SEO Keyword Research Tools – A Quick SEMRush Keyword Research Tutorial
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SEO Keyword Research Tools – A Quick SEMRush Keyword Research Tutorial

– Hey there, How you doing?
It’s Chris Njigha here, from back again with you for another very exciting episode today. And so what are we talking about today, we’ll be talking about best
online keyword research tool. Which would be SEM Rush,
at least in my opinion. (laughter) When you talk about online
tools, and online suites, man, it’s really tough to find
anything better than SEM Rush. So, I wanted to do a quick review for SEM Rush’s keyword
research tool abilities. Alongside, I’m gonna
give you a quick glimps at some of its other
online suites of tools and SEO tools that might be
helpful to your business, and then you can decide whether or not it’s a good fit in your business. Alright, so here we go, right on into it. Now, SEM Rush is not only is
it a keyword research tool, that is really, really
powerful, but it’s also basically an all-in-one suite of everything SEO for internet marketers. It’s one of the most
powerful tools out there. I’ve had a ton of internet marketers and colleagues that I
know who are using it and absolutely love it! So, speaking just on the keyword research, you can come here to your dashboard. Go into overview, and
for keyword analytics, you can type in any keyword
that you want, right? And it will give you a lot of information. So if you put in weight loss; Enter, it’s gonna give us a ton of data associated with this particular key word. It’s gonna give you a lot
of organic search data, and a volume which is awesome. It’s gonna give you paid search data like your cost-per-click and competition. I really like this little
nifty little thing here where it gives you ton of
information on the trends, and how this term is
being searched over time. You also get phrase match keywords here which is really cool, that’s based on your actual keywords, seed keyword. And then you can get
related keywords as well so that gives you some
ideas that are associated with your particular keywords. They’ll also help you get ideas for long-tail keywords as well
which is extremely powerful. Then they also have a tool
that is the keyword magic tool. So if you go right here and
click on this right here, this will give you even more data around particular keywords
and you can save the keywords. So here is that weight loss,
if I were to search it, it would just give me a ton
of data. Just a ton of data. You can change it to just
all or you can change it to questions which is really awesome. It’s got multiple languages.
You can do a broad match. You can do a phrase match. You can do the exact
match on your keywords and really just dumb it
down and really get it down to what it is you’re really looking for. Lots of long-tail keywords here. Giving you volume data,
cost-per-click, and competition, all kinds of data here
that’s really, really great. Here, the nice thing is that it gives you the average difficulty of how difficult it would be to rank for these keywords, so it’s a really, really awesome tool. And I think that it’s
really, really awesome. To use the entire tool,
to use the entire thing for SEM Rush, I think they start off with about 99 dollars per month
is their initial package, but in terms of value
with everything you get because you get all these other
tools for keyword difficulty They’ll help you show domain demand, domain comparisons, you
get your My Reports tool. You’re gonna get data on your competition which is what it’s really known for is getting data analysis
on your competition. What their organic traffic is,
what their paid traffic is, what their top organic keywords are, where they’re driving all
their traffic keywords, volume, cost-per-click. So it’s really, really powerful in that. On top of that, if you want to
start your own SEO campaign, your own campaign, your own websites, they have everything you need for that type of thing as well. We’re talking about
tracking your positions for your keywords, auditing your site, they got social media tracking
tools, social media tools, brand marketing tools, on-page SEO. I mean, everything you would need which makes it really, really awesome. So in terms of the value you
get, you get a ton of value. All right then, that’s it,
right? So hope you enjoyed it. Hope that video was helpful. That was the best online
keyword research tool right now, SEM Rush keyword research tool alongside its keyword magic tool that makes it really
awesome and not to mention the whole online suite of tools for SEO and keyword research analysis.
Whether you’re doing SEO or whether you’re doing PPC campaigns. It’s got everything you need there, so it looks like a pretty great value. So, definitely hope that
was valuable to you. If you liked the video, be sure to give it a like, all right? Definitely subscribe to the channel, and if you want more information, if you wanna learn more about
what SEM Rush can offer you and how it can possibly help your business and if you decide whether
or not it’s a good fit for you or not, definitely
check out the link below. Click the link below and it will take you to the fact page where you
can get more information on its features and all the tools and all the slurry of good
things that SEM Rush has to offer along with its keyword
research tool capabilities. So, hope you enjoyed it, hope
that was helpful for you. Until next time, be blessed and stay hungry out there, all right? Bye now.


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