Shopify Tutorial: The Ultimate DIY SEO Hack
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Shopify Tutorial: The Ultimate DIY SEO Hack

– Hey, I wanted to show
you a fantastic SEO hack. Now, a lot of people worry
about SEO because it’s a really great free way to
get traffic, organic traffic. But they worry about, you
know, “How do I do it right? “What is it, what do I do?” I wanna show you the best SEO hack. So number one, the
thing we have to realize is that all Google wants
is relevant content. Relevant pages, relevant traffic. So we’re gonna do a working example here of how I would optimize
a collection in a store. So here we’ve got a live store. This is Altruette, wonderful client, and they sell charm bracelets
that also benefit charities. And here they’ve got a
collection of charms for girls. And if we look at the
title tag up at the top, it just says girls charms Altruette. So how do we go about optimizing that? Well, so in our Shopify
store itself, by default, it just grabs the title of
the collection, which is fine. But what if we wanted
to change the collection that appears, the title
that appears in Google? If we go to the bottom,
we’ve got this guy down here, search engine listing preview. And if we click edit website SEO, aha, it gives us a page title
and a meta description. So what that’s referring to,
is if I search girl’s charms, which is that phrase, in Google, I get these listings. And this up here is the page
title, it just echos that. And then below it is, this
is the meta description. That’s the meta description
and this is the title. So we probably, Google, this meta description
is just used by people to see, to encourage
them to click through. But this title tag is a very important
ranking factor for Google. So how might we go about writing a better page title in the search engine, in this SEO section in the search engine listing preview. And really, the tough part is
how do we know what to write. So I’ve got a great hack for that. So on Google, if I start typing it
auto-completes, right? So I’ve got charm and it
says charm bracelets, okay. I’m gonna hit space. Now we got charm bracelets
for girls, space. All right, so, by running through that, we found the exact phrase
that people are most likely to search for. That’s what that auto suggestion gives us which is really cool. So right away, this is the title, the start of the title I wanna use is charm bracelets for girls, there we go. And also, let’s just make it look nice, give it that title case. Now we can take it even further. If I scroll to the bottom of the page, so I’ve searched for
charm bracelets for girls. And I go to the bottom
of the page on Google it tells me, searches related
to charm bracelets for girls. Ah, so we’ve got, look at this, we’ve got couple of different phrases in here. So let’s combine them, so we’ve got charm bracelets for girls and gold charm bracelets for girls. Ooh, I like that one. Since we are selling, we have some gold charms. So let me just grab that, go over here, whoops. Gold charm bracelets for girls. Aha! So now I’ve got a great page
title for my collection. And check fie, this counter, will tell me how many
characters I can fit. And it’s a little misleading, ’cause Google actually uses pixel width to hide overflow, not characters, but, we’ll just say, we’ll add that in there, by Altruette. Gold charm bracelets
for girls by Altruette. And based on that search listing, you could probably also
do for girls and kids by Altruette. And then, now I have a
really great SEO page title. But what about my meta description? So here is where I wanna
put some risk reversal stuff for people. So maybe Google, this really
isn’t gonna effect Google as far as I know. At least according to
the information I have from my SEO pros. This is more for people. So let’s put some risk
reversal stuff in there, we’ll say free shipping. Easy return policy. And at this point I’m making it up, I don’t know if this
is true for the client. I’m not gonna save it. But free shipping, easy return policy, and then for that one, we’ll just go and we’ll grab a description from the
product that makes sense. So this doesn’t necessarily make sense for this, but, so there, now we’ve got, it’s a little long. And we’ll shorten it up a bit. There, now we’ve got a really attractive, let’s say learn more. And now we’ve got a really attractive search engine listing preview. So the URL that Shopify uses girls charms, that looks really good. And if you want, you
can optimize this too, this URL by changing the handle of the collection when you initially create it. And, but, look, this search title. Now we’ve got gold charm
bracelets for girls and kids by Altruette. That’s the search title that it’s gonna echo to Google. Which is gonna work so much better than when we had just girls charms. Like, that’s never ring for anything. So in this case, this is actually an
improvement for the client. So I’m gonna take that
meta description out, ’cause it doesn’t really apply, but I’ve got gold charm
bracelets for girls and kids by Altruette, which is great. So I’m gonna go ahead
and save that for them. But really, all we’ve
done here is find a quick and easy hack to figure out what phrases people are using for
when they search for our, our related products. And that’s what this suggested search, dynamic search does. It says what these searches related to charm bracelets for girls. Now you can actually take this further. You could go and do exactly
the same thing on Amazon. And search for products that way. So charm bracelet, we could start, and then down here, ah, see we’ve got the same deal where it starts making suggestions, so. And this kinda confirms for
us charm bracelets for girls is the right phrase to use. And then related searches, look at that. For girls age 10, teen girls, this is giving us great phrases too. So really, I mean these
things are giving us insight into a wealth of information, into what potentially millions of people, the way they’re searching, the phrases, the exact phrases they’re using, we could steal them from Amazon and Google and put those straight
into our product titles, page titles, blog titles, home page titles, and collection titles. And that is the big secret that SEO pros don’t want you to know. I mean that, that’s all there is to it. It’s simple, yes. But it does take a little
bit of copy writing and a little bit of effort. But that’s worked
phenomenally well for me. As far as developing organic search, like that’s the big number one, that’s where you’re gonna
get the biggest upswing in organic search traffic.


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