SEO in 2019 | Find Out How to Rank in 2019!

I know, it is easy to get confused by the
information overload when you are just starting with SEO. Among a number of factors that Google uses
to rank your website in the search results, there are some important things you need to
know in 2019! Hi, My name is Rashmi Batham and I am an SEO
Manager at Xugar Design, and here are the top 5 trends that can help you boost your
rankings in 2019. Before we get started, do not forget to hit
the subscribe button and click the bell icon to stay up to date on everything new in SEO! Alright, so here is trend number one:
Start with optimising your website for mobile devices. Mobile optimisation is critical when you want
to rank better in search results. People are spending more time on their smartphones
every year, which means that a new SEO strategy cannot ignore mobile optimisation. SEO in 2019 is about understanding the “mobile
consumers”. Think of your own searching habits when you’re
in a rush and you’re looking for a fast answer Or think of something that grabs your
attention. Chances are, it’s mobile optimized and it
takes into consideration that you’re looking for a clear and quick answer without further
delays. 2. Write for humans and optimise for search engines. We all know that content is the key for SEO,
but most of the time we tend to ignore the human element while optimising a website. It is more important to have a type of content
that interests and appeals to your audience rather than adding keywords in your content
simply to rank higher in search engines. It’s not enough to create good content if
you don’t get people to read it. Therefore, the quality of your content and
its relevance matters and can help you increase your search traffic. Find the right balance between quality content
and search engine optimization for the best results. 3. Optimise page loading speed
Think about the last time you encountered a slow- loading website. You might have closed the browser tab immediately
and switched to another site which is faster and quicker. In today’s world, people have millions of
options to choose from. That’s why it doesn’t take a second for
them to switch to something better, if your website is slow. Therefore, it is crucial to optimise your
website loading speed because every delay in loading a page may be a missed opportunity
to engage and convert new visitors. 4. Understand how users search
Keyword testing is always a good idea, but SEO nowadays is focusing more on understanding
the search intent. It’s not enough to find an effective keyword
that leads traffic to your site. Searches are becoming more dynamic and it’s
not enough to rely on assumptions. Start testing how your optimization can affect
your search traffic and start applying more conversational queries to your keyword mixture. 5. Understand How voice search works
Voice search will be the biggest trend to shape SEO in 2019 and 2020. It is already seeing a growing adoption rate
and more consumers are expected to use voice commands in 2019 and 2020. This means that search optimization should
change to understand the new kind of search intent. People tend to use longer questions and more
conversational queries in voice search. The challenge is to understand which keywords
will be more relevant to your audience and how to measure the success of your strategy. The more we think as consumers, the higher
the chances of answering their questions in the most relevant way. Thanks for watching! Make sure to like and leave a comment below
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