Should I build links using article directories?
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Should I build links using article directories?

Today’s question
comes from India. Deepika asks, “Links from
relevant content in article directories– is that
seen as good or bad? For example, I link
my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery
article on, say, Ezine. Would you do that?” So I think over time,
article directories have gotten a little
bit of a worse name. So just to refresh
everybody’s memory, an article directory
is, basically, where you write 300, 400,
or 500 words of content, and then you’ll include a
little bio or some information about you at the
bottom of the article, and you might have,
say, three links with keyword-rich anchor text
at the bottom of that article. And then you’d submit
that to a bunch of what are known as article
directories, which then anybody can download, or maybe
they pay to download them, and they’ll use them
on their own website. And the theory behind
that is that if somebody finds it useful and puts
it on their web page, then you might get a few links. Now, in practice,
what we’ve seen is this often tends to be a
little bit of lower quality stuff. And in fact, we’ve seen
more and more instances where you end up with
really spammy content, getting sprayed and syndicated
all over the entire web. So in my particular
opinion, article directories and just trying to
write one article and just syndicating it
wildly, or just uploading it to every site in the world and
hoping that everybody else will download it and use
it on their website, I wouldn’t necessarily count
on that being effective. We certainly have some
algorithmic things that would mean
that it’s probably a little less likely
to be successful now compared to a few
years ago, for example. So my personal recommendation
would be probably not to upload an article like that.


  • Dewaldt Huysamen

    Well there you go, do not do article directories if you thinking it will increase organic rankings.

    I say rather post something AWESOME on a blog and let people love it and share it or even syndicate a bit of it and put a link as referral back to you

  • Matt Storms

    Why anyone would think you can still do this is living pre-2003. Do not do this, don't spend your time submitting to article directories. 

  • Classic Snooker DVD's

    Q. Should I use article directories?
    A. No

    Next week Matt will reveal that the Pope is Catholic and Bears shit in the Woods.

  • Patrick Coombe

    I really appreciate Matt's candor on this question, but its kind of a "captain obvious" question. I mean, I ask myself this question – when, in any situation, would anyone, ever, need to put an article on an article director? Or even why would they want to?

    Article directories (most social bookmarking sites and lots of directories) are just breeding grounds for SPAM, and really should be avoided at all costs.

    If I were Matt, I would ask "Why do you feel the need to host an article on Ezine if you have a perfectly good website that is capable of hosting it?"

  • Gaps

    Article directories? What year is this.

    I guess this takes some attention off GoDaddy so they can keep doing whatever the want:

    Right? ;]

  • Gregory Keet

    Lets look at an example.. "Quality Articles" on say Search Engine Land or Moz… that actually add value and generate discussion.. sharing those articles down your social channels are perfectly great from and builds trust between "linking parties"   and also from a human perspective, because you're already spreading someone's "valuable message" and finding interested readers. Backlinking with duplicate content is obviously out.. and has been that way for a while. This shouldn't change your current content strategies if they are working. In other words, there is no reason to panic 🙂

  • Dogan Akdag

    No more old SEO tactics, we should understand that..
    I admire Matt's patience, he is not bored to answer these questions.

  • Roger Taiber Unternehmensberatung - SEO

    Sollte ich Links mit Artikelverzeichnisse aufbauen? Sollte ich Links mit Linkverzeichnissen aufbauen? Matt Cutts sagt Nein zum Linkaufbau in Linkverzeichnissen. Den Inhalt des Videos in Deutsch finden Sie auch hier:

  • w3toys

    Go and check  flippa marketplace
    check some repeat seller who sell websites that ranked well in Google very fast, and find there back links 
    I guess No "article directories" :XD 

  • Peter Wise

    I haven't done article marketing for a couple of years and wouldn't do any more. However I do have around 30 existing articles on various sites. The resource anchor text has just been laboriously changed to be more varied and less keyword intense. But would it be best to just delete the articles altogether?

  • TheLoreCore

    Para escribir tres párrafos mal escritos en directorios de artículos, mejor currárselo un poco más y conseguir que te linken por la calidad de tus artículos, o escribiendo en sitios de calidad de tu mismo sector (Guess Posting/Blogging). Lo demás pantochadas.

  • mixup65

    Someone Please tell me are these videos available on GoogleWebmasterHelp YouTube Channel also available on official Google Webmaster site :

    Or they are different videos……made for helping people for SEO and understanding Google


    I personally think: Submitting 1 article which syndicating to a whole web is indeed not good, not effective. I think it's better to write a high quality, original content for certain article directory site.. And If your content looks good, may be the site admin will put it as featured article – Then your site will gain ton of TRAFFIC (Not links).

  • Kirby Hopper

    Uhg! This advice is contrary to their other advice about creating good content. What if you do write a great quality article and post it on an #articledirectory like and a great many people see value in it and post it on their own websites?  Shouldn't you get some benefit from that?  What's the difference between putting it on and posting the same thing to, or even Google+?  Are they going to devalue the value of a link from Google+ due to all the spammy, poor quality content that gets posted there? (sigh)

  • Harry Medison

    In 2014 link building model has greatly changed. Most types of websites have receded into the background. Today social link developmnet is considered the safest link buinding (Rankwinz)

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