SEO Tools used by Tim Lane Senior Digital Strategist at Geonetric, Sherry Bonelli Early Bird Digital
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SEO Tools used by Tim Lane Senior Digital Strategist at Geonetric, Sherry Bonelli Early Bird Digital

Pros and cons not like the full review but
you know what’s your go-to I have two main tools that I often recommend the
first one is a little bit more of a basic tool but I think especially if
you’re not thinking about SEO all the time when you’re trying to get into the
mindset of it there’s a Chrome extension called keywords everywhere you can
install it and basically it just shows you keyword data for any Google search
that you perform it also shows it in various places like on YouTube and
things like that I think it’s just a good reminders especially if you’re you
know looking at your site from Google standpoint or you’re looking at
competitors and things like that you can sort of see which keywords are people
playing in order related terms what they’re searching for and things like
that so that one I think is a little bit less actionable because it’s very like a
cute to the scenario that you’re in when you’re googling something but I would
say our main tool that we use for all of our clients and both big and small is is
H refs and it’s it’s really a pretty comprehensive tool it does everything
from backlink analysis to rank tracking for different keywords and keyword
research and all kind of stuff so if you really want to get into it and develop
your own triada if you didn’t really find actionable data and insights I
think that’s that’s probably my top pick for for that tool set yeah so H roughs
is also that’s a little it’s a higher-priced
yeah so it’s it’s monthly how much to that your agency great but I think it’s
around $200 a month probably if you get like once I start yeah so okay so SEM
rushes is about same so I I like SEM rush that’s a tool that I like another
toy like just for like foundational ranking reports as bright local that’s a
super simple way to kind of check and see where you’re ranking for keywords
rank is a little bit difficult to gauge because everyone sees different results
so it’s not dry as it used to be but it gives you a
good idea as far as how you’re ranking so bright local is a good tool they have
other tools as well their reputation tools where you can ask for reviews from
clients or customers on your website so they have other tools as well but I like
great local Ellis McGrath is a really easy to use keyword research tool I
think it’s like $49 a year or something like that but it’s super simple to use
and really easy to enter keyword in you can also get suggestions as far as like
content suggestions which is kind of cool and then if you’re trying to figure
out which type of questions people are real people are asking about a topic
answers in public is a really good way to find out what real people are asking
about a particular topic so you just enter in a keyword and you’ll find a ton
of questions that people are asking about that subject very creepy homepage
very you’ll see what I mean my favorite tools we use right local and some SEM
Russian all those but Google Analytics and Google search console are probably
my two favorite tools they’re both free I really liked looking at my own data to
make decisions and see what my users are doing as opposed to just the market
ideally they should be very similar if not the same but it’s not always the
case I chose very rarely the case so I used those and kind of analyzed where
things are going well I might say or think is going wrong search console lets
you see search queries and people typed in to get to your website which is a
great place to start optimize your keywords and do some keyword research
around that keyword planning tool from Google for keyword research to kind of
see what kind of volume you can expect I like a lot of really free tools I like
to just kind of analyze that sort of data but search console and analytics
are pretty much my I don’t know about you guys what I found
is that yeah I like to have a couple different tools because what I found is
that some tools do some things better than others and so yeah I mean I have
several different tools that I use just because some of them are easier to use
in some areas some of them have better content analysis or analysis tools
better than others I mean there some of them just do better things so I’d like
to have a couple of them like I said SEO people love tools they try everything
they buy all them so who here has

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