SEO Link Building: Build Over 87 DA 50+ Links In 30 Days (100% safe)
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SEO Link Building: Build Over 87 DA 50+ Links In 30 Days (100% safe)

hello and welcome to this video today
we’re going to be talking about SEO link building we’re gonna be talking about
exactly how you can build more than 80 High domain website’s, backlinks to your
website within the next 30 days now as you can see on the screen right here
this is our old website we started link building for this website around January
2018 and as you can see there was a massive spike now we’re going to show
you why there was a massive spike and we’re also going to be showing you how
we managed to get 55 referring domains 475 backlinks and you know domains that
have the odds in the in the 1970s and 60s so if you want these high domain
Authority websites DR is a much more accurate metric than
da but the majority of these websites or a DA 50 or above so if you want to find
out how you can build the same links for your website watch this video and in the
end you’re gonna know exactly how okay let’s drop straight into the mini
presentation I have prepared here so quick question for you what are some of
the most trusted sites on the Internet I’ll give you a second think about it
now I’m gonna go out on a wild guess and you know pretty much guarantee that you
use one of these sites on a daily basis and to answer the previous question the
logos that you see right now these are some of the most trusted sites and
companies on the internet today so that being said let’s move on to another
question what’s a major ranking signal right now
in SEO its links link building is the most important ranking factor in SEO
right now a lot of people like to make up theories about
no SEO being a certain way and for you to rank on page one you need to do these
million different things when the reality is 80% of your results in SEO
are going to come from 20% of your efforts and those 20% of your efforts in
SEO are going to be link building link building will get you 80% of the way in
most cases for example with local SEO like we’ve covered in a previous video
links will get you 90% of the way so that being said we’ve talked about you
know some of the most trusted sites on the Internet
we’ve spoken about the fact that you probably use at least one of these sites
on a daily basis so we know what the tribe most trusted sites on the Internet
are we know that links are important so let me ask you this what if you could
get links from the most trusted sites on the Internet to your website firstly why
is this important well this is how the algorithm works in
a very very basic way I’m gonna put this in in such a basic way that it really
doesn’t need to be more difficult than this Google and its algorithm is like a
popularity contest the more trusted and popular friends you have aka websites
that are linking to you the better your website will perform it’s really that
simple and I don’t know why people overcomplicate it
I feel like they purposefully try to make it more difficult for themselves
but the reality is getting links from trusted websites that have higher
authority is going to have the biggest impact on your SEO campaign success so
if you if you behave you haven’t realized by now you can get
links from these trusted sites let’s before we move into the sort of the
specifics on how to do this let’s talk about why it’s important and also what
we call this or what we what this is known as in the SEO community now this
has been around for a while you know I haven’t created this clicks from search
hasn’t created this it’s called the social fortress this is where you build
and defend your brand online take it this way this isn’t just about building
links and trust your site it’s not just about that it’s also about the fact that
you need to own your name as a business online you need to 100% own your brand
name for example if you if your business is called Bob’s plumbing services and on
Facebook you’ve registered it as Bob’s plumbing services on Twitter you’ve
registered it as Bob’s plumbing services and on Instagram it’s Bob services
there’s it pays to have it consistent your brand be consistent all across the
board if somebody else registers Bob’s plumbing services on Instagram for
example and they start posting you know photos that aren’t necessarily
appropriate what is that going to do for your brand and your brand image even if
a customer sees that for a split second they’re going to be thinking whoa why is
that posted on there like that and that’s because you haven’t secured your
brand and somebody else has gone and done that and you know they’ve used it
to harm your brand image so it’s not just about the links it’s also about
protecting your brand online now of course that was just an example you know
most of the time you’re not gonna get someone searching for Bob’s plumbing
services on Instagram but if they search for Bob’s plumbing services
Google and that Instagram page comes up on the first page and they click on it
then you know you see how that could that could end up damaging your brand
image so what are some of the benefits of building social profiles like we
talked about defending your brand name online is the key key point now I want
to meet here you have to be a you have to own your name online if you if you
have a website for example you want to own the dot-com you want to own the dog
the dotnet the versions every single version of your site you want to own it
another point is that it establishes your business as trustworthy by
associating with other trusted brands we talked about this earlier if you have
some of the most trusted sites on the internet linking to you you’re
associated with those brands and therefore your website is trust in the
algorithms sort of mind is going to is going to increase you’re going to be
more trustworthy and this isn’t very this is very normal when when a business
opens up you know they’re expected to have social media they’re expected to
have a social media presence especially in this day and age so if you don’t have
these things then you’re being left behind
now the baseline would be to have the sites that we talked about earlier right
so in the most trusted sites on the internet the Facebook Instagram to a
print Pinterest YouTube tumblr and read it however I want to show you something
now which is going to blow your mind I hope you’re ready for this okay so this
is a website called norm norm allows you to check your brand name across over 500
social networks or social platforms online so let’s have a look let’s take
our old website tip top SEO agency if we have a look at the name we just type it
in click check it like we just did there and we can see that the majority of them
with now the reason why we haven’t registered
Facebook for example I think you need to have a certain number of people to like
your page in order to actually register a name same with YouTube you need a
certain number of subscribers to actually have your own URL as tip top
SEO agency in this example but I want to show you something else if we dive
deeper we can see that there’s more sites right here we dive even deeper and
we can see that there’s even more sites here we go another level you know these
are business social networks we go into community you go onto design we go into
entertainment health information micro blogging music news now all of these
aren’t going to be relevant for your business pic obviously pick the ones
that are relevant we have travel video we are tech up here there’s about 600 on
here 600 profiles that you can register today now I don’t recommend doing this
all in one go I would say stick to batches of about 100 so the thing the
thing is with these right you want to be able to protect protect your brand name
right you want to register on all of these as many of these as you possibly
can now I do have to mention that not all 600 of these allow you to set a link
back to your website around 150 of these to 200 of these do allow you to place a
link back to your website but the main point I want to get across here is you
need to you need to register your brand name across all of them and if not all
of them at least the ones that have a link going back to your website that’s
how we built these links now I know I showed you guys the the referring
domains earlier and the domain rating but I blurred out the sites just to keep
that that bit of interest there so these are the sites this is literally it if
you have if you have a look and part mean apart from yellow and yellow you
know these are all the social profiles that are here so it starts from 90 and
it literally the first page they’re all above
the r60 and like I mentioned before dr is in my opinion a more accurate mental
metric than da so how do you get started because if you were to go through all of
this right now you know six hundred to figure out which ones allow you to place
links is going to take some time so what I’ve done is I’ve created a list a list
of around 210 social profiles within here and some that aren’t even in here
for example like I’m pretty sure Ted like as in TED talks you can register a
profile but is it isn’t listed in here as far as I can remember but the list
I’m gonna be giving you guys for free includes that in there so if you want
that list if you want to start building up the referring domains and backlinks
to your website then I would highly recommend that you click on the link
below and enter your email address enter your name and you’re going to be sent
actually I think I’m gonna set it up as a facebook Messenger bot so we’ll just
go into your Facebook Messenger and I’ll send it to you directly trying to build
a little bit of a list so the channel has been growing only with two videos on
the channel which is crazy we’re already at 25 subscribers at the time of
recording this and you know we’ve only uploaded two videos so things are going
well and I think now is about the time to start building a bit of a list and
obviously we will be providing a lot more value on those lists and you’ll be
notified when we upload videos and you’ll also be receiving some bonus
additional content completely for free so if you want the list of over 200
social profiles that you can literally register today and get these links into
your website then go and click that link in terms of actually creating these I
would say so so let’s have a look at what we did right around January 2018
started building a lot of these like I mean probably around 200 a month now you
don’t want to do that here’s why this massive spike came from me building 200
with every single month up until March and then once they
started getting indexed and picked up that’s when a trust has registered them
if we actually take a look at this sites search console we have over a thousand
links point to that site now that’s extreme you don’t want to go to those
lengths just build 50 at a time 50/50 per month is is more than enough
if you’d like to build a hundred then that’s fine too out of the hundred you
built around twenty to thirty of those will be indexed now if you build 50
you’re going to get around ten if my math is correct here you’re going to get
between ten and fifteen indexed per month out of fifty which is which is
completely fine ten or fifteen high D are links higher DEA links every single
month like this is more than enough so like we talked about before the reason
why we want to build these links is first and foremost to protect your brand
online the second reason is to build these high D a high D our links to your
website now the third reason that I want to talk about here is the anchor text
that goes to your website by doing this your anchor text is going to look a lot
more natural way way way way more natural because the links that you set
on these profiles are going to be evil naked links like this they’re just going
to be the dot-com version or they’re going to be your brand name so what what
does this mean it means that you can focus on building out your anchor text
portfolio and you can control it to a point where you make it look as
as possible which is what you want it should it shouldn’t look unnatural and
then when you want to actually you know maybe you’re guest posting and then you
want to send more direct and to text your site like SEO agency then you can
do that because you’ve already sort of caked and pillowed your site enough to
receive the more direct anchor text so this everything I’m talking about right
now it’s not nothing new not none of what I’m discussing right now is new
it’s been discussed before it’s already out there but the only thing is people
love for some reason for whatever reason have decided that what I’m talking about
here no longer works but it clearly does because if you look at the top sites
that are ranking either in a local area or on a national level level or an
international level they all have sites that are trusted and
have higher authority that are linking to them so if you think you’re going to
get at the top of page one without having high authority sites highly
trusted sites linking to you then you’re making a huge huge mistake now let’s
talk about rankings can you get rankings with these keywords with these with
these links the answer is yes let’s have a look so so one of the keywords that
we’ve gone for at tip top SEO or you know that the company used to be cool
tip top SEO the reason why I changed it’s a clicks from search is I felt like
it was just a bit more brandable the main reason why I started tip top SEO
was it’s it’s an exact match domain so it ranks easier now that being said you
know there are it does rank easier with because it has the word SEO agency in
the name however there are other SEO companies
with SEO Belgravia SEO agency Belgravia in their titles so the reason why we’re
number one is because I’ve done nothing but build social profiles to this page
if we take a look at the page it’s extremely extremely basic it’s literally
got words on the page a couple of images and just some text that is that is
literally it it’s such a blank page and yet its ranking sure this quote this
page doesn’t have this site this keyword doesn’t have any search volume but the
point I’m trying to make is that there are other SEO agencies that have
websites with you know three four or five maybe even six years of age that on
this first page and we’ve been over we’ve been able to overtake them with
just social profiles so it does work however please please please don’t build
these thinking that these links alone are going to get you rankings you need
to be able to build links from other websites as well these alone will not
get you rankings however these will act as a major boost
for any other link that you build so for all of that being said I hope this video
didn’t drag on for too long I just really wanted to dive deep into sort of
the mindset behind creating these why we create them why they’re beneficial and
how they can help you so yeah if you’re ready to build over 80 hai da links
within the next month then click on the link in the description we’ll send you
over 200 profiles that you can register within the next couple of months and
yeah you can you can get started on building out your site and building out
the trustworthiness and authority of your website so I want to thank you very
much for watching this video my name is Vulcan the founder of clicks
from search if you haven’t subscribed to this channel you are going to be missing
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like I said subscribe for weekly videos every single Tuesday once again thank
you for watching and I look forward to seeing you on the next video
take care


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