SEO Tutorial –  How to check for broken links | SEO Tips
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SEO Tutorial – How to check for broken links | SEO Tips

The next SEO tip I am going to show you is how
to check for broken links. Now first off, why are broken links important? Basically, because Google says it doesn�t
like them. Now what you need to do, is to do a search
within Google, using the phrase �Google Webmaster Guidelines�. Like so. And that will take you to this page here,
and if you click on that this page, it is really the starting page for learning about
SEO, because this is not my opinion, or somebody else�s opinion, this is from Google. Now if we look here there are three sets of
things. There is �Help Google find your pages�. There�s �Help Google understand your pages�. And there�s �Help visitors use your pages�. And if I go and click on the down arrow here. This second bullet point here, it says �ensure
that all links go to live pages�. That�s basically Google-speak for, don�t
have any broken links. So, these are the Webmaster Guidelines, these
are from Google, so basically anything listed here, in these three sections here, and down
below, you must make sure, if Google says �don�t do them�, that you don�t do
them and if Google says �you do to them�, then you do to them, because if you want to
do well within Google, you must play by their rules. So clearly, as you can see here, you must
make sure that you don�t have any broken links. So how do you do that? Well, there are a number of ways. Probably the easiest way is to download a
free link checker. Now when you�re downloading free software,
you have to be very careful where you�re downloading it from. If you know the source website, you can go
directly there, for instance if you wanted something from Adobe, you�d go to the
website. In this case, it might not be clear where
the official site is. So, a little trick I do, is search using the
phrase, �Free Downloads�. And generally, the first item listed will
be this one, You could have gone straight there, but if
you can�t remember that, just search for �Free Downloads� within Google and generally
this is the one that is listed first. So, let�s click on this. And the reason I recommend you go here for
free software downloads, is that they do a certain amount of checking, so it�s like
a repository of free downloads, samples or demo versions or whatever. Or in some case, like this one, fully working
versions. So, what I have to do, is search using the
name of the program, which in this case is XENU, a bit of a strange name, and if I go
and search for that, you�ve got the usual adverts at the top, and here it is, and as
you can see, it�s free. So, if I click on this. I won�t actually do this because I�ve
already downloaded it. I could click where it says �Download Now�,
follow the instructions, and this would download a small program actually to your hard disk. You then run the install program. So I can close this down now. And when you run the program, it will look
something like this. So, the way you check your website, is to
go �File�, �Check URL�. Then just simply type the website in, so my
case it�s I have a number of websites, but this is one
of them. So, I just simply say OK. This is actually a tiny little website, so
this is going to be very fast. If you�ve got larger website this could
take a while. �Do you want to produce a report?�. Yes please. I�ll just cancel that. And here we are. It�s basically saying Ah, it�s found a
broken link, so it tells you where the broken link is, so in this case it�s on my homepage
and that�s the broken link. So, all I have to do in this case, is to go
to WordPress, and search for the broken link there, and I will go and fix that. So, that�s how you check for broken links. So, this program obviously doesn�t fix your
broken links, but just simply tells you how many broken links you�ve got, and where
they are.

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