SEO Maximizer Overview – FlipperSD CMS
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SEO Maximizer Overview – FlipperSD CMS

Hi welcome to the Pen Publishing
Interactive FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS video. In this video I’m going to give
you an overview of SEO Maximizer. SEO Maximizer is a powerful easy to use
search engine optimization tool developed specifically for FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS. Let’s get started. If your website currently runs on
FlipperSiteDeveloper you have SEO tools at your disposal. If you go to a
sections area and you pick a section or a page you can right click and you will
have these options. I’m going to start by showing you the general tab here. When
you click on it you have the ability to change the menu title which typically is
a navigation shows that on the navigation of the website, the URL of the
page, the title of the page, you can add a section image and you can add an alt
text for that section image. Now by default you will not have these
recommendations because that is part of the SEO Maximizer and I will talk about
more about that here in a second, but now I’m gonna go to the SEO tab which again
all FlipperSiteDeveloper websites have. You are able to add a section meta
description on here. What you will not see is the recommendation again of how
many characters are to be on the meta description, that is part of the SEO
Maximizer functionality and features. So as you can see this page has 0 characters,
which is not good. So I am going to now show you the power of SEO Maximizer. I’m
going to go to this page which already have pulled up here, and I am going to run the analyzer. So an
easy way a simple way to know that if to see if your website has SEO Maximizer
enabled or installed is when you go to a page or section you should be able to
see this SEO analyzer button. If you don’t have that that means your website
does not have SEO Maximizer. If you would like for your website to have SEO
Maximizer just contact us and we’ll be happy to help get that taken care of for
you. So I’m going to just click the SEO analyzer here and it is going to analyze
everything on this page, the on-page content. So as you can see this looks
familiar it’s very similar to which you are typically would see on a search
engine results page. The SEO Maximizer is giving me recommendations here. It is
telling me that this page does not have a Meta Description and search engines
will just take the copy from the page instead which a lot of times if you’re
trying to optimize a page that’s not something you want to do. The image on
the page is missing an alt attribute which again for search engine purposes
you want your pictures to have alt text in them. Now we got a green thumb which
is great that means that we’ve met a recommendation of the recommended is to
have more than 300 words on a page, we have 426. The page title contains only
seven characters, again we saw that earlier and it gives further information
on here like giving as a recommendation to add a key phrase variation and create
a compelling call-to-action and obviously we need more characters there.
The page does not have a h1 tag which is a headline one tag h1 tag. If you’re
familiar with HTML you know what that is in the copy so we need to take care of
that. Now the other thing that the SEO Maximizer allows is if your there are
certain keywords or key phrases that you want the page to be analyzed for or
search engine purposes you can simply type them in. I’m going to type in
domains and I’m gonna have it analyze this page content for that key phrase. So
as you can see the key phrase is in the first paragraph which is great. It is not
in the meta description, which we’ll fix here in a second and then it’s not in
the h1 tag so, but it does contain it the key phrase in the page title which you can
see the page title there. It also includes the key phrase in the URL which
you can find that there. So let’s get started as try to get as many greens as
we can as up as we can on here. So I want to start here with the title page. All I
simply have to do is click on this link here and it’s gonna take me back to
where I can do that and again if you have a FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS site
you will not have this unless you have the SEO Maximizer install our configure.
So I want to start here I already have some pre-written
copy. I’m gonna change the title from Domains to Domains:
Information and Registration as you can see it I’ve met the recommendation so
this turned green. I’m gonna go ahead and save that. Once I save that I’m gonna go
next to try to fix the meta description which of the page which is at zero right
now there’s no content on there. Again I have already pre-written some copy for
that and you know pasted it in here and you can see 138 characters long. It’s
between the recommended characters so that’s great I even added a call to
action there and I’m going to hit save. So once I do that I want to go back to
the page and I want to have the SEO Maximizer re-analyze what the changes
that I’ve done. I want to go back here I’m going to hit SEO analyzer once more.
Okay and as you can see we have green town for the meta description and you
can also see you can see that up here it’s right there. Obviously this all
changed because of the edits that I’ve done. My title is changed, my Meta
Description now is currently there as before I didn’t have anything in there.
It’s still saying that the image on this page is missing an alt attribute will
take care of that in a second. We had already met this requirement,
page titles between 35 and 65 character recommendation which is great we’ve got
another green thumb there. We still don’t have an h1 and this copy will take
care of that. Now how do we and what did that those edits do to the key
phrase. So click on that okay the key phrase is in
the first paragraph which we already had that. The key phrases in the meta
description which is great. We still haven’t taken care of the h1 title
it contains the key phrase and the URL contains the key phrase. So I
mean the next step I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take care of the h1 tag and I’m
gonna take care of the alt attribute on the image. So I’m just going to close
this dialog box and I am going to hit edit content. Now I’m gonna go on here I
want to highlight domains because I want that to be my h1 tag. I want to click
that which per SEO Maximizer recommendation that is one thing I
needed to fix. Next thing is I’m gonna click on the image then I’m gonna
right-click and I’m gonna hit properties, and I am going to add an alt text to
this image which again already pre-wrote. So I just hit OK
and those are the only changes I want to make for right now I’m gonna hit Save
Changes and I am going to run the analyzer one more time and ok so we now
have all greens there. I’m going to retype the key phrase that I am working
on and there you go now I have all greens all the way around which is great,
because that’s the goal you want to get as many green thumbs up as you can
depending on the goal that you have for that page and the search engine keywords
or terms that you’re trying to get that page rank for. So that’s the SEO
Maximizer on page analysis and analyzer and how you can utilize it to fix your
pages. Now one other cool feature of the SEO Maximizer tool is the SEO Toolbin.
So what the SEO Toolbin allows you to do is if you have you know obviously you
were gonna have many pages on your website,
so let’s say that you want to batch update the page titles and the meta
descriptions of these pages to optimize them as best you can.
So if you go to webmaster tools SEO Toolbin and if you don’t see the SEO Toolbin again that means that your FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS website does not
have the SEO Maximizer a module enabled or installed.
So that’s a key thing to look for. So once if you have it you can click on it
and then on here you have these tools available to you. So if I want to just
find all pages that are missing Meta Description I just check that box and I
want to hit search and it’s going to query this and all these pages that are
on here do not have a Meta Description. Okay I can select multiple pages to edit
at the same time I’m gonna hit edit and then I can just start typing. So I am
going to just fix one for now. So I’m gonna again I have pre-written copy
and as you can see the new title of this page meets the recommendation or the
page title and I want to add a Meta Description. Again it meets the
recommendation and I can do this for the rest of these if I you know want to so
again it’s a cool little tool that allows you to batch update a lot of the
page titles in the Meta Descriptions. I’m just going to simply hit update selected
sections and that took care of that. So now if I run this again that
Office 365 page is not there anymore. So that is the SEO Maximizer tool. If you
have a FlipperSiteDeveloper website and want to take advantage of this is
intuitive easy to use search engine optimization tool you know give us
contact us love to help you with it. If you have other questions about FlipperSiteDeveloper in general we also love to help you with that. Thank you for
watching this video. Again if you have questions please contact us at 316-651-0551 or email us at [email protected]
Thank you for watching the video and until next time.

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