SEO Checklist for Any Website (Quick Checklist for SEO Audit)
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SEO Checklist for Any Website (Quick Checklist for SEO Audit)

Hi my name is Gordon Choi and I’m the
founder of Today I’m going to show you how to
quickly create a checklist for a new SEO project. To do that, you will have to ask
yourself these questions. Question number one. Is your website a new website or an old website? if it is a new website that is less than a few months, you are just getting started from the beginning with SEO. If it is an old website that has
been around for a few years, then you are in the state of improving your website’s SEO. Question number two. What is the type of your website? The type of your website is important. Because for each type of website, the SEO plan will be different.
Let’s quickly go through the types of websites. Type number one. A simple
showcase website to display the company’s information, or an official
company website. Type number two. A WordPress website. Type number three. An e-commerce website. Type number four. A marketplace website. Type number five. A website on some CMS content management system other than WordPress. Question
number three. What is the SEO goal off your website? This one is obvious. You always
need a goal. You work towards this goal. And at the end of the day, your SEO
project will be evaluated based on this goal. Of course you can have multiple
goals, but for now let’s start with and focus on one main goal. Here are the
different goals. Number one. Rank on top of Google search results for your brand.
Number two. Rank on top of Google search results for your products. Number three.
Get people to visit your website. Number four. Generate new leads for your sales team. Number five. Get new customers to buy your product. Number six. You are
currently mainly using other traffic channels to get new customers, but you believe by adding SEO to the mix, it is going to
reduce your cost of getting new customers. Number seven. You are investing
for long term, and getting SEO to become the main marketing channel for your website.
it is quite common that you plan your SEO project to try achieving multiple
goals. As long as the goals don’t conflict and are achievable. Question
number four. Do you need help monitoring the performance of your SEO project?
Option number one. Yes it’s not a problem at all. Choosing and setting up the analytics tools for your SEO project is simple. Option number two. No. You have your own analytics tool that has been monitoring
the performance. Which is great! Question number five. Which area of SEO will you need the most help? Number one. On-site technical SEO, such as HTML site structure, internal linking, meta tags, etc. Number two. Keyword
research and keyword analysis, which includes new keyword discovery. Number
three. SEO content marketing strategy. Number four. Multi-language content
creation, management and marketing through SEO, or in other words
international SEO. Number five. Local SEO. For example, you provide a specific
service in your local area. Number six. Getting your website to load
faster. Number seven. Getting relevant and
quality backlinks. Number eight. Anything else other than the first seven options. Number nine. It’s a mix between a few options from the
above. Number ten. Everything that has to do with SEO. Question number six. Which region or location should the SEO project target? Number one. Globally. You
may have a global company or brand. Number two. A few different regions
including for example, California, New York, and a few other areas. Number three.
Local area for example, Los Angeles. Question number seven. Which language do the SEO project target? This is important. Google should cover English and most
other languages in the world, but in some countries for example, Korea, Russia or
China, they have their own local search engines. And they may have a lot more users using their local search engines than using Google. For example, Yandex in Russia, Naver in Korea, and Baidu in China. My point is, to maximize the SEO results
in these countries, you should focus optimizing SEO for the local search
engines. So the options are: One. English only. Two. A language other than English, for example Chinese. Three. a few languages other than English, for example French,
Spanish, Italian, etc. Four. All languages. In this case, you must prioritize. Question
number 8. What is the budget for your SEO project? Just to show you a few examples.
You can always figure out the best budget for your project. One. Below $1,000. Two. Above $1,000, but no more than $5,000. Three. Above $5,000. Four. budget isn’t a problem here, as long as you can get the results. Again, with your budget, you don’t have follow my exact suggestions. Question number nine. When do you
expect the SEO project to start? Again, just to give you a few examples. You should decide what works for you. Option number one. Start immediately
Option number two. Start on the first day of next month. Option number three. Not sure. But as soon as your budget is approved. Okay that’s
all. If you have a website, ask yourself all 9 questions, and you will figure
out an SEO strategy to start with. If you are evaluating someone else website, maybe one of your clients, this method will work for you. If you have any
questions, please leave a comment. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel. Thanks for listening.


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