SEO for Beginners – A Complete SEO Tutorial about search engine optimization in 2014
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SEO for Beginners – A Complete SEO Tutorial about search engine optimization in 2014

What is SEO? Good day and welcome to the SEO diaries. This
is based on an ongoing conversation I have been having with my son Zac. Good day Zac
welcome. Thank you. You sound really formal today just talk to me normally it is fine.
Thank you, good to be here. Are you enjoying this studio? It is pretty cool right? Yep
it is a pretty cool studio. Ok great so every episode we are going to ask and answer one
key question about SEO and about websites and traffic and building new business, which
amazingly is a conversation I have been having with my son Zac over the past 3 to 6 months.
Ok so Zac what is your first SEO question? My first SEO question is what is SEO? SEO
I hear it every single day and yet I have no idea what the heck it means so please enlighten
me. Right let’s un-heck SEO, so the first thing is it actually stands for something,
do you remember what it stands for? I believe it stands for Search Engine Optimization.
Man you get full points but the problem is when you say search engine optimisation to
most people it still doesn’t actually answer the question, and neither does it for me.
Alright so let me answer that so SEO and I think it is better to even stop thinking about
what it stand for, just think of it as a term like IBM or Apple it is just a random word,
SEO means that you are trying to get people to find your website using the big search
engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo yeah? So it is how you structure your website and
everything you do online and offline in such a way that it drives people to your website
through those search engines, does that make sense? That makes sense, all right cool and
there is some stuff which you can do which we will boil down in the rest of these sessions
but I think that is everything for video number one how does that sound? That sounds great
to me. Alright cool as usual please, we encourage you to subscribe to this channel and share
this video with your friends and of course we will be bringing your more of these based
on your comments and questions in the section below, looking forward to seeing you next
time on the SEO diaries.


  • Peter Brooks

    Awesome! You guys seem to have a great relationship. 😀 Amazing information as always! Your accent sounds like Australian, am I wrong? Great video buddy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Anna Victoria De los Santos

    Thanks! This is helpful specially for people working from home. Do you have more tutorials about this?

  • valdi fernando

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  • Digital Future

    Thank you for tutorials, a lot of them is still working! Here is also good article by SE Ranking

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