SEO Hack! How to Optimize for Google RankBrain (2018)
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SEO Hack! How to Optimize for Google RankBrain (2018)


  • Sayi Rosshhun

    Hey,Neil I have one doubt,i got mail from google that my google adsense account is fully approved but when I come to google adsense it still show you are under review can you answer this

  • Fuhad Abdulla

    Great video Neil, i saw a blog on the advantages of multilingual website but when i search across web for steps to create the multilingual website i cant see anything actionable.can you suggest any resources to do that.

  • Rash N

    Hi Neil, you always suggest to write lengthy posts to rank better in google, but should lifetsyle websites have more content or just a lot of pictures? For instance, a user looking for 'minimalist wall decor' would most likely want to see images and not read 2000 words (or 200- 300 words, every picture). And how does Google rank articles like these in general.
    I would really love to know your take on this as my website is very new and I don't know if I should write more content for every product or not.

  • Ramakrishnan Prithivirajan

    Neil – Excellent video as usual.
    As you said, embedding a video on blog will certainly improve the retention rate and reduce bounce rate.
    You are the one of the best people who came across in my life. Thanks for helping people like me.
    All the best…

  • Magdi Gamal

    Hey Neil, Thanks for your informative videos. I wanted to ask you if using a WordPress page builder (like elementor) affects my Google ranking in any way… negatively or positively… and if so, what do you suggest to avoid that or to get the best out of that?

  • Luis Martins

    Hi Neil, like you a lot but this video is more of the same… and rankbrain on title? I think you didn't get to the point… wich would be on how to do keyword research for rankbrain…
    But.. thanks again for more useful tips

  • punit bayad

    What extra additional information services can I sell along side SEO so that people who can't afford the seo can buy those backend products from us? So do you have some recommendations about additional services

  • Young Indian motive

    Hi Neil l am 16year old and l creat a blog but it can't be rank on my tittal post. Love from India Neil namaskar 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Neeraj Beniwal

    Neil Sir, I have a question. I am making Profiles and Forum Links like Twitter, Pinterest, Dig, Tumblr, Microsoft, IBM and So many websites available on the internet. Is this helpful for my website ranking???? My niche is Whatsapp Status and Jokes in Hindi (Indian Language). Can I rank by making these types of Links?????
    Please give me some suggestions. Also some Tips to rank boost and free dofollw links.


    hey neil nice vediou man. Well i have a question about websits. is rich snipet is important for website. and how can i creat one such snipet

  • Lara Prudêncio

    Thank you so much for the awesome explanation and tips. Neil, I would love to know your opinion about this: once you said that is better having a company's brand than a personal brand. I am thinking to start a blog (with a corporate name) but I don't know if I sign my blog posts with my real name or a nickman. What do you suggest? I think that a nickname can save my privacy or protect me if something goes wrong, but on the other hand, my real name can give more credibility. I know it's my decision but….I would love to hear from you! You're awesome!

  • Siddharth Sharma

    This explains why my google was showing my website on top along with schema image. But an hour later, competitor's website was above mine. Hmm so that's Rank Brain testing things.

  • 518 Painters

    You are Fucking Awesome! I was just about to ask you if it's ok to embed other peoples videos on my site besides mine. Thanks

  • Arkin Khemchandani

    Hey Neil, thanks for the great content. I had a couple of questions:
    Is 1500 words good for SEO and rankings?
    And, is it better to split a big post into two medium sized posts and internally link them?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Tzuria Wilf

    Hey Neil! Love your content! I would happy know how to target pregnant women for my ecomere store on Facebook, Google and other social networks. Can you help me?

  • Technical Faraz

    Hey Neil!
    I love your content! Can you please tell me what are the requirements for a Google Adsense Account approval?

  • Pramod Chamling Rai

    There are tons of blog about making money from site. I personally browse each and every blog, not satisfied their answers. Can you make some videos regarding to this topic ? I do have website and Learning SEO. But i got confused what next ???

  • Rajat Tiwari

    Hey Neil I have a long term website which is running good but can you make a video on how to rank a event blog . it will be very helpful

  • Seth Haynes

    When it’s looking at site time does it look at over all site time or site time from google traffic? Has anyone tested?

  • Rajiv Babbar

    Sir I have Problem, Someone Has cloned my Website and Even it is getting update in Realtime. i checked on Google and it is getting index(side:domian) What should i do? Please help

  • choyon saha

    Thanks a lot again to Dear Neil Patel, You are just awesome 🙂🙂🙂🙂

    UI & UX are the two most important part for any website. For example I have a great website with lots of helpful content.
    But people can't understand how to navigate/use the website

    Does this website really have any value?
    We can think, why Facebook so popular? because it's so easy to use even a child User.

    I am following Neil form a very long time and Now I make my self as an SEO learner and UI-UX Expert.
    I love to help people to make a great UI friendly website which makes a housing engagement.

    Have Great Day Dear Neil & please leave a comment which makes me happy.

  • stars tech

    hello sir i have problem in my site it has more than 9k keywords on ahrefs but now down to 2k only and i do not know reason for this can you help me plz

  • TwistHD

    Hey Neil, what do you think about this program called Market Hero? It's an email sender that guarantees your emails to go into the inbox no matter what. Thoughts?

  • Kai Kai

    What's the best way for SEO to embed YouTube videos in an HTML page? in an Iframe? or there is a better way? My Youtube Video already have a good ranking.

  • rob moss

    Thanks Neil great info as always. Can you talk about how to rank woocommerce product pages. It's a little different, and if you have a general store, a blog doesn't seem to be appropriate

  • RK Studios

    I liked your dressing 🙂
    Your dressing is just like an Indian, and you look somewhat like Indian guy..

    Anyways, I liked your video.
    Great work 🙂

  • Akash Choudhary

    Hi Neil

    As you always say, new bloggers should target long-tail keywords.

    I just want to know how to create SEO friendly content. For example, “best android apps for 2018” is the keyword I want to rank for.

    Do I have to use the keyword multiple times in my blog post? And would it help me if I highlight my focus keyword?

    Many thanks!

  • Subham Das

    Sir, This video learns me lot of things but I have a question…How much Backlinks important in 2018 to rank a blog?

  • Morgan Farrell

    After Panda update, google results toot a dump. I was a researcher and I suddenly couldn't find anything.

  • 2Hats Logic Solutions

    Thanks, Neil for the video.

    Help me with this. One of my client who is into an online battery, adapters, and projectors in bulk amount and wanted to start the digital marketing. Do you think SEO and AdWords will work for them? What will be the best for them?

    Thank you.

  • Kevin Jordan

    Sir, I used to get 8K views daily for my website, suddenly from the past month, there is a drastic decline in the page views (present 2k views). My articles are not ranking well. Can you tell me some essential reasons for it, your reply helps me a lot. Thank you.

  • Yoga

    Hey Neil Love from India
    Please tell us about all the plugin you are using in your website
    And also explain sitemap in Google search console.
    Thanks a ton

  • Krishna Saini

    Hi Neil, i tried to guest blogging & link building for my clients but from July I get downfall on each & every projects can you please help me……

  • Martin Dye

    The "how to" / action words part is a good idea. I had a "how to" on one page, but without those words in the title – just updated!

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