SEO Tutorial –  Alt tags and picture images
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SEO Tutorial – Alt tags and picture images

Now the next SEO tips I want to talk about
what are called �ALT tags�. Now before we actually look at these, let�s
see why they�re important. If you go to Google and do a search for the
�Google Webmaster Guidelines�. This will come up and if you click here, this
will show you the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Now, if you go and investigate Google Webmaster
Guidelines, which is an absolute essential if you�re serious about SEO, if you come
down here is a section that says �Help Google understand your pages�. And if you go and expand this section here,
you will find there are bits in here about the ALT text, so for instance it says �Ensure
that your Title elements and ALT attributes are descriptive specific and accurate�. So, that�s why it�s important to get your
ALT tags is right, because basically Google tells you to do that, within the Google Webmaster
Guidelines, and as always if Google says to do something, you don�t ask questions, you
just do it. So, what are ALT tags? Well, they were originally devised for people
with visual impairments, and the idea was that if you had some sort of visual impairment,
you could have software that would read the screen for you, and when it came to a picture,
it would look to see if there was any information behind the picture, in what was called an
ALT tag, short for �Alternative Tag�. And it would then read the information. So, the idea was it would help people with
visual impairments. Now Google has supported this and also taken
it a stage further, so what happens is, Google will now read your ALT tags to try and get
information about what your particular webpage is about. So, it�s very important that you use lots
of pictures within your website and each picture should have an ALT tag embedded behind it. So, let�s see how you would actually do
this in something like WordPress. In WordPress, if you want to insert a picture,
you just go here, �Add Media�, find the picture you want, this one here for instance,
click on where it says �Insert into page�, and you�ve now got a picture there. If you wanted to put an ALT tag behind this
picture, you are just simply click on the picture, click here where it says �Edit�,
then you can have your alternative text. Like for instance �SEO training in Perth�. As I run SEO training courses within Perth. And if I just click on �Update�. You don�t see it here and if I click on
�Update� here and then preview it. So, if we preview that page. You don�t see it as such, but Google reads
the information behind the page. Again, if you�re using WordPress, you�ve
got these 2 tabs here, one called �Visual� and one called �Text�. So, if I click where it says �Text�, you
can see this is the code behind the page, and it�s inserted this ALT tag here, and
the ALT tag says �SEO training in Perth�. So, that is exactly what Google will read. Again, if you really study the Google Webmaster
Guidelines from end-to-end and really get to know them off by heart, very soon you will
come to realise that what Google likes above all else is text. So, this basically is a way of giving Google
some text to supplement the information about the picture. Because Google doesn�t really understand
what pictures are about, at least not yet.


  • Pro Stuff

    I have a Question About Webpage:
    I manually optimize my pics from tinypng website. Before Optimization, my webpage was on number 3 on bing but After optimiztion I changed the Alt text of pics. And Now my webpage is not showing on Bing anymore.
    Any Guidline. I will be very thankful to you!
    for keyword= "spongebob meme"

  • Muhammad Shabbir Hassan

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Remove music, not allowed in Islam

    Read Quran, ALLAH your creator is talking with you

    Follow Islam because there is no salvation without Islam

  • VIP Floral

    I have a very hard time with the ALT TAG. I'm using powerpoint and I save PDF. After that when I open the picture in another browser or email, the picture doesn't have the alt tag. Can you help, please? thank you

  • Allen Horn

    Hey Mr. Murray, I just watched your video. I am a person with visual impairments and rely heavily on text to speech readers to get through college. The problem that I have is most textbooks are not equipped with alt tags for pictures, and other infographics. One thing that I would ask for anyone reading this… Please use more descriptive, relevant, information when recording the alt tag data. I mean no disrespect, however, the photo that was used in this video, does not tell the reader what is in the picture. For those of us who use text to speech programs, the information needs to be more succinct. 

    For example, as a person who is visually impaired as well as being a web designer, I would add something like the following: "This is a picture of a man at the 2017 SEO training in Perth, laying on the ground, with his laptop, smiling". Now I realize that this is more time and effort. However, if things are to be truly accessible… then perhaps designers should blind-fold themselves and listen to the interaction between the pictures and text to speech tools to determine whether or not the information has been conveyed in a comprehensive, and more descriptive manner.
    "knowledge is the power that transforms dreams into reality". ~Allen Horn

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