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seo(ul) travels // seo vlogs

we landed but there’s like, no one here. we have no idea why… good morning, so I’m in my grandma’s house the light is very blinding. please forgive me for that. and I also woke up with a giant zit so there is that.. cheers to seoul pollution these are avocados that my grandma planted from seeds! it’s been two years [seo’s mom in korean]
since those are rectangular, pick something different i finally found the knock-off mildliners! i’m gonna buy these two I told my mom I wanted to have a coffee but this is what we found in the elevator. someone left their coffee! [in korean] salt coffee and condensed milk coffee
[in english] so, condensed milk and salt coffee we went to go buy this and then we came back to see that the elevator was clean one thing that’s different about korea is that they don’t really have a water dispenser you put your cup and drink water from these bottles and pour your own water like this in my house, we just have the water dispenser straight from the refrigerator, but here, this is how you drink water one thing that’s different about korea is that in america, pedestrians have right of way but here, cars usually don’t stop for you even you cross the street. maybe this is just a city thing but i almost got run over by a car!! sooooooooo we’re gonna go look for someplace to eat. we don’t really know what we’re doing. that’s okay we’re gonna go to the tourist center and see if we can find any more information so, we’re at a [in korean] what is this place called? seo’s mom: uh, honkatsu seo: honkatsu??
[fyi: i didn’t believe her and looked over to check the sign LOL] but anyways, we’re here and we just came because we were really hungry and this was the first place that we saw and uh, yeah, apparently it’s popular?? supposedly?? they have a banana sauce and honestly, I think that’s so nasty [music]


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