SEO Video Tutorial – What to Keep in Mind When Selecting Digital Marketing Tools
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SEO Video Tutorial – What to Keep in Mind When Selecting Digital Marketing Tools

Hello I’m Victoria Chemko, Principal of
Umami Marketing. I’m here in Pattaya, Thailand on the beach today to talk to
you a little bit about what you have to keep in mind when you’re selecting tools
and solutions for your digital marketing campaigns and your business as a whole
stay tuned for all the details on this edition of the digital marketing
postcard today’s question comes from subscriber nick of men and kills he
wanted to understand what we should keep in mind when he’s trying to select tools
and software for his business and his digital marketing first of all make sure
to keep in mind to mind saving as you know time is money so you want to make
sure to save as much I’d rather be spending my time not on my
computer but exploring a new city or else thinking about how else I can grow
my business so this is one thing that you need to keep in mind because if you
can save time by selecting a tool via rear paid then it’s definitely a no
brainer as long as it’s helping you in your overall business goals second of
all you want to keep in mind measurable ROI or return on investment if you can
use a tool that will then help you measure your are alive this makes your
life easier so that you can make better business decisions for example if you’re
using pay-per-click campaigns in Google Adwords this tool will help you
fine-tune budgets so that you can see how much you’re spending on a regular
basis as well as what campaigns are being more effective for you
see how much is costing for a specific conversion or sale when you thought all
this information in front of you so much easier to make a decision on what you
should do whether you could should be or allocate that budget or try something
different or just improve the current campaign and third you want to make sure
that there is an easy-to-use solution for you that allows for peace
repeatability and automation of processes in their business
sitting there trying to cobble together information across the board it’s easier
if you can use a tool to do this for you of course you could do something as easy
as Excel spreadsheets and gather your data from across your business and input
it so that you can calculate what you need
for your business decision however a lot of times easier to just
use a tool that’s already in existence so that you can not have to reinvent the
wheel this allows you to spend more time working on your business rather than in
your business so to summarize there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re
trying to select a digital marketing tool or solution for your business
time savings measurable ROI or return on investment and ease of use and
repeatability and automation that way you can spend more time working on your
digital marketing campaigns and less time actually putting together
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the next month in February from another location where we’ll be talking a little
bit about pay-per-click campaigns, so until then take care and have fun see
you soon!

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