SEO you need to know, October 2019
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SEO you need to know, October 2019

Welcome to SEO you need to know episode 21 it’s October 2019 I’m Digital Davidson this is all the Search news that
business owners need to know. Read on below for more information about what
this news might mean for your business along with suggested actions. Well it was a busy old month so Google announced a lot of stuff so I’m just going to crack
straight into it, so firstly they announced that self-serving reviews
were going to be removed from their search engine results pages, basically it
means you’re going to see a lot less star ratings alongside businesses own
content on the SERPs. Service area businesses have been told to check in to
their Google My Business profile and see whether their service area locations
have been updated and if they have, they’ve got the opportunity to change them. I read an interesting blog post on Sterling Sky about rank tracking locally and why
tracking by location isn’t always the best gauge for a business so please do
take a look at that. Google came out with two core search algorithm
updates this month and one of them told about the importance of original
reporting in your content rather than recycling old news. Search console was
improved to include fresher detail, er fresher data I should say, so it updates to the last
or five or six hours rather than two to three days which is great news. And they
also announced to the release of two new link attributes which are similar to
nofollow but not quite the same and finally they announced that there
was more control for us over what our content snippets look like on there SERPS so there’s quite a lot to pack in I hope you enjoy the content if you like this
please hit the share button and subscribe to our YouTube channel and I’ll see you
again next month ok bye for now

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