Should You Spend Time on Meta Tags?
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Should You Spend Time on Meta Tags?

Any time you do a Google search for any keyword
or phrase, what do you see? Well, of course, you see a listings page,
but that blue link at the top is a title. The sentence below that is a description. Those are title tags. Hi, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna break
down how much time you should spend on meta tags. There’s a few different meta tags out there:
The first is a title, as I just described. The second is a description, which I also
just described. And the third one is a meta keywords tag. A meta keywords tag is where you put keywords,
within there, to tell Google and other search engines, “Hey, this is what this page is about. Rank it for this.” The meta keywords tag is useless. Do not use it. Reason being, Google has said years and years
ago that they ignore meta keywords tags. I played around with this so much, and other
marketers and SEOs have as well. It does not help one bit with your search
rankings. Now, at the beginning, any time you create
a web page, it’s not really gonna rank, and for that reason, you shouldn’t spend more
than a few minutes to create your meta tags for that page. That’s a few minutes in total for both the
title tag and the meta description. Focus on making it appealing, so that people
want to click through. Make it short. Roughly six, seven words is fine for your
title tag; your meta description, roughly, 120 to 140 characters. Sometimes, it will get cut off. That’s okay, it’s not a big deal, especially
when you’re creating your meta tags at the beginning. If you use a WordPress blog, an easy way to
do this is through the Yoast SEO plugin. It gives you a box where you can easily type
in a custom title tag and a meta description for each page. Now, once a page is a bit more seasoned and
it’s been out there for six, seven months, you want to go into Google search console;
go look at the page, any page that’s getting traffic, and see which pages are getting the
most clicks. For those pages, you should spend way more
time modifying the title tag and meta description. I would say, roughly, five to 10 minutes max. What you want to do is … In Google search
console, it will show you all the keywords that are driving traffic to that page. Consider integrating some of those phrases
and words within the title tag and meta description. By doing that, you will notice that your rankings
will climb over time. So, when you’re first releasing a page, don’t
spend more than three minutes to create your meta tags. Once a page is over six months old, and it’s
getting traffic, you can spend anywhere from five to 10 minutes. Once you become seasoned like me, you’ll find
that you can do it roughly within a few seconds to a minute, to create your title and meta
description tag, whether it’s a brand new page or the page has existed for six months. You’ll get used to it, and you’ll get faster
and faster over time.


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