SEO Zen Review: Alex Becker and Company’s SEO Zen
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SEO Zen Review: Alex Becker and Company’s SEO Zen

Today, we’re going to be discussing a product
called SEO Zen by guys named Alex Becker, Alex Cass and Mo Miah. This is one of the
most low quality, scummiest products that I have reviewed at a long time. We’ll talk
about all the reasons why in today’s review from This video review has been edited for the
sake of brevity. But if at any point during this video you’d like to read the full, unedited
review complete with screen shots, you can click the logo in the bottom right hand corner
of this video and you’d be taken to the full review that you can skim through at your own
pace. Right after I purchased SEO Zen, I didn’t
really have any issues at all. Everything went pretty smoothly. The instructions to
install the plug in on my website were very clear and easy to follow and I followed through
them and had no issues at all whatsoever. What I interpreted to be a very scummy sales
page got off to a pretty good start when I started playing with the product after I had
purchased. But as soon as I installed it and activated
it, put in my serial number and everything, everything looked like it was going so smoothly
and then I clicked over to the training tab and there was no training. There were instructions
on how to access the training. When I followed those instructions, it became very clear to
me that I did not have access to the training. There was no way, if I followed those instructions
step by step or if I clicked around the entire members’ area for several minutes like I did,
there was no training at all whatsoever. So now I have this product that I’m supposed
to be reviewing, I need to review and I just went ahead and pressed forward without any
training. I went back to the sales page where Alex Cass takes you through the product in
60 seconds and I followed it along there but I was promised training on the front and I
wasn’t delivered any training at all and that was my first really big red flag when I was
reviewing SEO Zen. After I followed all of the instructions on
setting up my first silo which is what SEO Zen essentially calls the content pages it’s
building on your site, I noticed very quickly that the software was completely worthless
and this is why. I pulled a content, I told it to pull a content for optometrists or eye
doctors in Sugar Land, Texas. I did that because I have a friend that I have ranked his site
for his business in Sugar Land, Texas. He’s an eye doctor. It was very easy for me to
rank for so I thought if there was any test as to whether or not this program could rank
anything, I didn’t want to pick a really high competition niche. I wanted to pick something
that was super low competition that I know is easy to rank for because then, if the tool
was at all valid, I would get rankings for it. What I found very quickly was as soon as I
put in all that information, I hit the button, it went over and grabbed an article and I
started reading that article, it was for carpet cleaning services in Sugar Land, Texas which
is a pretty different industry and a pretty different business than optometrists or eye
doctors. I was really taken aback by this. If the software were programmed well at all,
it would be able to pick up on that really, really big difference. In addition to that, when I started reading
through it even after I had spun the article which for those of you who aren’t familiar,
when you spin an article, it’s a piece of software that swaps certain words out for
synonyms and changes the phrasing a little bit so that supposedly, search engines will
pick it up as unique content. That does not really work in the first place in today’s
search climate. It used to but for about a year or two, it hasn’t worked very well anymore.
That’s besides the point. When I went through and I spun the content and then I took the
first paragraph, copy-pasted it into Google with quotes, there were ten other websites
that had that exact same first paragraph. I had a ton of duplicate content that was
related to carpet cleaning services which isn’t at all helpful for getting rankings
and especially not getting rankings when you’re trying to rank for eye doctors or optometrists
in Sugar Land, Texas. As if that weren’t enough, just kind of the
icing on the cake that really showed me that SEO Zen was just 100% worthless product was
as you click through when you start trying to use the other components besides the silo
set-up as they call it, you find other bugs within the software. Another one of the biggest
bugs I found is where in the video, Alex Cass goes and he pulls a high PR, a high page rank
link from another site which in that video by the way, he’s just comment spamming which
you don’t get rewarded for. It will actually get your site penalized. In theory, if this
tool is supposed to work, I put in a keyword, it pulls up a high PR site that I can get
a valuable backlink from which increases the ranking power of my website. That’s all changed again over the last year
search engines don’t go around thinking that that’s how you make money in Internet marketing
because it really isn’t anymore. If you’re going to give me a tool, make sure it works.
Whenever I put in my keywords or I put in any keywords at all, I tested it several ways,
I get a pop up that says this can take up to 90 seconds, please wait. I waited up to
10 minutes at one point and it just kept going. There’s this spinning wheel of death just
loading, loading. It never came up with anything. They obviously are not updating the software
very often either or keeping up with the bugs and fixing it as problems like this arise
which is a pretty major problem. For all of these reasons, there is just absolutely
no way that SEO Zen is worth the $97 or the $127, depending on which license you’re buying.
It doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do. It’s impossible to get access to the training
because they created some flaw in the members’ area that the training is buried somewhere.
That’s not accessible through the links they have anymore. On top of that, you are getting
duplicate content and you’re getting content actually that’s not even related to the niche
that you’re trying to rank for. For all of those reasons, there’s just no way in the
world that I can possible recommend SEO Zen by Alex Becker, Alex Cass, and Mo Miah. That’s it for today’s review. I hope you found
that helpful. If you do want to see the full review with all of the juicy details and screen
shots and just kind of blow by blow, make sure to click the logo in the bottom right
hand corner and you’d be taken to this review on the website. Until next time, thank you so much for watching.
My name is Ian Pribyl from and I look forward to speaking with you again
soon. Stay safe out there.


  • Mia Pratt

    you are absolutely amazing! I'm glad to have a honest reviewer with no bias of any sort helping me through my journey of online business. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • SA Serpa

    I like Becker's teaching style and he does give ton's of free SEO training  away more that anyone else so you can't take that away from him but that seozen product was a flop in useability… I wish I knew other people had the same problems… then if we bitched it would be fixed or refunded.

    I just recently read that they received $1.3 million dollars in sales from that launch from  the person that wrote the sales copy for that seozen product.

    My main bitch was the auto gen content as well I got all the same useless crap content for my keywords as well.

    Had to go in and manually delete all that crap out of there.

    So thumbs up to you for an honest review and I have a new channel to subscribe to…yours before I purchase another IM product.

  • hazor777

    I have it & have never used it ( it came free w/another product). There are several factors at play with this product , as well as others in the SEO niche, but it all boils down to one golden rule: TIMING IS E*V*E*R*Y*T*H*I*N*G. What I mean is when it came out (assuming you were somewhat "seasoned" in SEO – esp. Becker's approach w/SILO websites etc..) the most benefit of the product would have been w/in the first 90 days of it's launch. Google always changes the "terms" of SEO, so EVERY product on SEO is subject to the "outdated" issue. I agree that there will always be bottom line SEO guaranteed results / protocols , but this particular product was (IMO) designed for quick "wham, bam , thank you mam" SEO projects (i.e. nothing anyone should have ever invested too much faith or trust in the project sticking around for very long). If it were me ( and I was him) I would update the product – but he really doesn't have to,..he makes a lot of money doing other things w/SEO. All in all I think he is beneficial to SEO, but not every online celebrity will offer a risk free product. There's risk in this business – that is a given.

  • Randall Ulbricht

    Wow, first time that I have tried to find out about a product and got a real review. In the past, a search for "xxxx review" would simply yield a page or two of people promoting that product. THANKS! You are going to be bookmarked, favorited, followed, etc.

  • James Delfino

    I just saw the SEO ZEN video last night! I thought it was kind of strange the way it worked however being brand new to the SEO subject I was not sure what to think. I appreciate the review because now I can spend time checking out other stuff. There were a few others that I was wondering about, Magic Submitter, GSA and SENuke. Do you know about these or have a review on them?

  • Yoshi Maeshiro

    Great job. You are an excellent honest reviewer, and it´s true it is very refreshing and soothing to find someone actually telling the truth instead of trying to push an affiliate link disguised as a review.
    I have been having trouble with undesired ads popping up in my website and I just uninstalled the SEO ZEN plugin after watching your video. I don´t know if this was the thing placing the ads. What do you think? 

  • Antonio Easter

    Lol!! Great review. SEO ZEN was a wannabe knock off of another program. But, like a lot of these self proclaimed gurus, a product launch is much like a bank robbery. .. get in and get put with as much money as possible.

  • Alex Mahone

    Apparently NoMoreBSReviews has been paid to remove this video by Alex Becker.
    Ask yourself this question………. Why are you removing your review when it was based on your thoughts at the time.
    Has no bearing on what you think of it now.
    I think your NoMoreBS reviews just went to , NoMore BS reviews when Im getting paid to remove them

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