SEO for Dummies in 15 minutes (2019)
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SEO for Dummies in 15 minutes (2019)

Hi I’m Fiona from DIY Digital and
yesterday I stumbled across Google’s own Search Dngine Optimisation starter’s
guide and I thought that’s really interesting hearing it from Google
themselves what are they saying we need to do as business owners to
optimise our website. Well I went there and it’s 8,500 words and if you print
it out on a Word document it’s 33 pages. 33 pages and it’s a
starter’s guide. That’s phenomenal! We can’t get through that. So here it is
here’s the SEO for Dummies in 15 minutes based on Google’s own articles so I’ve
taken the lead from what they’re saying. I’ve summarised it, digested it and
I’m about to give it to you in 15 minutes. SEO for Dummies here we come. Right the first thing is is they have the contents. Their contents are Getting started Help Google find your content Tell Google which pages shouldn’t be
crawled Help Google (and users) understand your content Manage your appearance in
Google search results Organise your site hierarchy Optimise your content Optimise your images Make your site mobile-friendly Promote your website Analyse your search performance and user behaviour and an appendix with some URLs So that’s their contents we’re going to follow those same contents So their getting started chapter to begin with tells you about the lingo I’m not going to use any lingo in this video so we’ll skip that. It also then asks the question Are you on Google? Well Google yourself. Google your Business Name. if you’re called Adelaide Dance Shoes Google Adelaide Dance Shoes Do come up? Well if you come up you know you’re on Google there’s a good way to check it. If you
don’t come up two things to do either check with your website developer. Ask
them, how come I’m not coming up? You’ll have to hand it back to them. Or, here’s a tip. Get your website, the link, on another website. yeah. so if you belong to a local Business Association let’s say then ask that Business Association to list your business and ensure that your website link is on it. or your LinkedIn profile put it on your LinkedIn profile. get a link from somewhere else to your website Now they also talked about the techie
thing Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a bit techie we’re not going to cover it here but website developers know about it and so they will investigate that option for you if you need that. Do you need an SEO expert? they actually cover this, Google cover this in their Starters Guide and they sit on the fence basically they say well you might, you might not basically it’s one of two things guys you either do need an SEO person to help you out or you need to be prepared to put the learning in yourself learning and practice and time and then you can optimise your own website. It’s one or the other else, it just doesn’t get done yeah okay so Help Google find the
Content is their second section. if you like and it’s a repeat of their first
section so no need to cover that. ok next section is Tell Google which pages
Shouldn’t be Crawled well too techie this is a Starters Guide this is SEO for Dummies that’s advanced. Help Google and Users Understand your Content now here’s the nitty-gritty we’re going to get really into stuff in this one. Help
Google and Users Understand your Content you think it would be easy wouldn’t you
you think this would be so straightforward but how many business
owners do I come across that get this wrong and they really do so here’s a couple of things Call a Spade a Spade. and call a Bucket a Bucket. you do not call it a Digging Device with a Handle it’s a Spade you do not call it a Water Holding Unit it’s a Bucket. okay so many business owners want to be smart here’s an example that makes sense to you Are you a teacher or an educator? here’s a look at Google Trends you can
see here the blue line is teacher the red line is educator lots more people
searching on the term teacher than they are searching on the term educator so if
you want to be found in Google for the services you provide don’t describe your
services and as an educator describe them as a teacher here’s Doctor versus Health Professional here’s Moisturiser versus Bodycare
okay don’t it we all like to call it body care or skin care or something else
you know what folks everybody’s still calling moisturizer
okay here’s coffee versus latte okay we can be nice and trendy with latte if we
want but coffee is going to get your site optimized because that’s what
people are searching for in Google so when we say help Google and users
understand your content find your content use the words that people use in
real life okay so business owners want to be too smart often please don’t be
state the bleeding obvious okay now also in this section Google tells us not to
have our website as a muddle don’t have clutter think of a real estate agent
when they come into your home and those are get rid of that and get rid of that
get rid of the clutter same with a website get rid of the clutter look at
this picture it’s messy it’s untidy look at that picture ooh that’s nice isn’t it
now somebody with this picture might say but I would be able to find my whatever
you’re looking for yeah it’s not about you finding it. It’s about the visitor
finding it. okay it’s about having an accommodation B&B and your welcoming
people into this room if you welcome this into this room this kitchen here
they’ll take a stab in the dark and find the knife and forks they don’t need
to be out on the bench to see they need to be in the draw that they expect them
to be in that most kitchens have them in so go by the conventions of what other websites are doing people will be able to understand where
to find stuff now let’s have a look at some real websites let’s have a look
at the plumbers website it’s got 24/7 emergency plumbing. Where
is it? Where is this plumber? Because that’s one of the first things you want
to know when you go to a plumber site. Oh, okay okay right up there in small white
font it says Adelaide now is that helping users or Google find the content
not really I don’t think so state the bleeding obvious and when
you’re a plumber one of the obvious things you want to state is what
services what’s location sorry that you’re in and here’s another plumbing
website on their navigation menu plumbing doesn’t actually help me
because I know I’m at a plumbing website it does help me that it says drains and
sewers, water heaters and gas that helps me understand what type of
services you offer but plumbing is redundant on this menu because we’re
already at a plumbing site here they do have Adelaide up nice and high so I can
tell which area that they’re going to service so that’s quite nice here’s
another one that has Adelaide up and high and yeah they haven’t got the services
listed but they have a clear services button and when I drop down I can see
blocked drains, hot water system, rainwater tanks so nice and easy nice
and easy on that one okay let’s go to their mobile version because of course
mobile is super important especially for plumbers and what-have-you so here we
come back to this one and now I can’t tell at all where they are I only have
one choice gas fitting. Business owners love sliders love sliders and I can see this gas fitting ones going to slide across maybe say something else
the first one says gas fitting the second one says I don’t know bathroom
renovations and the next one says emergency plumbing whatever it says I
have to do the work it’s not giving it to me and this may seem small fry but
this is what Google means when they say let Google and users understand they
want it really straight away so straight away I get gas fitting but I don’t get
the other service and “Your Local”. Great! Local to where? I don’t know San Diego,
Birmingham, Wellington – where exactly are we local to you? Cause you know what guys, I can’t tell from that. The next one yeah that’s got a
really good click to call phone number really up high. Great. Fast Adelaide
Plumbers. I can see straightaway on their mobile that they’re Adelaide. This next one here, ok book online so that’s what they want you to do rather than ring i had to
scroll down to get Adelaide but I didn’t have to scroll that far so you know
we’re talking about being really really obvious and that’s what Google talks
about in this paragraph when it says help users and Google understand your
content. Keep It Simple Stupid. the KISS principle. This section also talks about a whole bunch of coding stuff description meta tags, structured data markup, heading tags. Too technical for a Starter’s Guide I believe and certainly too technical for SEO for Dummies so that’s out but I will say
this if you have a Wix site or a Shopify site or you have a plug-in on
your WordPress site that helps you with SEO often they’re saying put the meta
description here or a snippet here or put a page title there they’ll call it
slightly different things a preview a Google preview something-or-other use what your platform is kind of prompting you to do because it’s probably and possibly
covering off some of this stuff here so certainly investigate that depending on
the website platform you’re using Wix, Shopify, WordPress whatever. The next
topic is Manage your Appearance in Google Search Results. Well
basically they’re repeating all this stuff about description meta tag so you
know basically we’ll leave it at that. Organise your Site Hierarchy. This is
another one that business owners get really trapped under but it is your job
to do it it’s okay let’s give the example of footwear let’s say you sell
footwear and let’s say there’s different types of footwear let’s say there’s
boots, sandals, evening wear, work wear, work shoes, evening shoes. let’s just say
that’s the four and let’s say there’s a pair of shoes that fit in both the
evening shoes and the work shoes they could be worn for either so you’re going
on well I don’t know where to put it Make a Decision if you can’t make a decision how do you expect Google to or how do you expect the user to now you might be able to allocated a sub or secondary category
later on whatever but in the initial stages you need to decide what is the
hierarchy of information on your site okay that’s your decision so be bold be
courageous make a decision All right. Now Optimise your Content. okay here’s a couple of easy tips and Google give it
away in their Starters Guide I’m just summarising it here for you. Make it Useful. Make it Interesting. Make your content useful and interesting not so hard make it easy to read okay not long words not long sentences unless you are
an academic you know you you’re actually in that and your customers as well are
into that academic because you don’t appear dumb to them but for most
business owners make it easy reading short sentences short words really it
comes down to that that helps optimize your content. Format your content with
headings and bullets and paragraphs lay it out so that it looks easy to read
yeah so make it read well and make it look good that’s Optimising your Content. Optimising your Images. Lots of things we can do here. don’t load up really big images because that’s gonna slow your site down so your image size matters but
also your image naming okay so when we upload an image it might be by
default called cannon123.jpg because we took the photo with a cannon
you know camera and that’s just how it came change it before uploading it to
your website as boy in tree or Adelaide in autumn or something that
the image actually represents yeah so call your images by proper names and
words that make sense to the image so that’s Optimising your Images yeah Make your site mobile-friendly okay guys we’ve heard it and Google is
saying it in their Starters Guide if you have a website people still need to pinch zoom to see that website to read the
text you just got to get a new website that that’s just the bottom line
there’s no easy fix you’ve got to get a new website so make it mobile-friendly you
want white space around the buttons to click and around the if you’ve got links
to click have a little bit of a white space so people can click you know think
about it as being thumb friendly yeah you know because people are on their
mobile phone with their thumb so think about your mobile site being thumb
friendly and that’ll do it for you not too busy and scroll friendly yeah Promote your Website. Now this is what Google is telling us to do. Don’t rely
entirely on Google if you’re not promoting your own site why should
Google care yeah so that means you know in your emails hey have you visited my website page or on your LinkedIn profile or the Business Association I mentioned before
or your social media channels on your business cards get your website seen and
reason for people to visit it and read the material on it outside of just
Search Engine Optimisation. yeah it might even be paying for ads to go to your website however you do it they expect that you’re going to promote
this website off Google in some other way as well and that will help your
Google rankings yep and down to just two last sections. Analyse your Search
Performance and User Behavior. They go back to talking about Google Search
Console I don’t think Google Search Console is for beginners certainly not
for starters and certainly not for dummies so we’re just not going to go
there but I will say this Google Analytics it is free and you should hook
it up to your website because that is really quite useful that’s also a bit
hard to get used to but just these two stats right just the two figures that
you’re after you can get lots more from Google Analytics but let’s just concentrate
on two for the dummies okay one how many people are coming to your site is it 50
or 500 a month. How Many? and then Where are they coming from? are they coming from social media are they coming organically are they coming from paid ads so
just focus on those two statistics to begin with learn more later on but they will
help you understand the performance of your website and additional resources if
you’ve got down to words 8,000 – 8,500 you’re up to the additional resources where they give you 7 additional resources and
62 links that you can go further reading if you like but if not you don’t
obviously have to go there so I’ll give the link to the Google Starters Guide below so you can go there for yourself and read the full article but I hope
you’ve enjoyed this SEO for Dummies starter’s guide my own version of it
summarised from the Google article if you’ve liked this video please do
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  • Katherine Stinson

    Beginning the process of learning about all this stuff that I'm not particularly interested in! Thank you for your video; you did a great job summarising what would have been a LOT of reading.. I found you interesting to listen to and appreciate your presentation. Very helpful. Thank you.

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