SEO Testing: How To SEO Hack Social Media 2020

Hello, my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s video, I want to discuss some SEO testing and some Citation experiments that I’ve been implementing and examining that I think will be really fun I have been testing this for the past three days on other accounts, but I decided to go ahead and share it with you So you can implement it. I’d really like to know what you feel before I continue my tests and I’ll know the answer myself But first before I get into this citation method that’s going to be hosted on Using the Instagram platform and I’m also going to test this exact method on the Twitter platform I want to first cover what exactly a Citation is just so we’re all on the same page here so a citation simply put a Google citation is a mention on a website that lists your name address And phone number also known as your NAP , and Google is constantly searching the internet looking for local information that matches the business listing the more citations The more mentions the more popular the better off your business is. we’re not going to get into discussion in my opinion I think any mention especially on a site that’s as powerful as Instagram being a DA93 website that’s going to host my NAP . Let’s just jump into it Let me show you what I’ve been playing with on other sites This will be the first time that I make it public on my public account So how you go about doing this as obviously we are on the desktop So we don’t want to go to our developer tools desktop so we can then make posts on these social media platforms this will be considered the first post of What I’m about to show you that’s going to be a citation hosted by this social media giant Instagram So how we create the citation and how we get our own URL that we can send then send backlinks to? Get indexed and hopefully have an ultra-powerful Citation pointing out our website. I think it will also take up a space in the SERP plus I think popularity of a hashtag I think all their posts need to be sent to it again. This is beginning stages of testing I just want to share with you. Okay, So how you would go about this is we want to use uppercase Alright, so the name of my company is and then the address I’m doing just how it would be inside of Google All right, let’s double check and make sure that everything is here. We have our name or address, city state, zip code and phone number name ,address, Phone number NAP. This is where it really gets fun because Instagram is going go ahead and host this All right. Now we’ll go ahead and share that now this is the part that gets really fun This is what I wanted to share with you. know, now as you know, we know that Hashtags are just like URLs and can be linked out to. Hashtags from Instagram will index inside of Google. now that we have this this hashtag is live We click on the hash tag now I have the very first post and if you look up here in the URL bar as you can see here I have my name address and phone number or NAP which is going to be a citation being hosted by, Instagram and then as you can see right here look at I have my local backlink citation is right here and The very first post you look at this showcase. I mean you could put your picture there you could put your business logo there. Right ,because when this index and it shows up in Google if somebody were to click on it because it’s just going to be another powerful piece that’s up in the Serb a Potential customer could click on it. They’ll go to this page. They’ll see your business. They’ll see your face This is new. This is new testing. No one is doing this. I’m showing you first. Okay, so Let’s move on now. What’s really great is we can go ahead and take this. We’re just gonna go over To Twitter, now this site is also very good for getting things indexed, but they also have a hashtag system But their hashtags are set up a little bit differently. Now. I’ve already been playing with this on other websites I do not think that Twitter will act the same But I think it’ll be absolutely wonderful for may be sending potential backlink link juice or getting this Helping this link along get indexed like I mentioned I’ve done this It’s I’ve moved on to about my 3rd day of testing on the other sites. I think that it needs some other backlinks I also think that other people need to post to it I think it needs to be popularized in order for it to be indexed I don’t that Instagram is a very powerful website You would think that it would index instantly, but if a particular hashtag is not gaining momentum I don’t think that it holds the same amount of weight again. I’m still in testing phase So it’s rather new. Um, this concept was derived by a very good partner of mine We’ve been playing with this concept So in any case we’re gonna go ahead and tweet this out And let me show you how this stands on the Twitter platform. And again, we’re sitting at DA-93 web site and by opinion, Relatively powerful website. So if we take a look and we click on the hashtag now that has been created again, now they have a SRC which is almost like a embed of sorts, But this is a hashtag if I click on the hashtag it brings me to a page and we’re at slash Hashtags and again in the URL. Twitter’s a lot different than Instagram It’s not it doesn’t seem like it’s holding the same amount of weight now There is a URL that is hosting my name address and phone number NAP details Building a citation, but I do not think that this is going to act the same as Instagram now if you really enjoyed this method, This is some new testing that I’m playing with. I wanted to show to you I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video. if you have any questions regarding SEO testing, regarding SEO, digital marketing, local seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, Facebook Ads really anything leave it in the comments below I’m always happy to help you. if you have anything else ask me I’ll help and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO, local SEO testing video. Have a wonderful day

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