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SEO For WordPress On Page SEO Tip

all right and welcome my name is Chris
Palmer if you are brand new here welcome to Chris Palmer SEO in today’s
video I wanted to discuss something that has came up numerous times helping some
of my partner’s client sites and that is on page SEO with WordPress and I want to
let you know a mistake that I continuously see with WordPress and that
is do not use um heading tags and bold and italic for design features okay and
what I mean by this is a lot of times went on helping my partner I see that
within the design that they are using numerous h1 tags for instance on their
positioning their h2s and H threes in different order and really the WordPress
SEO tip that I would like to give to you and a mistake that needs to be
eradicated is going to be when you’re setting up your WordPress website okay
long story short is this you do not want to use your headings and other features
right h1s h2s h3 s and so on bold italics you do not want to use these
things alright these tools of these heading tags are for design purposes so
really when you’re setting up your website you want to think of everything
in a chronological order you have your h1 right there’s always
and most of the time there should only be h1 towards the top of the page and
then you’ll have your h2 tags okay h – h – h –
um depending on your serpent alysus alright your competition analysis
depending on how many h2s and H threes that your competition ranking above you
is using that’s when you would make your decision on should you use H threes how
many H threes and also H fours now generally I personally do not go any
farther that is just the practice that I generally follow however the purpose of
this video is to help you with your WordPress SEO and try to stop using your
heading tags and your bulbs and your italics for design features they’re
meant to be set up in this type of order to help search engines understand your
page and to emphasize certain pieces on your website and also these are very
important elements for your on-page SEO for ranking within search engines so
you’re gonna want to first and foremost analyze your competition but with that
being said you want to keep everything just like this in your order you’ll have
your H 1 your h2s your h3 is your age for is depending on your competitions
page so I hope this WordPress SEO on page SEO mistake video has helped you if
it has please I urge you to give this a like if you didn’t like this video go
ahead and give me a like anyway and I look forward to seeing you in the next
WordPress SEO video have a wonderful day



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