Should I disallow crawling of all of my site’s JavaScript files?

MATT CUTTS: Today’s question
comes from Zurich, in Switzerland. John Mueller wants to know,
“Googlebot keeps crawling my JavaScript and thinking
the text in my scripts refers to URLs. Can I just disallow crawling of
my JavaScript files to fix that?” Well, you can disallow
all JavaScript. But I really, really, really
would not recommend that. If there’s perhaps one
individual JavaScript file that’s the source of
the problem, you could disallow that. But in general, it can be really
helpful for Google to be able to fetch, and process,
and execute that JavaScript to learn what other links
are on the page. So in general, I would not block
JavaScript, and I would not block CSS, those
sorts of things. It turns out, as we’re executing
JavaScript, we do look at the attributes. So you can actually use
JavaScript and put, like, a no follow attribute on
individual URLs. And so it is the sort of thing
where you can do you link-level granularity there. And you can block, for example,
an individual JavaScript file. But in general, I would not
recommend blocking all of your JavaScript files. Those can be really helpful for
Google to understand your site and be able to find more
pages deeper within your site. So I wouldn’t recommend
blocking them.

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