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SEO Powersuite Review & How I Use It – The Best SEO Tools

Hi guys, Matthew Woodward here and welcome
to my SEO power suite review. SEO Powersuite is a suite of SEO tools that I use on a daily
basis. It is one my core tools thatís that gives
me the edge over the competition. I use it for a huge range of tasks from website audits
to link building Its critical to my business, I would be lost
without it! You can use SEO Powersuite to manage every aspect of your SEO campaigns. It includes 4 separate tools which are website
auditor, rank tracker, SEO spyglass and link assistant. I’ll cover each one separately
throughout this video. You can use it for everything including completing
detailed SEO audits & reviews, tracking all of your rankings in every search engine, finding
and downloading yours or your competitors backlinks and discovering high quality link
partners. And some of my readers will be happy to hear
its compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux which is rare for an SEO tool! The Website Auditor tool is great for getting
an overall picture of your sites onsite SEO It will spider your entire site downloading
relevant information. Using that data it will check for a range
of onsite issues. You can use it to optimise your site structure
and internal linking. There are a huge range of detailed reports
that you can brand as your own. But most importantly it will help you to identify
and fix onsite issues quickly and easily. The Rank Tracker tool is the most advanced
rank tracking solution available today. You can check rankings for as many different
URLs and keywords as you want up to 1,000 results deep.
You can also monitor all of your competitors rankings & compare your performance.
It supports well over 300 different search engines around the world.
You can setup totally hands free scheduling and updates.
There are a huge range of detailed reports that you can brand as your own.
But most importantly you own and control the data – if you use a web based service you
could lose all your historical ranking data in the blink of an eye. Any former SE Scout
customers will testify to how important owning your data is. SEO Spyglass is a very handy tool. Firstly it allows you to find and download
backlinks It can grab these from a huge range of sources
including its own private database You can use it find your own or your competitors
backlinks Then you can compare your backlink profile
with your competitors to identify weakness and opportunities
It provides detailed analysis with a huge range of metrics
and you can export a range of detailed brand able reports. LinkAssistant can be used throughout your
link building tasks It is great for identifying potential link
partners and prospects Once identified you can use the mass mailing
& management features to contact them all You can keep track of all of your campaigns
with ease However I use it slightly differently to automate
my guest posting campaigns. Please see the separate how to tutorial on my site for more
details about that. So letís have a detailed look about website
auditor and see how it all works and how we set up our first audit. So this is what website auditor looks like
and to get started all you need to do is enter the URL you want to conduct an audit for here
and enable the expert options, click next. Now here you can choose lots of different
factors for it to check against your site, so Iím going to leave all the internal factors
ticked. External factors all I want to know is the page rank, my pages I donít really
care about cash dates and down here you can check various options for the structure and
coding of the website and Iím going to tick all of these. Then you just click on next.
And scan all pages of no depth limits and leave all of these settings at default. And
it will now go out and spider your website and check against all of those different factors
and come back with their report. So while it does that Iím just going to pause the
video. Okay thatís now finished and its found 174 URLs in total and took 10 minutes so we
can click finish. And now it will say, do you want to go and update the various over
ranking factors that it can check. So we can click on yes here and again we have lots of
different ranking factors. Some of them weíve seen before some of them we havenít. And
you can also click on add more ranking factors here and you can include things like social
media functions and checks and weíre going to include all of those. As well as ticks
over options on word and initially available on the first run of this site. So we go click
okay here, then we can say where we got the internal factors for, external factors we
collected all of those before and we donít the cash dates, the social media stuff itís
pretty cool and the one structure factor that we didnít get before which was page size.
So now we can just click on next and it will go out and fetch all of those metrics for
automatically. So Iím going to pause the video while it completes. So website auditor
has finished updating all of that and if we click on finish, we can now start having a
look at all of these different information that it has returned. Now a lot of this does not make much sense
and is difficult to kind of review at first glance. So Iím just going to take you through
a few of the different ways we can view this data. You can see all of the different reports
up here on this dropdown, so we can look at all of our pages by page rank, so we can look
at all the PR 2 pages on my site, along with some different information about each of them
and we can have a look at pages of html validation arrows and we can look at popularity and social
media and see how our pages perform there. So look at this page weíve had a hundred
twitter mentions, 66 mentions on Facebook and as youíve probably noticed Google plus
has not been reported there. And to pull out that trick on what we do is click on here
to edit the report and we can choose to add some additional columns in here. so letís
find page Google plus ones move that one over and we will have it display that after twitter,
Facebook, Google plus 1. And click okay, okay again and there you can see the new column
there reporting all of our plus ones. So thatís social sharing and things like
that. But where it really comes into its own is the reports it generates. You can enter
the company branding if youíre going to be selling these reports but Iím not going to.
Letís wait for it to generate, okay so very quickly we can get some statistics about the
crawl and the issues that itís had. Weíve got one page of a missing title tag, threes
8 pages of title text too long, 2 page titles and meta descriptions and 63 pages with no
meta description tag at all and lots of html validations arrows lots of CSS validation
arrows. We can see how Google PR is distributed across the pages there. And lots of statistics
including broken bulletin, stats and things like that. So a very kind of brief overview
report. You can actually come and get a much more detailed look at things which will break
everything down for you even further. And lets come down and have a look, weíve
got all of the crawl stats again and we can take a look at pages weíve redirected clients
servers. A list of those pages with the missing tag there it is. Pages by the title text too
long, we can see a lot of forum topics there theyíre going to need addressing. Pages are
duplicate titles and you just get the general idea. You can just kind of run through this
report and go through taking it off as you fix things. Lots of html error Iím surely
going to have to take a look at that. And what else have we got, Iím assuming Iíve
got some broken links across my site, I actually done an audit on it for a long time, youíd
be surprised what crops up in these audits when youíve done one or even not done one
for a few months. It doesnít seem I have any broken links. So that is the website order again all of
these reports are completely customizable and each one of them looks a bit different
and there we go. Thatís just a slightly different with a few more bits of information there.
But again these are the customized bulk. You can include or exclude this information as
you want most links 2 pages there, most links from pages no follow up tribute, status quotes,
content analysis loads and loads and loads of different factors of your site analyzed
through these different reports here. So that is the website auditor. And now letís
move on to rank tracker and look out how you can set that auto track your rankings and
all of your competitors. So this is rank tracker. This is what youíll see the first time you
start the software. So you just want to enter the URL of the site. You want to check the
rankings for and click on next. And it will go out and fetch your site initially. Then
you can choose which search engine you want to check your rankings for and these are all
categorized by country so you can go for USA or Google or you might wanted Google and Bing
for example. But as I am on the UK, trying to rank a UK website I will choose Google
uk, Bing UK and yahoo uk and then click on next. You can then enter a link of keywords, Iím
just going to enter a very short list Iíve prepared just to show you how the rank tracker
works. And click on next. And this will now go out and check the rankings for my site
against all of those keywords. And as you can see its currently going through 10 pages
of results which is the first hundred results but you can actually configure it to check
the top one thousand if you want to. And if we click on finish here we can take a look
at what itís found. So for by SEO not in the top 100 in here Bing but number 1in Google
UK and if we look down here we get a little graph but Iíd say this is a first check were
not going to see much historical data I will show you a little bit of that a little bit
later on and here we can see Iím number 1 across the board from my name, my name with
SEO and for the link building, content machine review number 1 in Google, number 4 in Google
for just content machine and number 1 in Google UK for buy SEO. So that is the basics of rank tracker and
you saw how quickly it was to check open the rankings for 6 keywords. You get lots of different
views here, allow you to monitor whatís going on. You can get a more detailed view here
as well as visibility differences and things like that. You can see whatís top 10 in any
search engine. So Iím just going to load a historical project of lots of historical
data to show this off to you a bit more. So let me just pause the video. Okay so here
is one of my personal sites, Iím tracking the Google ranking USA for it. As you can
see from this rank graph it used to perform pretty well till it got slapped and Iíve
just been working the last few months to bring it back up and it is finally. And as you can
see lots and lots of number 1 spots here, number 3 and you can see the trend here with
this lap and the increase. This one looked like it got away relatively unscathed. This
one this lap and the increase and you can see this kind of history for all of your keywords.
You can also have a look at the history records, and look at all the different check dates
and what ranking it was each date that you checked it. And you can also have a look at
the visibility graph to see how visible it was in the search engines, how its changed
over time and you can also connect your Google analytics account and see how many visits
you got from the specific keyword and how that has changed over time. So it gives you a rally good overview of your
rankings as well as the traffic that brings. You can also get lots of different views like
we can get a more detailed view here and just look at the differences or we can perhaps
just say Iíd like to know about the keywords that are losing positions and just look at
those and see what can be done to reverse that or you can have a look at say what keywords
have netted the results and we can say here 1 has entered the top 1000 as I check it.
You can just look at what keywords have dropped from the top results and have a look at why
that is. So as you can see thereís plenty for you to look at in terms of rank tracking
here and what it can do. You can also export lots of different types of reports perfect
for showing your boss or clients and thereís loads of different reports you can pick from
here and you can completely customize them as well as to what data each of them includes
thereís various tags that you can use there as well as fully brand them up your company
profile and logos so if youíre an SEO company you can brand it with reports to give to your
clients. Thereís lots of settings such as proxy rotation, human emulation, the rank
checking mode allows you to specify the number of results to check . Thereís loads of different
options in here. If you want it to, I havenít done it in this example here but you can also
add in your competitors and their URL and it will also track their rankings against
yours. And then the ranking graphs down here, you will actually see how your competitorís
rankings compared to yours directly. So this is rank tracker, hopefully you can see why
I think it is the best rank tracking software the amount of features which itís got is
really advanced and more importantly you own all of these historical data is. All local
and saved to your computer. So as long as you can keep a back up of that you will never
ever lose your historical ranking data. So letís move swiftly on to the detailed
look on the SEO spyglass where you can use it to find and download all of your backlinks.
So this is what youíll see when you first launch SEO spyglass. You can either enter
a keyword that you want to rank for here and it will downloads all of the backlinks so
the people currently ranking. Or you can enter a specific URL which is what Iím going to
do here so I just type my blog address into here show expert options is checked and click
next. We can choose from various backlink sources and it will go out and check on each
of these for backlinks pointing to our URL. Iím just going to use all the USA ones and
click next. And you can also connect your Google analytics account to see which backlinks
can actually bring a new traffic. So Iím just going to pause the video while I do that. Okay I have done that and we can tell it to
find an unlimited number of backlinks and to automatically exclude duplicates. Click
on next and it will automatically go out and fetch all of those for us. And as you can
see very quickly it has returned 815 backlinks in just over 10 seconds. And Iím just going
to cancel this task for the sake of sharing and oh there we go itís done. So 18 seconds
to find 826 backlinks. We can click on finish. And you can see a list of all the links here
and now we just need to go out and fetch some additional data about them. So it promises
to do that click on yes and here you can see lots of different factors to choose from.
You can also add some more factors in here such as indexation popularity and social media
popularity and various other factors here. so Iím just going to leave the default ones
in play here, domain age domain IP, domain page, elixir rank domain directory, demos
listing, yahoo directory listing. Various page info and external factors. So we can
click on next and that will go out and update all of those factors for us for our 826 backlinks.
So Iím just going to pause the video while it foes that. Okay so itís taken just in 9 minutes to get
all the data and 826 links if we click on finish. Straight away weíve got a list of
our links here along with a title wherever itís still linking or not. What anchor text
do you use the anchor text URL the page PR, how many external links are on the backlink
page and the total links including internal links and other factors such as link value
IP and domain page rank and things like that. Now all of these columns are all sortable
so we can have a lot up here and weíll find down here, I have got a PR five link coming
in here and Iíve also got a page rank full link coming here. And we can always
sort this data as well and we can remove all of the links that no longer link back here.
and weíve got lots of nodes there lots and lots of nodes, highlight those and just press
delete or delete, remove backlinks here. and that would delete those. So now weíre just
left with the lit of all active backlinks and we can look at all different types of
reports up here. But most interestingly is the statistics and we can get a range of stats
about all of our links broken down into different tabs. So letís take a look at some of those.
So we can see what domain extensions our links are coming from, nearly 91% are coming from
.coms. the domain and the number of links and its percentage of links coming from each
domain. So as you can see traffic planet there, your account 44% of my entire link profile
which is pretty high. Domain page rank we can get a breakdown of the page rank of the
domains that are linking to us so we can see mostly PR 3 domains coming in here. Webpage
PR so the actual PR of the page is that are linking to you mostly a hyphen a few zeros,
some 1s, 2s, 3s,4s and a 5. And thatís a pretty much natural looking profile. You can
also look at what keywords are coming in as well as the anchor text and the percentage
across all of your pages here and various other things such as the most commonly used
anchor URL, IP address country whether your backlinks have the mass listings or not, yahoo
listings and whether they can link back to you. So that is the general statistics letís
take a look at some of the reports. So you can customize your reports into your own branding
if you want to, I donít want to. And letís have a look at the initial report it generates.
You can see various statuses about your backlinks, and you know the age, geography, text versus
image do follow verses no follow. The top 30 rank URLs, top 30 anchor texts and various
over items here and youíve all sorts of written reports build in that you can choose from,
letís just have a look at this one while it builds that. And this is just a complete
list of all of the backlinks along with the details of them. SEO success blueprint letís
have a look at that report. And here we go. So letís see this is just an ordinary report
with a bit of information of your backlinks in it. But all of these reports are completely
customizable. You can add and remove different sections as and when you want to. And these
are great for sending to your clients or to your boss just to appease them with different
statistics and its also a great tool for looking to your competitors backlinks because you
can see very quickly and easily exactly why they rank and not only that but the anchor
text theyíre using and have the ability to visit the page and try and get the same link
that theyíve got. So overall SEO spyglass is a great tool. If you really wanted to you
could come up here and add in over projects to compare against so if you have the project
for your competitors so you can actually compare your entire backlink profile against your
competitors. See where youíre stronger and try and replicate their links where possible.
So that is SEO spyglass. And last but not least is the link assistant
for finding high quality links. So this is link assistant and its really good at finding
places to get high quality links from. And I also use it to automate guest posting but
thereís a separate tutorial available for that on my blog. So letís get started. Letís just enter our websiteís URL here
and click on next and that will go out and fetch some relevant information and the anchor
text to rank for, brief description for our site and next contact name and email address
and click finish. And first thing that we want to do is look up some potential link
partners. And to do that you click on search and you got a few options here, you can find
sites by keyword search or sites which have link submission forms etc so letís do the
keyword search one first. Make sure enable options is ticked click on next enter keywords
Iím just going to go with SEO, nice and easy next. And these are the search engines it
will use to find potential partners click next. And you can tell it to acquire a certain
number of partners just for this example Iíve set that to 10 and click next. You can use
the interested partners filter so it will only return results where it already has resources
directory partners links or recommended. Iím going to click next here and I leave this
at default and I always tick this. And these are ranking actions and filters
so you can actually just return sites that have you can say I only want to see these
sites which have the domain page rank of more than PR 2. And it will only return link partners
with domains of PR 2 or more, Iím just going to untick all of the filters here. And then
it will go out search search engines for you and go and process data for potential link
partners. So Iím just going to pause it while it does that. Okay thatís finished and here
are the results and you can pick which ones to add to your partnerís list so Iím just
going to take a few here and click next. And finish. And right here you can see here is the potential
partner domains and link to the resources page where you may be able to get a link as
well as their email addresses to contact them. So letís just have a look at the over search
methods, letís just take a look at find sites that link submission forms quickly. And again
weíre going to go with SEO, here you can type all of the different partner scripts
at it, its compatible with I just leave them all ticked, click next. And next here and
weíre going to find another potential 10 partners using the interested partners filter,
getting the complete URLs without any of these filters in play. And that will go out and
find it for us so letís just pause the video. Okay so weíve got some more partners here
and in fact just tick them all and bring them all in. click next next and finish. So here you can see weíve got lots of potential
partners and we can include some additional information here by editing the report and
such as we can find out the domain page rank the elixir rank possibly if we wanted to get
traffic from our links as well. Click on okay, okay again and to get that information we
need to click on update, update ranking factors and here we can see the different factors
we can choose from, we can also add more ranking factors in here. also social media metrics
in that just to review each domain thoroughly before you decide you want a backlink from
it. So Iím just going to get rid of that and include those click next and you can see
thatís going quickly and updating those for us. And now we can sort by domain PR, or elixir
rank, so youíve got a couple of options now you can either visit the various backlink
pages that itís found and you can see here some resource pages and some link exchange
pages that you can probably just visit and submit your link to. Otherwise you can send
them all in email, we can see its automatically extracted emails here so we can highlight
those right click, click send email to selected partners. Now link assistant comes with some
default templates here and this is a default template that you can see and you can add
your own templates in and I recommend writing your own template here because this is generally
used to propose a link exchange. When really what you want to happen is just them linked
to you. So feel free to customize the emails that
go out here to your heartís content and stop prospecting people for some potential links
and you can then manage it all. Iíve actually done nothing in here but if you come up to
the reports again and theyíre brandable you can get reports on your activities with your
link building throughout this tool. Itís just really nice and easy way to find potential
partners getting in touch with them, getting links with your competitors cannot get and
itís really an invaluable tool especially if youíre doing backlinking and things like
that. And I just wanted to quickly show you this
project from my guest post automation tutorial which you can find on my blog. Hey you can
see how I have got a list of potential link partners all have right pages so they accept
guests posts and then if I want to contact any of these and request a guest post. So
letís say okay this week Iím going to try and guest post for these guys. I can just
right click, send email to selected partners. Up here Iíve got a special email I wrote
called guest post request. That introduces me, who I am and of course an article and
quickly just click on send okay and send the email out to all of these partners. Come up
to the mail tab here and any replies that I get, I can manage them all through here
and then, over here you can just update the statuses of your attempt so as you can see
up here guest post request sent, Iíve sent them a request and Iíve had a response. These
guys Iíve not yet contacted and if we just sort this status column, and Iíve got status
here the guest post live on the back page here the guest post is live on. So link assistant
has a huge amount of uses if you think about it properly, I like using it for guest posting
personally as you can see so be sure to check out the tutorial on my blog which covers that
vast detail. So that pretty much wraps up my review. SEO
Powersuite consists of- Website Auditor, which you can use to conduct
details SEO audits. Rank Tracker, to track all of your rankings
and your competitors performance. SEO Spy Glass, to download and analyse all
of your backlinks. And Link assistant, for finding potential
link partners and prospects. I have used SEO Powersuite for about 3 years
now and is an essential suite of tools for any serious SEO.
Don’t forget there is a 100% free trial for you to download and play with! Thanks for watching my review. If you want
to watch some high quality SEO tutorials then head over to my blog right now at If you have any questions, just visit my site
and click on ask a question. Feel free to sign up to my email list in my
sidebar or at the end of one of my posts, see ya!


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