not be quite as good as this one where you see
nice large images, you can scroll through and then there’s calls to action where you
can select a template to get another painting of your dog. You can commission your own the way you want. So Google obviously owns Chrome, it has Google
Analytics and tools like that. So they’re getting all kinds of data about
what happens after someone clicks to the page, right? So they know maybe people are spending more
time on Splendid Beast after they do this search and click to the site than on Fine
Art America, so it’s not just about links. It’s not just about how you can optimize in
Yoast, it’s overall: did you show the Searcher what they wanted? And I think in this case Splendid Beast did
so even with fewer links we were able to rank. If you found this helpful and you can see
how this would benefit your business and you’d like more information like this, I’m offering
a digital marketing Mastery class and you can sign up. Early bird registration ends this Wednesday,
August 15, but you can still sign up through August 22. So come join us! We’ll have 12 more classes like this. You can actually go to the landing page I’m
going to link to to watch the first class and then we’re going to have 12 more after
that. So hope to see you there. Would love to have you in digital marketing
Mastery. All right!

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