Seo Janghoon is Seo Sweet [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.10.16]

Hello. Hello. (Huh Gak is here.) (Goodness) He showed up again. (His appearance was a hot topic.) Huh Gak is busy taking care of his kids. (Gura meets his favorite person again.) Hey, you’re so… You look like brothers. Gak, I heard that you won the competition. – Hello. / – Hi. (He won during Episode 418 of “Immortal Songs”.) (He is the King of Ballads on stage.) Hello. – “The King of Childcare”. / – “The King of Childcare”. – Really? / – Do you bring the kids here – every day? / – Do you? – How old are they? / – Hello. – They’re six and five. / – Six and five? Goodness. – Gosh, they’re one year apart. / – They are. Who am I? I’m just someone on TV. He doesn’t know Gura? I’m a friend of your dad’s from Incheon. They’re in the same class. Blue Class. With Gak’s son? – Are you friends? / – Then – what about your wife? / – Your friend. – Does she take care of the kids? / – He’s your friend. She does, but she works. Really? So do you do most of the work? His wife works. – She’s going over there. / – Who is that? Your wife? – Yes. / – Hello, ma’am. – Hello. / – You have a good husband. There’s no one like him. You need to wash your car. He’s so nosy! You know, when people get older, they talk about everything that they see. They do. – The car is here! / – Is it? Hey! Janghoon! Let’s go. Leave it there. Be careful. Don’t run. – There you go. / – The car is here. There, you can get in. Get in. There you go. Your brothers. Let’s see where your brothers are. Your brothers. – Bye! / – He’s the best. – Go on. / – Say goodbye to them. Say goodbye. – He’s so near. / – Goodbye. Bye-bye. (Smiling) (They had fun thanks to the uncles.) How does their mother carry him? I didn’t say anything last time, but it’s hard to watch him alone. She takes him everywhere. That’s right. – He could just carry that. / – Doesn’t he look like some old man in the neighborhood? That’s why I’m saying she’s amazing. She does everything with him on her back. (Chuckling) – He loves him. / – Right? – Doesn’t it suit him? / – Yes. You’re so cute. – It suits him. / – You can tell that he likes them. Yes. You’re so cute. Let’s go home. Where are we? (They return home.) This is your house. This is Rijoon’s house, right? You’re a doll. (He sounds like a high school girl.) (He even copies his face.) Do you like that? Do you like that? Babies like that. – He’s doing well. / – Right? I know you like this. I know you like this. (Excited) (Chuckling) (Was he usually this smiley?) – I’m exhausted. I’m sweating. / – Me, too. It’s killing me. Come here. He said that so many times. Rijoon needs to – practice walking. / – Practice walking? Okay. He was always on the floor last time. They grow so quickly. They do. Look at his legs. (I want to walk.) Walk quickly. Gosh. Why does he have to walk already? (He trains him hard.) Gosh, how cute. Why is he trying to make him walk? He wants to play with him. Gosh. There you go. – There. / – This will support him. It’s like a ride for him. – That’s for practicing. / – These days, there are so many great items for childcare. – Yes. / – That’s so funny. – There. Let’s practice taking steps. / – Come here. – Try walking. / – Come here. Come on. There you go. – Try walking. / – Come on. Come over here. Come on. Don’t do that! Come here. – He’s only teasing him. / – What’s wrong? (He can’t stand it when people tease him with food.) – Oh, no. / – Hurry up and give it back. “Why are you teasing me?” Here. – He’s so sad. / – He needs his snack back. Here. – Gosh! / – If you feed them water when they’re crying, they’ll choke! Yes. (Sweetheart Seo gives him back his snack.) – Did you want this? / – There. – Janghoon knows well. / – You’re just as hard – Gura is so bad with kids. / – to take care of. Did you want this? He didn’t like that you took away his food. Did you bite into it? (He is babbling so much.) You should get a microphone as well. – You talk so much. / – They start talking at that age. – Gosh. / – They start babbling. I should get you some squid next time. My mother used to do that. Come here. – I think he likes that. / – How cute. Let’s check his diaper. He could’ve had diarrhea. – Yes, that’s right. / – Yes. (The 4th child is taking antibiotics.) (They need to dry his bottom and put ointment.) – Lay him down. / – Where? We need to put ointment on him. – Where? / – Lay him down. – Where? his Bottom? / – Yes. Come here. Gosh. He has a rash. – That’s got to hurt. / – It hurts. Gosh, that must hurt a lot. Gosh, his stomach… Your stomach is sticking out so much. It must hurt a lot. (He takes the diaper off.) All right. See? It’s so red! Gosh, it’s so red. – Oh, no. / – Is that why you’re so fussy? That’s why. You’re such a quiet kid. – But it hurts too much. / – It hurts. – He needs to blow. / – Look what happened. It’s because he’s chubby. Wait a minute. Spread your legs like this. There you go. You ate too much. He looks so uncomfortable. Oh, no. It’s causing a rash. Stay diaper-free. It’ll be comfortable. I think we should use a fan. There. Put him down like that. What is he doing? – Does it feel cool? / – What are they… He has his back against the camera. It feels good. There, it feels good. Gosh, that feels good. (Drying completely) When that happens, – they can just put on some loose pants / – Yes. – and just wash it afterward. / – Yes. They’re not used to taking care of kids. (He plays with him since he had a hard time drying up.) Oh, you’re drooling. (Drooling) Gosh, your drool. I’m… We should go now. Let’s go. Men never finish dressing them up. I’ll do it later.

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