SEO Video Tutorial – What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
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SEO Video Tutorial – What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Hi I’m Victoria Chemko, Principal of Umami Marketing and I’m coming to you today from the beautiful Hermosa Beach just
outside of LA. I’ll be talking to you to de-mystify search engine optimization
(also known as SEO), so keep on watching for all the details on this next edition
of the digital marketing postcard today’s topic came from subscriber Diana
from the turning point she just wanted to understand a little bit more about
search engine optimization so she can understand why she should be doing it
for her business search engine optimization is a way of optimizing your
website to make sure that the search engines like Google and Bing and all the
other ones out there ensure that your site is ranking at the top of the search
engine results pages there are so many millions of websites out there and you
want to make sure that you’re being found basically each of the search
engines are using a variety of factors in their algorithms to make sure that
your ranking at the top so at a high level some of these factors include
on-page optimization so basically one of the key factors is on page content so
what that means is making sure that you’ve got fresh and relevant content on
your website including what you’re actually writing for each of the pages
on your site as well as ensuring that you’ve got your SEO meta tags updated
properly with the proper content that would be relevant to your users so
another one of the ranking factors is your off page SEO which means links
basically you want to get as many links as you can from authoritative websites
and the more that you get the better it is for your rankings another ranking
factor that’s important is site usability so you want to make sure that
your user friendly for actual people who are searching for your site and not just
for the search engine spiders or bought this also includes making sure that
you’ve got optimal site speed and performance and that you’ve got easy to
find content that’s user-friendly for everybody so to summarize search engine
optimization is important because you want to
sure that your website is being fine found at the top of the search engine
rankings via things such as your on-page content you’re off page optimization via
links and also your site usability now that you know a little bit more about
SEO make sure to come over to our blog for all of our recent posts including
getting started tips some of our best and recommended tools to use as well as
the benefits of using it for your business if you like this video make
sure to subscribe to the Umami Marketing Youtube channel as well as our
digital marketing postcard. I’ll be back again in September from yet another
mystery location — in the meantime I’m gonna head over there and play some
beach volleyball! See you next month!

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