SEO Tools You Need to Know About
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SEO Tools You Need to Know About

SEO, every professional services firm knows
they need do it, but it’s the thing that confounds us the most. What is SEO? SEO is simply getting the right audience to
your content by use of relevant keywords. And the best way to think about SEO is a balance
across three key concepts. That is, volume, how often are people searching
for this, and how many people on a monthly basis? How difficult is a particular keyword to rank
for? And how relevant is it to the audience that
you are trying to drive to that particular piece of content? Well, the good news is that, while it is be
fairly complex to figure out the right keyword, much of this can be done for free using Google. So, the first thing we would encourage you
to do is just go to Google and type in the keyword or phrase that you’re considering,
and once you do that you get a series of other ideas, keyword ideas that you can consider. The next thing that you wanna do after that
is to go to Google trends, this shows the interest level and volume of a particular
keyword or phrase over a time, very important to consider. And lastly, you would wanna go to Google Adwords
keyword planner. This helps identify the volume and competitive
level of a particular keyword. Now here if you look at the bottom of the
screen in the red circle, you see the word, low. Google Adwords planner gives you low, medium,
high for levels of difficulty. It may be more instructive for you to use
something that has a paid subscription, and tells you the actual number of the competitive
ranking, that way you can map that number to your own domain authority. Now, this is a pretty complex process and
if you’re interested in learning more, I would encourage you to go to
and check out our Visible Firm Course where we explain in great detail, all the whys and
wherefores of SEO. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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  • B Judd

    Check out
    It has a free trial and does offer the actual number of competitive ranking. Pretty cool when i compared to other SEO analysers.

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