Seo-jun ♥ Bona, little couple’s lovey dovey date! [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.28]
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Seo-jun ♥ Bona, little couple’s lovey dovey date! [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.28]

It’s a sunny spring day. (A little gentleman is all dressed up.) This man holding a bouquet of flowers is none other than the charming Seojun. (Seojun is holding a bouquet.) He impatiently waits for someone to arrive. Do you have a date set up today? (Where are you, my soul mate?) Dad, has any letter arrived from my friends? Whose letter are you waiting for? Letter from Bona. – Are you waiting for her letter? / – Yes. Do you have anybody you want to write letter to? I love Bona. You love her? – She’s so pretty. / – All right. Shall I write, “I like you because you’re pretty.”? (He sent her a letter with love.) (Did you receive it, Bona?) (Just in case, the twins head to the mailbox.) – This one. / – Here it is. I’ll take it out. (Full of expectations) Let’s see. There’s more. Let’s take a look. Is Bona’s letter there? I’ll look for it. First… “Moon Jeongwon?” – Mommy? / – Yes, it’s a letter for Mommy. Why isn’t Bona’s letter here yet? I guess it’s not here yet. Oh, no. What kind of letter is this? – I should quickly… / – Hold on. Let’s see who it is. – Whose handwriting is this? / – It’s Bona’s. – This is Bona’s? / – Yes. “Hello, Seojun.” “It’s me, Bona, your fellow classmate.” “I have received your letter. Thank you.” I guess she was feeling shy. – Do you think she’s very pretty? / – Yes. Who’s prettier? Bona or Mommy? – Bona is prettier. / – Both of them are pretty. – Mommy comes after Bona? / – Yes. – How about you? / – Mommy comes first. – You think Mommy is prettier? / – Yes. I like Bona. (He truthfully declares, “I like Bona.”) Hey. Dad, try calling her once. – This is Bona’s mom’s phone number. / – Okay. If she replies after you call her, say, “I’m Bona’s friend, Seojun.” – I feel shy. / – You feel shy? Hurry and call her. Listen, you need to learn the etiquette first. No. I’m too shy. Oh, my. – It’s Bona’s mom. / – I’m shy. I’m going to call her, okay? (Hwijae acts as the cupid and calls.) Yes, hello? Hello? Is this Bona’s mother? I’m Lee Seojun. Oh, hello there. What is Bona doing? She’s right next to me. Do you want to speak to her? – Yes. / – Hold on just a moment. Bona, it’s Seojun. Hi, Seojun. Bona, what are you going to do today? I’m not sure. Do you want to go play at the park today? Sure, sounds good. When we meet, I’ll buy you a lot of good food. Gosh. I feel so shy. (He speaks to himself.) Eat a lot of tasty food with Bona. Thank you so much, Ma’am. (Squealing) Okay. Thank you for being Bona’s friend. – Thank you. / – Bye. That is how he managed to get a date with Bona. (When meeting a lady, one must keep his lips moist.) (Preparations are complete.) Bona. (His heart pounds.) Suddenly, someone comes running from a distance. – Seojun. / – Is that Bona? (It is Bona, the object of Seojun’s affections.) Hey, Bona. It’s Bona. She’s so pretty. (He bashfully pulls out the bouquet.) (Bona, I prepared this for you.) Do you like flowers? (Rummaging) (Just in case she’s thirsty, he gives her yogurt.) – Here. / – Thank you. (Beaming) (He shyly looks after her silently.) For Bona, he spreads out a handkerchief like a gentleman. Seojun truly came prepared. Sit over here. (He bashfully tells her to sit.) (A lady should not sit on the ground.) (She moves in reaction to Seojun’s consideration.) (Sitting) (He sits right next to her.) Did you receive my letter? (Nodding) Did you receive my letter, too? Yes. (Smiling) What would you like to do today? (He taps her gently with his shoulder.) (Love is in the air for this tiny couple.) What would you like to do? (The excitement makes them fidgety.) I feel shy. (Just facing each other makes them shy.) (What would she like to talk about?) Do you know what this is called? – Chipkachu? / – How about this one? Don’t you know? He’s a character. (Since he’s shy, he just rattles off character names.) And there’s Sandshrew and Sandslash. And this one. (It is comparable to military talk on a blind date.) (He really doesn’t know how to entertain her.) I know so many. Don’t you like the animal characters? (Nodding) (Sighing) Then what do you like? I like the show with the pretty girls. I like that show, too. (Smiling) Do you like ants? I have ants in front of our house, too. How many are there? There are a lot. – Really? / – Yes. (The wind picks up mid-conversation.) – Are you cold? / – No. Tell me if you’re cold. The Return of Superman, episode 183. “A Good Day to Love”. (Seojun carefully holds her hand.) They hold each other’s hands and head to Seojun’s next destination. See, it’s the character. You’re right. How did you know about this place? Bona, is there anything you want to buy? I’ll buy you one thing. I want to buy you everything, but I can’t. It’s okay. We shouldn’t buy everything. (A princess bag catches her attention.) This is so pretty. I’d like just this one. – Here it is. / – Thank you. What is that? That’s cotton candy. A cotton candy, please. Which shape would you like? A rabbit or a bear? I’d like a rabbit. – How about you? / – I would like a bear. A bear? Make the rabbit large, please. – Please make it large. / – Sure thing. All right. Here’s the rabbit. – Here you go. / – I’ll pay for this. It’s shaped like a rabbit. (The rabbit cotton candy looks just like her.) I think this might taste like a rabbit. It’s a cute rabbit. It’s so cute. Here you go. They look great together. Here you go. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Shall we eat under the shade? / – Sure. Be careful. The wind might carry it away. – You’re right. / – Where are we going? Look, the rabbit is smiling. Take a look, Seojun. You have to open your mouth wide. (Laughing) We both went to school together that one time. Your butt dance was very funny, – Seojun. / – I’m happy. I saw him. He was clapping and doing the butt dance. (He performs again for Bona.) Seojun, you’re so cute. (Bona has totally fallen for the butt dance.) (Shall we try the cotton candy?) It’s tasty. Isn’t it very soft, Seojun? Do you want to try a bite? How is it? How is it? Isn’t it tasty? It tastes like poop. (This is typical of a five-year-old’s romance.) Seojun, open wide. Look, they’re flowers. They’re pink. Oh, look. I like red flowers. (Let’s only walk down flowery roads together.) This is so nice. Isn’t that scary, Seojun? (They discover a pretty high slide.) I’m not scared of that at all. Let’s try going up. Grab this one, not that one. You go up first. – Let me help. / – That’s okay. I’m fine. (Seojun wants to look like a brave boy.) – We have to cross like this. / – You’re right. – It’s scary for you, right? / – Yes. Then I’ll go first. (In case Bona is scared, Seojun takes the lead.) It’s a bit difficult. (In case Bona is scared, Seojun takes the lead.) (He makes a dependable path.) Be careful, Seojun. It can get a bit shaky. This is so scary. I’m not scared. You’re so brave, Seojun. Be careful. Be careful there. You can fall. (Seojun leads fearlessly.) This is going to be so fun. I think it’s going to be so scary. Be careful. (Seojun goes down first.) It’s so much fun. It seems so scary. It’s okay. (He watches over her until she gets down safely.) (Squealing) That was fun. Now let’s ride the swings. Let’s ride the swings. Want me to push you? (Lovey-dovey) (Seojun faces her while pushing.) (This is so very sweet.) Seojun.


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