SEO Guidelines for Creating Keyword-Rich Headlines
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SEO Guidelines for Creating Keyword-Rich Headlines

HI! I’m Katie Coates with The PR Minute,
here to talk to you today about Headlines. My experience shows that keyword density in
articles is not nearly as important as keyword-based headlines. (This goes for social media posts,
and anything else you publish online, as well.) First of all, headlines need to be based on
news and facts, not opinion. A catchy or clever headline is nowhere near as effective as one
rich in key search terms. Additionally, I shy away from using most keyword
search tools because they guarantee competition. Instead, I find that my imagination works
better…I use Google Search itself to search terms I want to rank for and then combine
the main search term with terms from the “Searches related” section that appears at the bottom
of the page. Combining search phrases in headlines is extra-effective. To make extremely effective headlines, remember
buyer (or searcher) intent to create targeted search terms. For example, note the difference between: “iphone,” which is an extremely short
tail keyword, with TONS of competition, and the very targeted long-tail search: “iphone
6 screen repair shop New Orleans” For local businesses, or to appear in local
results in smaller towns and cities, conduct sideways city research. The way you do this is to research terms searched
in large cities such as London and New York in order to find out what to use for smaller
cities and towns simply because the search volume is greater. Use city names in headlines and in your website
urls To add some extra juice, use the current year
in your headline, if appropriate. For instance: “Best Sports Chiropractor Long Island 2019.” Just be sure to keep a list of these headlines
and go back to your assets in the new year to change the year in the headline, if possible.
Or publish a new, similar article with the new year once the year changes. Some keywords Google likes: Discount, Price,
Bonus (which is particularly good for online offers), City and/or State, New, Affordable Here are some pointers to increase Search
Engine Optimization on your website with your headlines:
1. The Headline and Title Tag are important vs. keyword density in the article or online
asset itself 2. Page URL
3. Use Heading Tag H1 on HTML 4. Description Metadata – 2 full sentences
5. Use Alt tags on videos & photos – use longtail keywords Examples of not-so-effective headlines contrasted
with keyword-rich headlines with buyer intent in mind: Social media scheduling software” versus:
>>>9 top social media scheduling tools to save time in 2019 Compare “surf report oceanside, ca” against:
>>>Oceanside Harbor, North Jetty Surf Report & Forecast
“the beach and your brain” compared to:>>>What the beach does to your brain “Divorce lawyers” vs:
>>>best lawyers for divorce with children near me As a side note, if you are publishing a press
release, the headline of the release is the most important element. The assets the release
shares should also have search-friendly, longtail keyword-rich headlines. Be sure to follow us at The PR Secrets on
YouTube and Facebook!

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