Should You Buy Backlinks in 2018?
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Should You Buy Backlinks in 2018?

– Hey, in this video, I’m going to explain whether or not you should buy backlinks in 2018 or at any time in general. (exciting music) My name is Nathan Gotch, and I’m the founder of Gotch SEO. And welcome back to Gotch SEO or welcome back to my channel if you’re watching this on YouTube. So as I said before, I’m gonna
be explaining why you should or should not buy backlinks. And I’m also gonna give you some actionable things you can do, other than buying backlinks, and so this video is very, very important for anyone
who’s getting into SEO or anyone who’s trying to
scale their SEO campaign because it’s almost a
guarantee that at some point, you may consider buying
backlinks because of the first and most important reason that buying backlinks
is a way to save time. So you might be wondering
how does buying backlinks actually save you time? Well, the first reason
why buying backlinks or buying link placements on
relevant blogs saves you time is because you don’t have to actually go through the whole process of acquiring backlinks, and that process is pretty time intensive because first of all, you have to find link prospects, you have to then validate
those link prospects, and qualify those link prospects. Then you to build a relationships with all of the qualified link prospects, and then you have to
actually create an article for their website and that article has to go
through an editorial process, and then eventually your
link will get published. So there’s a pretty time intensive process that goes into acquiring
links on relevant blogs, but in addition to that, that’s just the process
of acquiring links, you also have to consider the fact that you need to build out procedures and you also need to
train your staff to do it, and so there’s a lot of time and resources that go
into acquiring backlinks. And that’s the main reason why people are willing to invest money into companies like mine who can go out there and take care of this whole process so that they don’t have to, and that is the one of the main reasons why people buy backlinks, ’cause it does save time and it does save a lot of effort, and it also saves a lot of failure, because when you are
investing in a service like mine for example, we’ve already put in all the time and effort into developing a process, and as opposed to someone
who may not have a process, that could be a very risky approach, because you don’t actually
know if your process is going to work and it’s gonna take a lot of time to refine the process, and so when you buy
certain link placements, you are saving time and
you’re saving resources, and so that is probably the biggest reason why
people buy backlinks, but the second reason
why people buy backlinks is because you can get
results a lot faster, and so obviously, if it
takes a super long time to develop a outreach and
a link acquisition process, and you don’t have to go through all that and you can just skip right ahead and buy a link placement, you’re gonna be able to
get results a lot faster, and so those are the two primary reasons that people buy links, and of course, there are
other types of backlinks, it’s not just getting
links from relevant blogs. People build private blog networks, people build out Web 2.0s, people use 301 redirects, there’s all kinds of things that you can use to acquire backlinks, but even if you took a gray hat method like building a private blog network, there’s a ton of effort
and resources that goes into building a private blog network, and not only just building it, a lot of resources go
into just maintaining and managing a private blog network, and I know this from experience
from my gray hat days, so no matter what path you’re taking, there are still a lot of resources that go into either method, whether you are doing white hat outreach or building gray hat blog networks, it’s still gonna be the same issue that you’re gonna spend
a lot of time doing it, and you’re gonna have to invest a lot of resources into not
only developing a process, but then also building up the system so that other people can
jump into that system and do it themselves as well. So that is the main reason
why people are willing to buy backlinks, and those are two pretty compelling
reasons to buy backlinks, and that is the main reason
why so many companies are purely focused on selling links, because it is a very lucrative
part of the SEO industry, because people just don’t want to put in the time to go out there and acquire backlinks or
build a private blog network, because it is super time intensive. But now that you understand the two reasons why people buy backlinks, let me explain some of the issues that can come up when
you do buy backlinks. So the main reason why you don’t want to be buying backlinks
or at least make it obvious that you’re buying backlinks is because it is against
Google’s webmaster guidelines. So if Google does find out
that you’re buying backlinks and you are paying for
links on any website, they can give you a manual penalty, and just to tell you from experience, a manual penalty is not
very fun to get out of. And really, any type of penalty
is not fun to get out of, and that includes algorithmic
penalties and manual action, so when you buy backlinks, that risk is there, and
it doesn’t matter if it’s buying backlinks from a service like mine where we are
actually doing outreach and actually building relationships, there is still risk in doing that, and there’s also risk in
building private blog networks. Any type of link placement
that involves capital and paying for placement or paying to play is against
Google’s webmaster guidelines, because technically, if you’re
doing pure white hat SEO, you should be earning backlinks, and you should be earning them because of, you know, you’re building
relationships in your industry. So there’s a fine line
between focusing on that and adding some elements, push elements, that help
you to acquire links which then allow you to get
natural links in the future. So like I said, it’s against
Google’s webmaster guidelines to buy backlinks and so
you should always know that that risk is there, and if you do buy backlinks, just know there is a possibility that you could get penalized. Now, like I mentioned, buying backlinks is buying backlinks, but it would be unfair to say that buying a link placement on a real website versus
building a private blog network are on the same level, because obviously getting
a link on a website that has real traffic, real engagement, real users, is just a real website, is going to be clearly
safer than getting a link on a website that is built purely just to host a backlink, and so
when you’re looking at the two and you’re trying to figure out, well, should I focus on acquiring
links on relevant blogs, or should I build my own
private blog network, the clear favorite and
the clear safest option is always gonna be getting
links on a real website. So at this point, you may
be a little bit confused, you may not be totally sure what to do. So I’m gonna give you three options that you can take when you’re trying to figure out if you should
actually buy backlinks. So the first option is for
you just to roll the dice, and basically what that means
is you can just buy backlinks or you can build a private blog network, and you can just know
that that risk is there, that you can get penalized, and so obviously, you know, I don’t really recommend rolling the dice or doing this in a haphazard way, because there are ways to buy the link placements without being super obvious about it, and of course, this is not the
time for me to be explaining how to do that, but that
is the first option. You can just roll the dice, but you should always have that expectation that there
is a small possibility that you can get a manual
action if you go crazy and you get really aggressive with your link acquisition or link buying. The second option is to use a proxy site. So what does that mean? It means that instead of buying backlinks and hitting your main website, you actually hit a different
website that links to websites. So you have your proxy website and then you have your main website, but you’re only gonna build
links to this proxy website and that’s gonna send the
authority to your main website. And so that is a little
bit safer approach, because, worst case scenario, your proxy site will get
hit with a manual action, and your main mother site will
remain safe in most cases. Now, I have seen situations
where the proxy site gets hit, and the mother site gets hit, but that’s pretty rare unless you’re doing really
aggressive link acquisition. Now, of course, the third option is to just not buy backlinks at all, and invest your capital into
other areas in your business. So if you’re just starting
out with a brand-new business, it doesn’t really make sense to be investing your capital
into buying backlinks, because there’s so many other things that you could be investing your capital and that will probably
get you a far better ROI. So what are those things? Well, you could invest
in product development. You could invest in content, developing really great content assets, because at the end of the day, that’s gonna produce way better results and give you a way better ROI in the long run than just
buying links on websites, because links can disappear and links could totally be discredited and wiped out of their
value at some point, and so at the end of the day, content is gonna be the thing that will stand the test of time, that is of course if you create really effective SEO content, but that’s a good investment, is to invest in SEO content
that is going to be evergreen, it’s going to continue to drive
you results in the long run. And another thing to consider is to invest that capital into
other forms of advertising or marketing, and so, for example, it costs approximately 1000 to $2000 to get a link on a
really high authority website like Huffington Post, or Forbes or anything like that’s gonna be very, very expensive. But you could take 1000, $2000 and put that into Facebook ads and you will probably see a far better ROI in your money than buying one link placement on
a high authority blog, and it would be very, very hard not to get leads and, or at least, even get some sales from spending $1000 on Facebook ads, compared to buying a link on a website that probably isn’t gonna be super relevant to your business. And number two, it’s very unlikely that people are even going to
click through on those links, and so it would be a
much better investment, at least in my opinion
and in my experience, to invest in Facebook ads or what other type of
ad you want to go for, compared to buying link placements. If you had to choose between the two, it would make a lot more sense
to invest in advertising, because you’re gonna get
way more out of that, you’re gonna get way more leads and maybe even get some sales. So just to put this in perspective, I want to give you a few things that you can do if you had a $1500 budget and you were trying to decide between buying backlinks and advertising. So the first thing you could do is you could buy four
1500 word articles written by a premium writer for that price, so that’d be about $350 per article. You could reach over 200,000 people on Facebook by boosting your
content for that $1500 budget. You could actually hire
out 50 hours of web design and development if the
company is $30 per hour, which is how much I pay, or you could even hire out
75 hours of video editing. And so as you can see, there are many, many things
you can do with a $1500 budget that’s gonna generate
way more positive results for your business outside
of buying backlinks. Now, this is not to say that you shouldn’t acquire backlinks, and that you shouldn’t buy backlinks. In general, it’s just to say that if you’re a brand-new business, your focus should be on other things that are gonna generate results
in the long run as opposed to buying backlinks, which are really just fuel on the fire of a strong foundation, so there’s a ton of stuff that can be done in SEO
outside of acquiring links, and so you really need to get
your foundation built well, and once it’s built well, once your sales process’s
really built up well, and you have leads going on to your list, you have some ads running on Facebook, you have other things running, and you have a strong foundation, then it might be the time to
throw some fuel on the fire, and start either actually
going through the process of acquiring backlinks or if you’re willing to
take a little bit of risk, you could buy backlinks and use a service so that you have to spend as much time in the process of trying to acquire links
on high quality blogs. So that is all you need
to know about whether or not you should buy backlinks, so if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe, and if you want to get notified when
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thank you so much for watching. And I will see you in the next video.


  • Murat Dilek

    Hi Nathan, thanks for this explanatory in-depth video and greetings from Turkey. I am also following seo campaign for our own nutrition blog in Turkey. We are creating a content around a topic and outreach to link prospects. Most of them returns that they are willing to link to our content in return for a payment. And this payment changes according to their site's authority. I would like to kindly ask, what is the average percentage of "asking a payment for linking to your content" for your outreach campaigns from other sites?

  • Arialwalker

    you sell DA 30 backlinks for $297/each, 697 for DA 40, which can be easily done in under $100-200, including content and everything and the links would be great, isn't that super overpriced?, 500 links would cost anyone 348,500, which is a fortune.. lol.

  • Md Himel

    I Never miss your Any video and I always waiting and excited for your next video…
    I see your a video three time.. you are great men!!!!

  • Sam Samo

    if I wish to rank various Landing Pages for different Keywords, make it sense to have a backlink from the same domain/website for each landing page, or its enough to have 1 backlink for one of those landing apge, and the other landing pages will benefit from that backlink, and would be much better to have backlinks from different domain/website for those different landing pages. even if they have less "Domain Authority"

    Example, what is better:

    2 Backlinks from 1 domain, DA:90 to landing page A , and to landig page B


    1 Backlinks from a domain, DA:90 to landing page A


    1 Backlinks from other domain, DA:40 to landing page B

  • the man the myth

    Great vid! So honest and sincere… Do you think FB ads help with the seo of a page/blog? What are the benefits of promoting posts using FB you'd say? Still a bit confused about it… I don't know if when I promote content using FB, if I am "Fishing for backlinks" or It if helps with SEO when so many people see my blog posts…

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    You don't just go in to Facebook and invest a thousand dollars on ads and expect sales by simply "boosting content" as you have mentioned. There's alot more to it.

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    Nathan what do you think about gaining backlinks by send your logo to logo design websites/ directories? What are your thoughts on this?

  • the man the myth

    If one has say $5000 to spend… Would you recommend that they spend that on Outreach for some high quality Backlinks, like 15-20 or Use that Money to promote the heck out of 10 pieces of content via social media (FB & Pinterest)? I know promoting on social media gets traffic, lots and lots of likes because my content is good, but I can't help feel like I am throwing money out the window, since not many people sign up to the mailing list and doesn't seem to have a direct effect on organic ranking… I dunno.

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