SEO Moz – Great SEO Training Resource, Cheat Sheet 3
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SEO Moz – Great SEO Training Resource, Cheat Sheet 3

hi guys just found a resource I thought
would be really really handy for your its on
what was SEO Moz which is now just but they’ve now got a web developers SEO cheat sheet versions 3. And if we scroll down here shows you what kind of things would be in this cheat sheet now this is great
for SEO training or if you’ve got new person starting with
your company that really doesn’t know much and need a
little teach you like this but it’s it’s great for anybody to start
an online to get there the basics SEO training under
their belt alright I will put a link in the
description underneath here for you too go here and download the cheat sheet it is a direct link it’s no email
required for it so you can pretty much go and download
it on But again I’ll leave a link
underneath for this great SEO training

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